Four historical development stages of online earning


Phase I

The initial stage of online earning started in 1992. Advertising companies used the academic resource TELNET protocol to launch text advertisements for specific users. The next year, a large number of technicians invested in the research and development of the core technology of adult and game websites. In 1995, Wangzhuan played a wide and positive role, among which the security of correct counting of Wangzhuan was the most important.

Four historical development stages of online earning

Phase II

In July 1996, Amazon ( proposed a further integration plan to launch an unprecedented “affiliate marketing plan” for Internet users around the world. This plan includes sales commission, click commission, advertisement display times, etc., but it is actually applied to the projects where most netizens still have only sales commission. With the success of Amazon’s strategy, most netizens have just begun to have a preliminary understanding of online earnings.

Phase III

In 1997, search for money, registration for money, task for money, introduction for money, investigation for money, game for money and so on all came into being. However, the client cheating methods emerged in endlessly, and the advertising company’s counting system was still not perfect. The next year, with the major breakthrough of Microsoft’s technology (Microsoft Windows 98), many advertising components were successfully inherited. The client could play the banner as long as it downloaded the advertising components. This kind of money making way of surfing was officially launched.

Phase IV

With the introduction of AdSense by Google in March 2003, AdSense online advertising began to spread on the Internet Subsequently, many advertising alliances, large and small, such as Google Advertising Alliance, Alibaba Mama Advertising Alliance and Shangqi Softwen Advertising Alliance, sprang up, making some small and medium-sized stations have a clear income. Some people with network foundation and capital began to turn to websites. Some small websites and small alliances began to emerge in endlessly At the same time, this has led some people to engage in professional rice cooking (rice cooking: hype domain names, register domain names that may become brands and common words at a low price, hoard them, wait for opportunities to sell at a high price. Large domestic rice cooking stations are famous and rich, and change their names). Some individual teams have set up online profit learning classes, and the teaching courses have benefited from website construction. However, due to the non professional teaching and the fact that most learners have no network foundation, the teaching results can be imagined.

Four historical development stages of online earning


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