Micro class PPT production virtual service, monthly into millions of cases!


I saw a piece of information in a group yesterday, which is also a virtual product project with a high unit price. Especially, the school has just started recently, and the demand can be said to be very large. This project is the teacher micro-class PPT, which is simply the demand for helping others to make courses TPP.

I went to Amazon to search

After a while, I found that the prices displayed on the micro-class PPT are relatively low. In fact, they are just used by businesses to attract traffic and do a low price.

I consulted on the above, and found that the charge of making a one-minute course is hundreds, and the high one is charging hundreds of hundreds to make a one-minute course. If you want to make a

A full course, a very short course is probably a thousand at the very least.

With such a high customer unit price, monthly sales of 5000, even if a single 500*5000= 2.5 million, this is just my lowest price calculation, if a single 1000, that is 5 million per month, and the base

This can be said to be a net profit, the only cost is the cost of manual production time.

So how should we use this demand to make money, a very simple point, is to learn to make the skills of micro-class PPT, and then through other platforms to drainage, on the wechat transaction, but this operation

For most people, it’s quite difficult.

Another way is more suitable for everyone to operate, this demand, customer unit price is so high, Amazon monthly sales can do 5 thousand, indicating that the demand is very big, but more people, may feel the price is too high, will think of themselves to do it.

Here comes another requirement

Ask, is the micro class PPT video production teaching, we make video software operation tutorial, course material template, all sort of packaging, directly sell the production tutorial, this is easier, I searched in Amazon, tutorial can be said to be very cheap.

Put these learn-making software, video tutorials, videos, and all

Department tidy up, and then you can do the whole network layout traffic, how to drainage, you can directly go to the major platforms, search keywords, see how others do, how you do, peer is the best teacher.

Through the video or article, the drainage to the public number set up automatic automatic reply to the introduction, from the public number

Flow to their own personal number, do a filter, reduce the cost of communication, pricing can be 299-399 to sell tutorials, you can also learn from peers.

After this kind of flow to do, not only can sell tutorials to make money, but also do their own micro class PPT to earn the difference, want to earn a little more on their own production method

Learn, do not want to learn can be directly, the customer needs to be transferred to others to make their own in the middle of the difference can be earned.

In fact, there is a time limit for the teacher’s demand for micro-lessons, which may be reduced after a period of time, but we can continue to explore further. The teacher’s micro-lessons need less, but the PPT production needs

What’s the solution? Then you can also do PPT material, template tutorials and so on.

The more you operate the project, you will find that you can think of more things, a lot of things are found in the process of operation, just read the article or see the tutorial, it is difficult to open the mind, because there is no practice, even if thought of, also may not be

It can be done.

If you find a good demand or project, but you cannot operate it, you can think deeply about what needs are left after the demand is extended and how to use the existing resources to realize the transformation and realization. The above is today’s sharing. I hope it will be helpful to you.

Micro class PPT production virtual service, monthly into millions of cases!


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