Net earn novice novice can operate the brick project, a week to earn 30,000!


Yesterday afternoon, I watched a short video and saw a very interesting news, which made my jaw drop. It said that a woman in Hebei Province listened to the divination of the “master” and had sex with her brother-in-law for many times, only to find out that the “master” was actually her brother-in-law.

Another story about a brother-in-law and sister-in-law, although

It goes against the ethics, but it reflects the fact that although the current social atmosphere is very positive, some sidewalks still have a market, and many people believe in them.

Again think of last year has been the fire of taluo, this project to do late no way to continue for many reasons, the most important

One of them is “bad values,” which is really not consistent with positive energy, and platforms are starting to ban these kinds of words.

Many of these details can be learned, or at least applied to other projects, if you think about them carefully.

For example, from

Social networking Sites

The drain’s on. Look online

A variety of similar resources are prepared into marketing copy, and then one or two platforms continue to update, drainage, backflow, fission, transformation, re-purchase, which seems to be a mature industry.

Of course, now do any business is the flow of the first, no flow everything is white pull, such as now cut hair this profiteering

In the industry, it is often seen that some people travel far to cities by bullet train or plane to find a designer to design their hair style, and the designer just posted some works on short videos.

You think every hair style he could possibly design would be so beautiful, but it’s really what he does every day,

I’ve always thought that hair design is very much the same, just in and out of fashion. The so-called “Tony teachers” are not any better than others, but the traffic generated by short videos can always be eaten.

I always agree with a word, no matter what project, as long as the threshold is high, the information is bad, the money is also

It’s easier to earn.

Hair designers live off their craft. That was then. They live off traffic. If a hair stylist stops studying hair technology and studies short video marketing, he is already ahead of his peers.

Sometimes my real friends would come to the office to visit me and complain,

Then I taught them how to do the Internet, and I was basically just quietly performing my tea art there by myself.

It’s not that I’m not willing to help you. You haven’t figured out your own positioning, and you don’t have any sense of direction. I know what you have done physically, and what can you give me advice on combining it with the Internet

But it’s not realistic for me to teach you all the way.

I wrote earlier about the attention trick


Number operation method, is to sell some low-priced products, such as a watch market price is several hundred or so, and in his broadcast room 9.9


Or even 0.99 to take away.

But if you just go for it

“, will show the current area does not support, must be according to the anchor said, in the broadcast room non-stop buckle 666, non-stop point small hearts, and then pay attention to the anchor, so that when the anchor broadcast will give you a private link, you can spend very little money to buy.

The operation came from a team

Yeah, about the day of Double 12,


Almost half of all such fraudulent attention on the Internet comes from this group, and of course no one does anything that is not profitable.

As long as there are fans of the account can be sold for money, in some trading platforms similar accounts will often be taken to sell hundreds of thousands of bubble net profit, if a

The small craft studio has 20 phones, 20 on the hook


Account, each account a week average 50,000 fans, a number sold 1500, then a week there is a net profit of 30,000, this is a conservative estimate, if subdivided out three or four seemingly good account single hanging, encounter wrong

Big Head, these are good deals for 10,000 or 20,000 powder numbers.

What you need to do is to repeatedly prepare the account, open the livestream, play the livestream recording, or even switch the livestream screen directly, and so on.

Sometimes playing a project is not just about the project itself, the expanded content may be more profitable, like micro

Bo, Quora, Kuaishou,


, public account,

Social networking Sites

As long as you dig a good, do not all the platforms are familiar with, have involved, to the end or will not come to an end.

One friend told me that his wife worked in a pharmaceutical factory, but the boss didn’t let them work


Thumbs up. A bunch of employees

Days holding mobile phone praise, just like a large water army studio.

I understand the current entity bosses are eager to connect with the Internet mood, but everything must be done according to one’s ability, praise this industry is not a rare thing, you can try, but to hold the mentality of not spending money to play.

Basically on the market

90% of the “like” part-time jobs are all made by the bubble network who cheat the franchise fee. They see that they can earn money at the move of their fingers, and if they want to earn high commission, they have to join a higher level.

There is also the question of acquaintances pulling acquaintances, friends pulling friends, as more and more people enter the “like” market, whether it is with

The previous brush was very similar.

Net earn novice novice can operate the brick project, a week to earn 30,000!


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