Profitable small business for niche asmr projects


There are so many people in this world that if we divide them ideologically, we are already different species.

Different groups, totally unable to understand each other’s minds.

asmr refers to the human body through visual, auditory, touch, smell and other sensory stimulation, the brain, scalp, back or other parts of the body

The unique stimulation of pleasure, also known as ear sound, ear SAO, intracranial orgasm, etc.

In simple terms, it is to make people feel happy through special sounds.

There are three specific applications for this type of sound:

1. Sleep aid;

2. Daily rest and relaxation;

3. Make some people orgasm through the voice, this is soft porn, not allowed in China


The Google index of asmr is basically above 6000. The user groups of asmr, sleep aid and white noise are very similar, but asmr users have a stronger sense of demand and are easier to cash out.

The overall popularity of asmr is not bad, but due to the unpopularity, the competition is very weak, which can be regarded as a small blue ocean.


How to play:

1. Collect and sort out asmr related resources, randomly find some matching video images, and send them


B station, Kuaishou, through signatures and comments to the flow of personal accounts.

2. Made the website, optimized the ranking of asmr related words, and passively diverted hundreds of words every day.

3. Sell the whole package.

If matched

Automatic delivery, is basically a half – lying earning projects, easy to earn 100



Profitable small business for niche asmr projects


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