This high customer unit price money project, low cost novice can do


Whichever platform has a large volume of traffic must have various project opportunities, because we do Internet money-making projects. Back to the original essence, it is to get customers from the Internet and then sell products to users, especially some products with high customer price.

Of course, this product can be a physical object, also can be a service, as long as you have enough

Flow, no matter the operation of any project can make money, I want to talk to you here is also a short video platform to get customers to cash out of the project.

From the first two years to the present, there has been a more popular word is education, and now most of the work requires education, even some private enterprises, even education has become

A barrier to promotion, that there is a market means there is a demand.

I think you should often see such advertisements on some social platforms, which is to help social personnel to provide such services as academic promotion, promotion and college graduation.

First of all, the program currently targets a very wide range of people,

Some social people who want to engage in superior jobs, because they do not have the corresponding education, can only do some hard work, even promotion and pay rises are not round.

In addition, this is also a very formal program, which not only helps others to improve their education, but also earns the enrollment fee, killing two birds with one stone.

In addition, it is currently on the market

In this kind of promotion of educational companies, mixed, you find a lot of are several levels below the agent, sometimes consult some questions, they may not be able to answer, formal institutions or few.

In addition to the traditional sales for this part of the resources to master, so bubble net earn I think all

Profiteering offline projects can be online again, as long as you do a good job of operation, online customers can get a lot of income.

Let’s talk about the gameplay of this project. At least at present, we still have to rely on formal companies to improve our education, and rely on our own to open up the threshold and relationship to improve our education

This cost is relatively large.

As for the specific gameplay of this project, I will tell you a set of implementation methods below. After all, there are many ways to play a project, so long as you master one and go deep.

Partner Agencies

Well, the first thing we need to do is look online for educational promotion agencies to work with, which is very important, because we

In the early stage, there are no customer resources, nor the resources of the school, so we can not make a bridge, but can only cooperate to find a breakthrough.

Methods The results can be seen by searching the local city education promotion on the Internet.

The first few are Google bidding, we can one by one to find these bidding to consult cooperation agent matters, generally

Happy to let you represent, one more person to expand their channels, one more way to make money.

As for the agency fee, the median value on the line, and not necessarily high price agency quality must be good, just pay attention to is the best cover of the business is very wide, can meet a variety of needs of education promotion, the purpose is to find

Work with the right organization.

Learning by accumulation

In fact, this project is as simple as taking a wechat signal can be done, because all the school resources including education education promotion have agents to provide you, and what we have to do is enrollment.

Enrollment is nothing more than a wechat to create a person, every day to update some of the circle of friends

Let people know what you do, what you’re doing, and how it’s going.

In this way, while accumulating customers, we usually take the initiative to contact the school resources above the industrial chain, because as we all know, we can link to many schools, not those famous brands, generally even private universities, these schools are also

There are professionals in this industry.

Most of the time, as long as your marketing is in place, everything is natural, the bubble I talked about the use of short video marketing, even advertising, can also get a lot of traffic.

Early to copy those popular videos in the same field, the imitation of peers in all walks of life is a must

One thing, I teach you a very fast hot method, you go to find the popular videos of peers, and then the whole technique moved down, and shake directional investment of peers fans, it is very easy to hit.

Recruitment by agency

In fact, education promotion, from a certain field more like wechat business, do is to recruit

Agent things, a person’s ability is still limited after all, if you can recruit agents, multiple agents to make money for you is relatively easy.

Because we just started to walk this road is the agency, we are also for the above education promotion company to make money, if we can recruit agents, many people for us to make money, also

It’s pretty good.

This project is more suitable for young people with academic degrees, and young people and users who need to do education promotion are also more frequent.

In terms of benefits, the amount of money paid by each student is generally about several hundred, because the tuition fee of education promotion itself is relatively high. For example, the tuition fee of adult undergraduate is more than 1W.

On the other

For example, the improvement of academic qualifications is not only for the college entrance examination, but also for on-the-job graduate students, including TOEFL, IELTS or some full-time universities. Therefore, there are many kinds of education improvement.

This project a micro signal can start, the rest is to do some drainage work, in addition to the above me

Talk about


Outside of the platform, Google bidding is also a good platform, such as hand links to a large number of upstream school resources, you can do your own order.

This high customer unit price money project, low cost novice can do


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