Dividend period handling project, multi account operation can earn more than 1000 a day


Today, we will talk about the handling project of a dividend period. What is the dividend period? This means that there are very few people doing this thing, and the profit can be very high. A single account can do 200-500 a day.

I don’t want to confuse you. This platform is Tencent Video Creation Number.

Mind you, this is not

Penguin is not Tencent Creative Center, but Tencent Video Creative Center. This account is very rare on the market at present, with less than 20,000 accounts in total

And Tencent traffic how much needless to say, hundreds of millions of large traffic 20000 accounts to divide, meat more Wolf less, so it is easy to do.

Project Gameplay

It’s the same as before, just change the video and move it. You can move them from foreign platforms like YouTub, TikTok, or from domestic video sites like bilibili,


Kuaishou, watermelon video and so on.

Many platforms, if you move

Transport is the priority to move foreign platforms, because as long as it is handling projects, it must be the more complex the process is safer, because the domestic less turn this step, so the competition is more intense. Just make a few changes to the video we brought over and send it up.

Platform and project basically said, next is the most important account problem.

Although the revenue is very high, but that is someone else’s screenshots, what is the real situation like you ask me, I don’t know. Because I didn’t operate this project, and the account is the focus of this project, because without an account, you can’t operate at all. And the application address for the account is no, you read that right,

No, you search the whole network, also can’t find “Tencent video creation number” open registration entrance. Because the account is very rare, so it is a small blue ocean.

How do you handle the account? That needs to find their own, you can search keywords in the qq group, to find the account to sell. (You can also go to Google search, 360 search,

TB, PDD, Leisure fish all-channel mining)

At present, the market price of an account is about 500-600, but the account is very few, so most of the cases are price no number, because are collected number, number is relatively less, occasionally have to sell, can pick up, but beware of cheaters, online search to private plus general

No group let group master guarantee is reliable.

After the simple dismantling of the project, someone asked me, will you do this project?

I would say, I’m not going to do it.

Because this type of handling project I have come into contact with a lot, they have a characteristic is to start good operation, behind more and more difficult, because the platform encourages the original, handling

It’s the most profitable when it’s done by a handful of people, and when a lot of other people come in, it gets harder and harder, until finally you can only make food money.

The cost of this project is in the tens of thousands


. If you find a number merchant, there are two ways to make money from this project.

The best way to do it: get paid for it (

Someone charged six figures)

Worst strategy: self – masturbation benefits

Dividend period handling project, multi account operation can earn more than 1000 a day


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