Break up the TikTok copyhouse project, where everyone makes millions a year


Art comes from life, while all the projects shared by Bubble Earn come from daily observation and thinking.

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The copywriting library project.

This project and the one we shared before


Meme projects are similar in that they’re relatively simple,

A novice

It’s operable and it doesn’t require any technical items, right

Aim, but you insist, because this project has been successful cases, so as long as you determine the direction, work for three months, three months will naturally know whether the project is suitable for you.

You know, once the project is good, if you only do it for a few days and you don’t see any results, then you give up, is equal to this term

Eye did not do, because at this time you did not even step into the threshold, how can you make money?

This project is also a brush


When I see it, because I basically spend a lot of time in brushing every day


And read the article above, reading the article is to find the material and feelings of writing the article every day.



Just for the love of it,

Cut the crap and just share the project.

If you look directly at the picture,


The account has 120w fans, which can be said to be a medium traffic fan account. Because the video has no technical content, it has more than one million fans, so it is a very successful project case.


First, open each of his

The video, as we can see, is a high-definition image with a copy, and a BGM

This video has 35w likes and 4.5w comments. Therefore, this video has at least 500w playback and at least 3w followers, because I am not


Number operator, so, all the data is me

Yes, but it’s only going to be higher than I think.

Here’s how to make it.

Find Material

You can go to Twitter,

Social networking Sites

Above looking for HD pictures, remember, be sure to be HD pictures, pictures are to be consistent with your account positioning

This is just a copy


But when we do it ourselves

Hou, you can do inspirational number, sad number, funny joke number, to see their own preferences and areas of expertise.

Because it is simple to make, the pictures we find must be consistent with the positioning of our account, so as to arouse resonance. The pictures can be found on Weibo and

Social networking Sites

Inside, a quick search will turn up a lot.


Again, it could be

So on Weibo,

Social networking Sites

, Quora or Google can be found inside, copy according to their own pictures to match, because it does not need any skills, so we should try to find out every copy and pictures together can cause the resonance of users, otherwise the effect is equal to 0.


Directly in


Look inside

So far the most popular BGM, so easy to hit, because the account positioning is not the same, so sad copywriting, it is necessary to match sad music, inspirational to find inspirational music

Because those are the three that make a video a hit, and we don’t need any other skills, so the most important three

That’s the key to our video’s success.

Next is to download the silhouette and direct composition is good, no skills, not directly in the silhouette inside the detailed tutorial.

Stick to three videos a day, from 7-8am, 12-1pm, 6-7pm, 11pm, till

So why do you choose these times, because at this point in time, people are resting

I’m going to mention it again because


The operation of YouTube, not a day or two can see the effect, at least adhere to a month,


The recommendation mechanism is that for new users, as long as the video content quality is high, there are hot opportunities

Bubble net earn. So, once a month, it’s normal


There will be at least two hits, and if you don’t have a viral hit for a month, then you need to rethink and adjust.

Stick to this for three months, the basic points of a normal project can be completely mastered, is also the key to verify that the project is not suitable for you


But this project is relatively easy, so as long as you stick to it, you’ll be fine.

Converted into cash

The essence of all the projects we do is to make money, because only with the benefit, is the only power you insist on, because we are common people, can not pay all for their hobbies without asking

What in return.

As long as there is a flow, there are many channels for cash:

First, training. Because it is no money, so many people online like to do training, can teach others to make videos, charge 299.399 can, the above


This is how the number is cashed out. The charge is 299. It is about 3-5 per day

People, an average of 1000 a day, because more than one kind of cash, so this more than one million


The annual income is estimated to be 100w

The second income is advertising, because its pictures are the display of scenery. In addition, the number of tourists will decrease sharply due to the epidemic this year, so many tourist attractions will vigorously promote.

And the travel agency to find their cooperation is the best channel, because at present the most popular short video platform is


And he is also the head YouTube of the landscape display.

Because this kind of account is not a real person, so basically no live broadcast, so the live broadcast reward income is basically no, but only the above two kinds of realization, for one

A 120w account can achieve an annual income of one million, which is a very successful project case, so it is also worth our operation.

For us poor people, at most is a waste of some time, but we poor people, time is also the most worthless, isn’t it?

Why share these days


This is the case

How many? Because I’ve been working on it lately


And YouTube, is nothing more than the same video, multi-channel distribution, for the YouTube and


Number operation, are mature audit and recommendation mechanism, so, comprehensive use, to maximize the benefits.

Break up the TikTok copyhouse project, where everyone makes millions a year


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