Short video do number circle profiteering business, by copying can enter 5W a month


The Chinese New Year will begin in less than 20 days. It seems that all industries are undergoing transformation in the year affected by the epidemic. Now people are not so dependent on the real economy except the people’s livelihood.

On the contrary, the Internet service industry has been thriving, from marketing planning to precision services, the market is still huge

If you are interested, you can move in this direction more in the next year.

We all know that Internet entrepreneurship, information can bring you infinite income, no matter when and where, you can do all will do from the network, so these information is also learned from the Internet.

Because of knowledge asymmetry

If you don’t know how to dig up projects by now, let me give you a little introduction, take advantage of the year before this time to organize your thinking.

Last year we did a period of free free free fish, a lot of students from me to take the film membership card to the user, the film membership card for the whole year

Movies are free to watch, seemingly worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, in fact, it is just the printing cost of 7 cents a card, because this movie APP is built with the source code, can generate unlimited registration code.

My intention is to use these generated film and television members to do the back end of the product for free, so that free delivery of this project

As a result, a lot of people are engaged in agent here, to agent this movie APP, this information difference is big enough.

Like some investment disk, this is not to mention, now the online generation to do this disk is very much, hundreds


Can give you a set, as long as you find the right opening or directly to the big team to negotiate the price

Spread it around. Well, I don’t want to tell you the rest.

At present, the profit of short video “we media” has always been talked about with great interest. From receiving advertisements to small window and selling number, I just opened the second-hand account and looked at the transaction situation. The price can be determined by the number of fans alone, regardless of the attributes and quality of fans.

A short term vision

Frequency number to do 100,000 fans is not difficult, a tens of thousands of fans of the number, the price is around two or three thousand, if the batch of special number, the income may be higher.

If you don’t know what to do, then we media selling powder is also a good choice, selling number is selling powder.

You know how we usually brush myopic

Frequency to see such as husband and wife spoof, sister spoof, bestie tear each other this kind of funny short videos by gimmick to increase powder, they increase powder speed is very amazing.

But most people, we can’t do this kind of content marketing video directly, because it needs more aspects, such as creative copy, shooting system

Plan, plot shooting, editing and so on a series.

But if we just go straight ahead and do it for the powder from the start, it’ll go really fast.



These are related factors, if we blindly pursue the hot, let the platform to promote us for free, bubble net earn I think

It’s like playing the lottery.

When it comes to buying lottery tickets, there is a very good theme for us to increase fans, is the scratch card, this kind of video basically has no technical content, also do not need a real person to appear, just scratch the lottery card every day on the line, most of them can not make money, but because of some small amount, so also can not lose much

But many people are willing to watch it.

This is the psychology of the Chinese people get rich. If you can witness the moment of the award from time to time, you can’t help but be excited with it. I have seen a lot of the top prize of 1 million scratch-off card broadcast room are very busy.

Okay, so back to the point, if you’re not

I want to do the content, but intend to directly increase the fans to sell the number, I think it is better to start the initial mutual relationship, just like before in the public number, there are various mutual relationship groups.



Search the word “mutual” can search out a number of mutual approval needs of the account, and you have the same idea, after all, want to increase the fan is not only you


We will first praise all the mutual correlation and mutual praise that can be found, and it is better to release some videos randomly, so that you can ask others to reciprocate the same number of likes when you click the likes of others’ videos. It is better to keep a few seconds between the likes, so as to avoid the platform thinking that you are brushing powder.

I mean, it’s a zombie fan, but

You are also the first batch of fans, when your video content quality can be converted into accurate fans, even if it can not be converted, I can act as the base.

The majority


The team of “we media” all have the behavior of brushing powder, and the herd mentality of human nature is the same. When fewer users follow you, then

Good work is considered trash, and when you have tens of thousands of followers, a mediocre piece of content can get a second like.

Marketing number in order to flow what can be done, if we can subdivide the user’s behavior habits, it is easier to rise powder.


The recommendation for the video is basically

In the case of “daiyun”, a celebrity who makes recommendations based on users’ liking, I didn’t understand what was going on until several days later. If I can get a clear picture of the incident in the first place, and add a few copied comments, I can create a wave of fans.

If it’s just for the sake of growth

Powder sell number, material is generally mass output, never to do it yourself, so it saves time, more than ten dollars online to buy a bunch of video material, one by one upload on the line.

If one of the number of flow is particularly good, you can continue to clip the video later, re-match subtitles and audio, and do it while raising, so

In addition to the selling number of the account can also use video to bring goods.

Most of the videos that earn a share of the traffic are shipped from overseas, which I explained to you earlier when I talked about YouTube shipping.

Who has the flow to who close, this is to do the number party’s idea, the video foreshadowed, lead users in comments

Yeah, that’s the trick.

Short video do number circle profiteering business, by copying can enter 5W a month


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