Day into 200 way, no drainage, start to make money!


I don’t like to talk about those money-making thinking, why, everyone understands the principle, a look at the small details are clear, you and I are human

A novice

There is no ability to change life against heaven, only the determination to make money, now you just need a guide, although brother I share the way may not let you turn over, but as long as you do it, enough

To make you stronger!

Today, I want to share with you that my friends are making money in a quiet way. This guy loves to drink, but he can’t drink. I made 50 cups with him, and all of them came out.

The key comes, first take a name: 200 daily way, no drainage, start to make money!


Step 1: Google search for a certain music, click on the official website, find more, click on the anchor radio

Click to go to the new background

After entering the new background, click the entrance of personal anchor to improve personal information.

After completing the information, you will come to the following interface

Then real-name authentication, now do we media need you to real-name system, otherwise everything is

For nothing!

After we have done the basic steps, remember to write all can be written, don’t leave out, because we are not random to build a platform, we are to do long-term content.

Step 2: Understand the rules of platform monetization,

Before we make money on any platform, we have to get familiar with it

The rules of the platform and the current latest incentive activities, this path is based on the wave plan, so we need to familiarize ourselves with the basic gameplay and rewards of the wave plan, as well as the red line of the platform and the question of which side of the bubble we make and which side of the content we produce, as we can see from the image above, 10,000 plays

The return is between 200 and 400, which, as those of you who have done a headline know, is a very good return.

Step 3: Edit the column in detail

Perfect the cover of your column and other information, tell the rest of the platform what you do, and tell the platform what you are here to do

Tag yourself and choose the direction of our content.

Take a look at the above key support, give you a suggestion, do sex.

Why is it recommended to do this emotional field? Life is not easy now, it’s easy to empathize with, you know, in this fucking society, everyone wants to have a person who understands themselves,

Or a heart to hold.

Step 4: Sign up

Do remember to sign up, if you don’t sign up, there will be no income, after the registration will be a customer service to contact you, and then there will be a small group of creators communication.

Here’s how to do it. It’s really easy:

First of all, the material, this is too much, Himalayan, F

M, Toutiao, Tiktok, k hand…… Needless to say, some of the earlier platforms have gathered a lot of material.

Then there’s the hands-on content: If your voice is OK, then I recommend recording your own voice and uploading it. If you don’t have that, then

Through the text to speech tool, like cut image has the function of text to speech.

Day into 200  way, no drainage, start to make money!


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