Share a TikTok meme project with zero threshold and easy operation for anyone who knows how to play their phone!


To get straight to the point, today’s small project is really super simple, as long as you can play mobile phone can operate.

No skill required, no editing software required, a phone, a


Account, add a dialogue software can be completed. In fact, there is no dialogue software is OK, two wechat chat on the line

. It’s super easy.

I did this project by accident


I saw it, and I felt pretty good about it. I did a deep research and found that it was a really good project. It was super simple and there was no threshold.

Share it directly:

Look directly at the picture,


150,000 followers. He made more than one


Account number, but do

The matrix, the matrix means that multiple numbers are operating together at the same time, draining each other, and eventually draining the direction to one place.

Why matrix operations? Because


Mechanism, an account operation may be little traffic, the fire is not up, but at the same time a number of operations, a number of fire, you can drive multiple accounts at the same time


According to what I found, there are three or four accounts, all of which are operated by the same person, because they are all guided by the same wechat public number.



Number one has more than a hundred thousand fans, you can imagine how scary it is to do three or four of these numbers. And I’m guessing he did more than three or four maybe more.

It’s actually very simple to do,

It’s just a few lines of wechat conversation and a funny meme.

Just a few simple words with a picture of a meme, less than 10,000 likes and more than 2,000 retweets, this video has been played at least hundreds of thousands of times. You can imagine how many users this video could bring in.

A day at the same time several number operation, each number sent

A few videos, you can imagine. And it doesn’t take much time to make a video like this and set it to music.

This is just the effect of a single video, and the comments are basically the channels that want the memes to download. There’s still a lot of demand.

And then I dug deeper to figure out how to get a meme, and, uh, I

It was redirected to the wechat public account. One leads into the group one APP, APP let’s not talk about it, let’s just talk about the one that goes into the group.

Click on the VIP group to view the following link

That’s the cash. That’s the final part. 9.9


, which is permanently updated and includes several in-group benefits.

At this price

It can be said that it is quite cost-effective, almost everyone will buy, and look at the turnover rate, has been a transaction of 3.6w single, income at least 36w.

How do you do that with 30,000 people?

Mostly using a group management tool like wetool, the logic is:

After users add customer service, they will be automatically invited to join the group.

When a group reaches 200 people, a new group is drawn.

The upper limit of a wechat group is 150, 36,000 people but only more than 200 people of the group, with 3 wechat can be done, more than a group, the late preparation of several wechat signals is good.

Through the public number to lead people to the wechat group, not only saves the public number update time

It also reduces the time of communication with users and provides more possibilities for other realization in the later stage.

I said, is there a simpler violence project than this?

So I spent 9.9


Into the group, it is a variety of emojis pictures, take their own on the line.

From the drainage, to the transaction, everyone a look

There’s no easy project to talk about.

They have a mobile phone, take some emojis in the group, their dialogue screenshots, to send


Above, is a complete drainage to the realization of the project.

Here, it’s important to say, first of all,


Videos that don’t quickly get you hundreds of thousands of followers, we need to stick to every

Daily updates, one or two videos per day, preferably


Matrix operation, prepare three or four accounts, update them together.


The mechanism, there is no way to ensure that you do the account will be fire, so, multiple account operation, the greater the chance of explosion.

Dialogue memes, direct suggest spending 9.9


Go into the group and find the funny ones

Make your own memes.

When you are


Once you have followers, add your contact information on the background wall. Start crazy drainage money mode!

Way of cash:

There are four ways to monetize. Here are just four of them. In fact, there are many more.

The first is to just copy yourself


Join the meme group and use whatever you like

As for how to get such a connection, Amazon search web development directly Amazon consultation on the line, the basic several hundred dollars can be done.

The second way is to pay for training.

Because I found out that a lot of them were teaching other people how to make it, even though it was very

Simple, but a lot of people are willing to pay to learn, depending on your ability to close the deal.

Training is not only selling the project itself, but also the comprehensive use of information and value payment.

Third, directly hang advertising, background wall can be rented to others, charge advertising fees.

As long as there are fans, there are many channels for cash, don’t worry

Revenue issues. People will work with you and give you money. Then you will experience the feeling of someone giving you money.

The fourth and least recommended option is to sell accounts directly

As shown below, a fan is roughly 0.5. This is the dumbest way to sell followers, but I’m too lazy to do it any other way

Yes, it is also a cash channel.

There is no technical difficulty in this project. The biggest difficulty is to persist. In the early stage, there may be no fans in your account for a month, so you will give up.

So no matter what you do, you need to stick to it. Sticking to it for three months can basically verify whether the project is suitable for you


As long as during this period, any of your videos exploded, it is possible to rise tens of thousands of fans a day, so, stick to it, to see the dawn of victory. Share is the gameplay, I hope everyone can draw parallels, learn more suitable for your own things.

Share a TikTok meme project with zero threshold and easy operation for anyone who knows how to play their phone!


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