Share 3 projects that can solve people’s undesired needs. If you are proficient in one, you can make money as a sideline.


In the Internet era, people’s unfashionable problems can often be made into big business.

The key is that we should seriously study and analyze people’s consumption needs, especially to pay attention to observe people’s potential and special consumption needs, to meet these consumer needs, we can grasp the cold business opportunities.

I’m going to give you

We share 3 can solve people’s unpopular needs of the project, find a good master, can make money as a sideline.

01 Cancel the phone tag

In today’s world of smart phones, people often see some marked phone numbers when they make calls, such as sales, agency, delivery, delivery or scam calls.

There is a

Software that allows people to reject cold calls or block nuisance calls, for example, is undoubtedly a good thing, allowing users to avoid nuisance calls.

But for some normal users, it is difficult to cancel a phone number that has been “mislabeled” or “over-labeled,” which has brought a series of annoyingly difficult situations. Bubble net income will often watch

Yes, the calls were flagged 345 times and cut off.

This is a lot of sales, delivery, Courier, intermediary and other service personnel will encounter the problem. I have a friend who is troubled by this. His phone was marked as a delivery phone because he used to deliver food on the side and now he works for him

The phone call caused considerable distress to the customer.

The pain point is here, if your phone is marked with such a logo, you think about how annoying it will be, one is that it will affect your image in front of others, the other is that people will be most likely to reject your calls.

To solve this problem, of course, you can change the number

Yes, but that’s not the best way. After all, mobile phone numbers are often bound to a lot of things, it is very inconvenient to change. Then, you have to find a way to cancel such a mark.

Thus, the phone tag was removed, and another project that could bring in tens of thousands of dollars a month came into being.

If you search for this type of demand, you will find that there are

A lot of people are doing bidding advertising specifically to promote this business, so it can be seen that there is definitely money to be made.

I went to the omnipotent Amazon search, there are also many shops to do such a business, in addition to cancel the mark can also automatically apply for mark, the fee standard 10


To 50



There are a lot of stores with daily sales

More than 10 orders, some even hundreds of orders, one order 10


Let’s do the math. That’s a couple hundred dollars a day.

What about the cost? Zero.

In fact, what you pay is a simple appeal process, the whole operation is very simple. After the phone number is marked, you can apply for cancellation on the corresponding data platform.


If your mobile phone is marked by 360, then search [360 number appeal platform] to appeal, ignore the advertisement, the first place is the appeal, the whole operation is very simple, see the picture.

In addition, there are many platforms to cancel the phone tag, these platforms you can search on Google. It only costs a few dollars

You can find it in minutes.

Is there a one-stop platform for eliminating all tags?

There is.

The Number Service Promotion Group is recommended as a platform for official inquiry and cancellation of numbers marked. The platform, sponsored by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, can be used to search for number marks and clear wrong number marks.

Support application clearance

Tagged platforms include

: 360 mobile phone guard, Tencent mobile phone butler, Sogou number Tong, Google mobile phone guard, Teddy bear, phone state, Ali money shield and so on.

Of course, if it’s a phone scam, the chance of cancellation is relatively low. Normal number, high probability.

Not making money? It doesn’t exist. Due to the

There is a service charge for this unmarking whether or not it is successful.

The fees for this program can vary depending on your client

. Ordinary salesman, collect a few tens of dollars is no problem. Telemarketing companies, it is easy to collect hundreds of thousands, because they are urgent and rich.

If we find more companies like this

It’s easy to make thousands a day.

For example, health care companies, cosmetics companies, insurance companies and so on, this kind of company has a large number of telemarketing, each company has hundreds of people to do telemarketing, you can give them a very low price.

Or go to post bars or forums and find people who have this kind of need,

People who ask questions are usually very accurate.

One might ask, don’t they do it themselves? I’m sorry,

Information is always bad.

Unless the human brain is connected to the Internet and can process huge amounts of information.

You ask the customer to spend a lot of time preparing the appeal materials, and then wait to check the appeal results. True customer

Might as well spend a little money on it.

After all, in the Internet to make money, one is to rely on poor information, the other is to rely on traffic, if the two can be combined, then the money will be quite easy.

02 Street stall project: write numbers

It’s, uh, a little corny, but it still works.

The rules are simple: Write Arabic numerals, starting with 1

Write, write 500 even if successful, can get any doll. But no mistakes, no omissions, no corrections, and no upside down writing.

If any of these actions occur, the activity fails.

Pay 20 to participate in the event


Deposit, the deposit will be refunded and the doll will be taken away for free after success, if failure 20


The deposit will not be refunded.

Or, if the challenge is successful, you can take away the doll for free; Failure, need to spend dozens of dollars to buy. (Control the delivery of products at 10


Left and right)

This routine is very early popular, ordinary people must think that this is a pupil can do, so eager to try. But the truth is —


0% of the people can’t do that!

If you think about what’s the longest thing you’ve ever focused your attention on, video games? Play ball? Or talk to your partner?

All of these things can be said to be fun for us, whatever the form, but this game, unlike any other, is hardly consistently enjoyable. Right

Things like that.

You may be focused on getting the doll in the beginning, but you’ll eventually get tired of writing the numbers over and over again. It’s like when we are taking an exam, we know that time is precious, but our minds still wander.

Again, statistically speaking, there are 1,392 from 1 to 500

Arabic numerals. The probability of writing all 1,300 Arabic numerals without making a mistake is just.00657. In an outdoor environment, it’s harder to concentrate.

You put in about a thousand dollars, you buy a table, a few dollars for a chair, a few pens, a few books, you get some supplies, you go print one

You can start a business with a poster.

Set up a stall and play a numbers game with you. It seems so simple.

The routine is simple, in order to attract people to play, people tend to overestimate their own strength. And a dozen or twenty dollars is not much, lost is a happy net game figure.

As long as the choice of a person more intersection, over

The noise of traffic, the noise of people on the road, the music nearby, any of these things can affect people’s ability to concentrate, and in probability, this business is extremely profitable.

The following is the whole process of the experiment ↓

No. 1 player, the front is very stable, write 160, can not resist the temptation of a handful of sugar, write wrong……

Contestant No. 2, Sister Juan

Sister, the challenge failed, 122 written 222…… That’s a 2

No. 3 player Qili Tong shoes, new “the fastest failure record”, only to write 68 before the game over…

This sister, write but 120, angry to tear the book…

Defeated in 145 two meow, gas to roar……

(The above content is reposted from @

Chengdu Business Daily, Real street experiment)

The remaining idea of the whole project is like this, but when it comes to the specific operation, we also have to pay attention to the details of polishing, activity publicity, on-site speech, are the key to success or failure. Do it right, and you’ll be able to sell your wares in a game style and make money easily


Before you say it’s impossible, or that people aren’t that stupid,

We’ll see if we try. Similar to this project, is before the bubble net to earn the ring, is also the same routine with the principle, interested may wish to click to see, also very valuable: how to set up stalls into 30,000 a month? (Dry goods)

In short: it’s a win-lose deal.

03 The most beautiful ID photos

Traditional ID photos are often

Unsatisfactory, many times can not achieve the ideal effect. And now with the continuous improvement of people’s aesthetic needs, the most beautiful certificate photo emerged at the historic moment.

This type of photography usually provides clothes and makeup to improve the image and temperament of the client to the best state, and then carefully retouched after the shoot, so as to get the most beautiful shot

Photo of certificate.

The most beautiful certificate photo charge is 100+.

Post according to customer requirements: portrait finishing, further makeup, clothing collocation and so on, each link can charge.

Cost: Labor, camera, choose cost-effective 9000


Right and left; Save some money on the entry-level set, 5000


Right and left; printer

Canon, Epson, more than a thousand dollars can do it.

Rent: small investment, early to get a simple studio can open dry. Do not need to resign, it can be as a sideline, investment is generally about 20-30,000.

Customer discovery, can be through Dianping, Koubei, Meituan and other websites for business display

About the cost

In 5000,


About/year. In fact, not on the line,, people network and other free Posting publicity, circle of friends can also promote.

Almost every year you use a photo. What certificate, resume, social security, ID card, driving license, go abroad, a lot of use. And wedding photos, and business photos.

At present

The average market price is 158 certificate photos per person, 299 marriage registration photos, image photos 200. If we do personal sideline, the charge can be appropriately reduced, starting from the service circle of friends demand, accumulate some successful cases. Then, through word of mouth, it slowly expands.

Bubble net earns one to do physics

The teacher’s elder brother, who can shoot 3-8 customers every day when he comes home from work, now does the sideline income is twice his salary, while making money, his versatility also makes him become the school’s Internet celebrity teacher.

Later, due to the increasing number of orders, he also launched the public account appointment, improve customer experience.

For those with photography and Photoshop skills

For a person, this side project is worth doing.

The 04 is at the end

We all have some uncool problems in our lives, and many capital players don’t care about these needs. This is the opportunity for grassroots entrepreneurs. The Red Sea battle is too intense, we may as well look at the door, cold, hard to find

Blue Ocean market, strive to do start to win.

Just as now, many people focus on the female image market, and indeed this market is very promising, while the male image building area is neglected.

The survey found that men in modern society are becoming more and more strict about managing their personal image, and the related needs of skin care and beauty

Growing, the market prospect is also very good. But few are brave enough to exploit it.

So instead of jumping on the bandwagon and chasing hot projects, try to think the other way around and see opportunities that others may not see.

Share 3 projects that can solve people’s undesired needs. If you are proficient in one, you can make money as a sideline.

Share 3 projects that can solve people’s undesired needs. If you are proficient in one, you can make money as a sideline.


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