Automatic hook up money project, single person per day 100


Many friends, especially novice online projects, do not know how to start, a project to take over and can not be used well, easy to miss the bonus period of the project, and some friends are simply to earn some pocket money, small projects can live.

So according to your needs, today to tell you about this project is compared

Suitable for zero base

A novice

To do, simple hang-up project, we do not look down on this hang-up project, learn to batch, daily income is still considerable.

This hang-up project is 619 Treasure Box. This software needs to be registered and downloaded to the mobile phone, but it does not require any cost investment. Here I remind you again

Dear friends, hang up the project is generally more pit, especially let you pay first, 99.9% are cheaters, remember.

Then we sign up to download this 619 treasure box, which is an interface like this:

After registering and landing, you should set up the operation permission of the software. The permission is open and it will be out after it is opened

Now these are, choose more, earn more, and these are

Social networking Sites

, J East, D tone, D speed version, K hand, T Bao, W letter, Z hu, P Duo duo, BLBL, T bar, we want to do which one to download which, after downloading need to log in their own corresponding account.

Let’s take this account number

Authorized to this software, there is no need to worry too much, because the platform also takes our account to the corresponding platform to do attention, like, it will not use our number to send us some junk information.

So when we finish the software installation, click this one-key detection, this is to check their own APP

Did not download successfully, you bound the account is not satisfied to do the task conditions.

The platform will check the check one by one. This is the check done just now. The check mark means there is no problem with the software and the account, and you can directly start to make money.

Once we start making money, we don’t need to

It doesn’t matter, because all the programs in it run by themselves, that is, automatically run, without our manual operation.

If you use it individually, you can charge the phone and leave it there. Depending on the platform, the 619 treasure box will not always do tasks on the same platform, it will be non-stop

Switch software, such as doing Amazon twice, switch to


Do it twice more, then switch to the fast hand and click a like. If you are really worried, you can try it with a small.

There’s no problem with the other hang-ups here, so let me focus on that


And quick hands, those are the important ones, because there’s an initial condition here

Is your account must upload 3 videos, otherwise the account does not meet the requirements of the task, also can not accept the task of short video.

The biggest advantage of this platform is that it operates by itself without human control, which saves a lot of human costs. In addition, sometimes there may be a delay when the platform automatically accepts tasks


This is easy to solve, if you get stuck, just click exit task, then go back to the lobby and start again to make money, continue to start, so we can in the daily hang-up, we can watch once an hour, if stuck, start again.

On Box 619, the quest will be matched

Gold coins, which can be converted into money, so we can earn more gold coins if we do more tasks. The current exchange standard is that one gold coin can be exchanged for 1 dollars. If we do one gold coin, it will take about an hour, which is usually the task.

So that’s a phone 24 hours a day

It is no problem to run 20 dollars. If you can open the simulator on the computer, you can earn more than 100 dollars a day. Depending on the operation of the computer, you can open as much as you can.

When we hang up on the mobile phone, it is best to close the wechat group chat, often pop up this dialogue may also be affected

Platform switching on hang up project, we try to avoid this problem.

If you withdraw, you get 1 full


The platform supports direct withdrawal to Alipay, which is very convenient. Bind Alipay and click “Confirm withdrawal”. On the withdrawal interface, there is an option “all withdrawals from the same Alipay account”

What about thinking?

That is to say, if you have a lot of hang-up accounts, all the trumpets click this option, then every time you withdraw money, these trumpets can be directly withdrawn, for multi-account operation is more convenient, of course, the withdrawal is second to the account.

For the hang-up money project, many people can only encounter

Withdrawal 1


Want to withdraw the rest of the membership to increase the withdrawal limit authority, those are all cheaters, real hang up project, the general price is not too high.

When we do a project, the first thing we need to do to prevent fraud is to find out who is giving you the money, and why are they giving it to you

There is only one way to make hundreds of dollars by hanging up one day. There is no other way.

619 Treasure box download address:

Automatic hook up money project, single person per day 100


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