Automatic hang up simple project, after reading can immediately start to operate


Today brings the feeling of valuable after reading can immediately start operation to try.

I was harvesting wheat in my hometown these days. After dinner last night, I sat in the yard to enjoy the cool and gossip.

After talking for a while, basically everything said, after all, the elderly people and we still have a generation gap, they are not asking you now

How was your job? I just asked you about your family. But you told him I was writing a public account, and they still don’t know why

So everyone took out their mobile phones to play with fun. I just opened wechat and chatted in the community for a while, and found my father watching the live broadcast.

Oh, thought I, a man

He’s in his 50s, and he’s on the air. He’s trendy.

Curious, I went over to have a look. After watching the video, I realized that what I was watching was not a live video broadcast, but an audio dou broadcast. The anchor’s name is Lao Liang.

I was making fun of my dad, and I was like, everybody watches videos, and you look so foreign,

I hear you.

Because I have a little problem, every time people watch a live stream, I like to ask the host how many followers.

After I asked my dad, my dad said he is very good, hundreds of thousands of fans, I immediately felt wrong, such a celebrity at least millions of fans.

It looked like a fake in the past

The goods.

But also found a small business opportunity, this fake, I looked at the next work did not.

It’s a live audio broadcast every day, with thousands of viewers online every single time. More than 190,000 followers. Maybe it was just on the air when I wrote this, and it only sounded about 900 online.

I listened for a while, and I realized

It’s all done one paragraph at a time, and then the next paragraph, like music on a mobile phone.

Then I immediately went to QQ Music and Himalaya platform to search for Lao Liang, as shown below:

This is QQ music, can all play online, and play music a truth.

It’s Himalayan. I don’t have a membership.

So you can’t choose them all, you have to choose them all for free. Similarly, like listening to music, you can play it all.

There should be many other audio platforms, and I won’t mention them here.

The whole operation process of the project is as simple as the above mentioned, you can find the audio you want to play on the audio platform, and then go to dou

Broadcast select audio live broadcast.

Just play it directly in the background while listening to it on the audio platform, just like listening to music. Then the live broadcast will have a sound source, of course, there must be a quiet room when the live broadcast, otherwise a bunch of people talk, all live into, it will affect the effect of the live broadcast.

How not to

I didn’t really get into that. Guys who want to do this can dig deeper.

Audio platform selection loop playback, can achieve 24 hours of live broadcast effect. It costs almost nothing.

How to monetize:


It’s a more traditional way of monetizing, where the audience thinks you’re good, and then

I’ll give you a tip.


You can give it to yourself


Number of diversion fans, can also divert platform users to their own private domain traffic, and then in the relevant aspects of cash.

You can also sell accounts, you can do training, you can live with goods, you can direct the flow to sell powder and so on. In a word, with fans, money takes the initiative to find you.

At present

What this guy chose to do was start with his own audio studio. There’s no other way to cash out yet. He left wechat on the homepage. I added him yesterday, but I haven’t agreed yet.

Even if it is such a simple delivery, this is not another hang up project?

Here are some audio platforms:

There are many audio platforms

More. Just find what you want to broadcast and go live

For example, tell ghost stories, tell crosstalk, tell sketches and so on can be in accordance with the above methods to operate.

Automatic hang up simple project, after reading can immediately start to operate


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