Public and obscure blue Ocean virtual resource project, earn 300 a day is easy


If you want to make money online, you need to capture the needs of users, and then conduct precise diversion. Everyone knows that men are lecherous, women love beauty, children should be smart, no matter whether he has effect, many people are willing to try. Today I will share with you a relatively unpopular virtual resource project.

They say men are hard money,

In fact, it does not grasp the needs of men, men lecherous, love smoking, like cars, etc. Like the above male freehand rejuvenation training, traditional Chinese medicine conditioning massage textbooks, in order to solve male problems. Because of the obscurity of the industry, there hasn’t been a very good solution to these problems, and a lot of people like to rush into things like this

The product market is very broad, as long as a man may have needs or in a specific environment are curious (for example, when browsing pictures of beautiful women, or watching videos of beautiful women, let them pay a little money to buy textbooks, may be 100 times faster than usual).

It’s common to see men soaking in goji berries in brush myopia, below

A lot of comments, men always hope that they can be stronger and more powerful, if this kind of video hanging this kind of textbook, sales must be very good, this kind of goods is to figure out the psychological needs of users, hit the key point. Look at the following picture, there are people in Google bid, that is to make money.

The market is similar

Textbooks have room, longgen, Zhuang YANG, XING Fu password and so on, all are selling this kind of teaching services, and this kind of service is not useful, if it is a little virtual man, is willing to spend 9.9


To try it, probably out of curiosity a lot of women are going to buy it,

Not to mention men.

1. Online shop

Because the shop has its own flow, so this is our preferred platform, of course, in addition to a certain evening, a treasure can also be found, can search the place, can open a shop, just after opening a shop can be appropriate to fill the order.

2. Short videos

Short video window is a good place to bring goods exposure, one

Such promotion can be done on the short video platform of TikTok. For example, where is the root cause of male problems, why sitting for a long time will cause prostate damage, 4 tips for male health, and so on. Or mixed clips of men soaking goji berries or videos with connotations, which is easier

Attract users. If you open a shake shop, directly hang up, no drainage to the wechat public number in the conversion.

The purpose of doing short video is to drainage, the premise of accurate drainage is that the content verticality is very high, so we can carry this kind of vertical field video when operating short video

Automatic revenue.

(3) wechat public account

Relying on the wechat public number can better cash, do male powder service projects, the speed of powder is very fast, as long as there is enough attraction, for the public number every day up hundreds of very bubble net to earn thousands of powder is very easy. And it can expand the range of goods sold,

For users, the more goods are more attractive, and the more likely they are to buy. (whether it’s a photo of a beautiful woman, health products, or flirting techniques), men are far more likely to spend money on this item than on any other.

The most important is to convert a single page or soft text to do attractive enough, will not do can go to find someone to do a.

Of course there are rules to be followed.

Male fan project is relatively easy to do, but also can quickly see money, can take a low price route 9.9


There must be a lot of people who pay for it. Of course, you can package it up, make the conversion page, and then sell it at a high price like 299. We can start by testing each of the more profitable options

Choose which one.

Public and obscure blue Ocean virtual resource project, earn 300 a day is easy


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