Automatic fission money making project, novice monthly easy 4000


When it comes to making money online, there is a category of wool party that has to be mentioned. If the flow is automatically split, this kind of wool party, which is mainly active in collecting wool and grabbing some welfare groups for information, will be a very good money-making project, mainly focusing on platform small welfare and earning pocket money.

We often see various welfare groups online,

Informant group, the group owner can earn certain promotion commission by sharing the welfare discount information of various platforms or merchants, which is a long-term occupation.

So is this herd profitable? We can tell from the number of fleeces that exist on the market, and many fleeces often push some repetitive activity, albeit repetitive

But there are commission incentives.

This industry depends on the large flow. Although it is not as good as the huge profits from a good project, it does have a good income. As long as your flow is large enough and it does not have high requirements for us, as long as you often share some valuable wool information.

So how do we do that

What about this traffic business?

Then I would like to share with you how to operate this wool herd, maintain and operate this information herd well, and also have a good income.

First of all, we need to define the platform where this kind of wool group exists. QQ group and wechat group are all good platforms, and the super QQ group has a large group of 2000 people

It’s also a good place to back up your traffic.

For QQ group, it is a very good platform combined with this kind of large traffic wire group, which can accommodate a lot of users. What is the drainage and promotion way of this kind of wire welfare group?

To figure out how this signal group diverts, first we need to know what the signal group does,

First of all, information group can make members earn money, even if it can save money to buy things. In addition, information in information group is time-sensitive, that is to say, it has an effect at that time, but it will expire.

In this way, when we do some promotion, we should remember its timeliness, otherwise once the promotion line is stretched too long, it will lead

The message is out of date. It’s not good for our fission crew.

One of the best ways to promote this group is that we have the initial wool party, the seed users, and we can use that seed users to do fission based on a promotional program.

Like inviting friends into a group, sharing information about group benefits, etc., this

Some of the most direct to achieve the effect, if you in a platform drainage, the effect will not be too good, after all, the online welfare information is too much, it is difficult to directly read the title to identify the true or false.

Another quick way to add members to a group is to intercept the stream and add more of your peers

Report the group, and then add the friends inside one by one, the part of users into their own group, of course, with some words, such as the new platform big wool, add me to get the red envelope, guide users to add the group.

This is a faster way to accumulate original users, so if we can introduce this wool on some platforms

Make money method, drainage is also a very good method.

Like Quora, Douban,

Social networking Sites

On such a platform, we focus on some good wool projects and explain them, and then highlight our own wool around such wool projects, which is similar advertorial marketing.

There’s another way to do that

Paid advertising, advertising on the third party platform, advertising content is basically based on a high commission wool project, to attract people to join our wool group, in addition, we can also do full-time advertising is wool group recruitment.

This third party platform many, advertising is generally in the site weight comparison

High platform, of course, we can also do in the QQ group screen or Google key word screen can be.

After the above promotion, we believe we can also recruit a part of the initial users of the wool group. Then the next thing we need to do is to throw welfare to the group, and it must be able to bring income or

Discount on purchases.

For example, some coupons of Tao customers are a good choice, which can earn the commission of Tao customers. We must have more information, such as the preferential activities of some platforms, like a Dongyi


Buy, a treasure of zero


Shopping, free takeout activities and so on, these are we want to grasp the trend and information.

Can we

To collect these information to the group, so that the group users can share through our money or save money.

For a wool group, maintenance is more important than promotion. Maintaining a tip group not only provides efficient tip updates, but also plays to enliven the atmosphere of the group, such as giving red envelopes or regular entertainment activities

Are conducive to the activity of the wool herd and the sharing of better content.

As for how to get these tips, the most popular way is the online peer tip group or tip forum, carrying inside the tip content to our group chat every day, the best way or peer bubble net to earn, this is also why the present very

The resource content of a multi-wire group is almost the same.

If you want to retain a large number of users, you still need to find some quality content. In fact, many of these tip-off groups are users who like to masturbate, or some precious mothers, etc., as long as there is a bargain, there are them.

If you want to make money on such a group of informants, you actually rely on big

Traffic to earn commission, such a tip group, you need to do large traffic to do any project, such as cps or Taoke can be.

Automatic fission money making project, novice monthly easy 4000


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