Solve the pain points can make money, insomnia project operation guide, late operation is to lie to earn


Now many friends are more want to find some relatively profitable short-term projects, the mind is to go to the Internet as soon as possible to earn a profit that makes them feel satisfied. Now there is no shortage of such opportunities on the Internet, but not a new entrant can find, can find, can

It’s enough to catch.

For just started to do a sideline, play the Internet friends, the best way is to find a subdivision of the field, and then to operate, the field of subdivision at the same time represents the precision of the fans, so that you can do twice the result with half the effort, and the competition will be relatively small.

Find a need find

To the method, and then start to do, today we are going to talk about a more segmented area.

I. Project introduction

I’m sure we’ve all been working for a long time, dragging ourselves home tired, but when we get home, we can’t fall asleep. Insomnia has been a problem plaguing many of our friends. sleep

Whether the quality of sleep is good or not affects the mental and physical state of each worker.

But now the workplace is more and more intense competition, workers in addition to completing their own work every day, but also always pay attention to the competition of peers. “996 at work, ICU off work” may be an exaggeration, but

It also says something about the competition in the workplace today.

If you want to make more money, you can only rely on your own body, and at this time to keep a good sleep is very important, so many friends will use a lot of ways to let yourself fall asleep as soon as possible. Like drinking milk before bed, or eating it more seriously

Sleeping pills and so on.

However, sleeping pills are not the kind of things that can be eaten in a mess. They are poisonous, which is also the reason why many friends worry and do not want to take medicine. At this time, we want to have a more suitable and effective way to help them make money.

ASMR helps you sleep.

Two, how to operate

This should be known by some friends who often watch live broadcasting, and it was quite popular in the previous two or three years. However, because this thing was often used by some anchors to make some borderline live broadcasting on the live broadcasting platform, it was banned. Now the live broadcasting platform is also

It is almost impossible to find such content.

The explanation of ASMR on Google is as follows :ASMR is the spontaneous perceptual meridians response, which means that the human body generates a pleasant unique stimulation in the brain, scalp, back or other parts of the body through the sensory stimulation such as sight, hearing, touch and smell, also known as auditory sound

Intracranial orgasm, etc.

It’s like having someone simulate some sounds in your ear to make you fall asleep as soon as possible, such as the sound of rain or water or the sound of massage. But because of this form of performance, so many anchors are more than get off the edge.

It’s on the Internet now

Resources are more difficult to find, and this is how we make money, such as selling USB flash drives, or buying online disks, or forming paying groups, and so on, are all ways to make money.

Three, drainage

Since we are going to do this, it must be mainly drainage, now the most insomnia people are clustered in where, the first

Naturally, Google post bar, we can post some posts inside the bar for drainage. Such as insomnia bar, hypnosis bar, early sleep bar and so on.

Find these insomnia masses more groups, and then begin to send some soft text in it, or directly comment advertising, of course, this should pay attention to whether the rules allow you to go so

Do, how to do the drainage.

In addition to this way of course there is another




There are not many restrictions on this right now, you can organize some of these video resources to put on


Drainage is performed on top.

We can see that one of its playback is actually not low, indicating that such a road can actually go through

All you need to do is carry it.

And finally:

For a project like this, it’s basically just a need. All we need to do is find a product, find a customer, and sell it.

Solve the pain points can make money, insomnia project operation guide, late operation is to lie to earn


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