The separation of profiteering money project small three, a single at least earn tens of thousands


Now the society is open enough, more attention is paid to material life, rich men keep several women, poor men can not get any. Haha, this is also the common saying that rich men go bad, this is not true. It may also be the reason why a man is excellent and always has women around him.

I do website seo

I came across the project by accident. Today, I will share with you the hidden profiteering industry. This industry few people pay attention to, but very profiteering, the fee is also relatively high, generally more than one hundred thousand, even hundreds of thousands. That is to separate the small three industries

Search in Google, you can see so many companies in advertising, Google

Bidding is money, no money can not be done.

Of course, if you want to do this project alone, ordinary people certainly can’t do it, and the investment is also big, after all, if you want customers to trust you, you have to put your trusted capital, lofty office, luxury cars and other basic configuration. Here’s how to do it


The boss of this industry lacks nothing but precise traffic, so we specialize in this aspect of traffic, and then find them to cooperate. So the following provides a few drainage methods, want to try friends can choose their own suitable method

I. Flow rate

1. Website

We do seo, then group

Many students have done this aspect of the website, after all, do a website investment of about two hundred dollars, also do not need to spend much time to take care of, can be a sideline to operate. As long as a single order will be 10,000 to tens of thousands of dollars in commission. Highly profitable work, surely worth doing, a year can be a few deals, better than working


The following are the websites made by the students in the group. As long as it is in front of the website with the words of home page, it is taught by a teacher. We can see that many cities in the country have websites. If you will also build your own seo site then the same can be operated. If not, take the time to learn. It’s easy. It’s all on the Internet

Free textbooks. Take the time to find them.


Social networking Sites

Everybody knows that

Social networking Sites

Gathering a large number of female traffic, to obtain this aspect of accurate traffic has certain advantages. Just need to find some soft story in this area, the story can be made up, like the bubble net to earn so much on the line. Like I’m like

How to recover my marriage, how to separate the mistress and husband, send

Social networking Sites

That’s it. The title has to do with separating the mistress.

3. Quora

To answer this question to Quora, and leave their own contact information, Quora not only has its own traffic, but also the masses in Google is very high, you answer the content, from the search

The flow from the engine entrance is more likely to be seen, and it is accurate.




The flow is very large, do the basic project will do, how to do


? in


Set your own contact information on the number, such as separation of small three plus \/

(1) Share some ways to separate the mistress,

Routine, this method is more direct.

(2) Find a woman to tell a story, about the separation of the mistress case, you can not show your face.

5. Public account

The traffic of the public number is very large, and it is also a better place to cash in, just need to share some articles every day, guide and add wechat, but also can earn traffic main advertising fees. and

The people concerned are female flow, cash aspect is also relatively easy to cash.

Two, contact the boss

Docking with the boss is very simple, you can just start to go to the operation before you can go to their wechat, directly explain the purpose of it, he does not need to pay anything, you have the flow, provide them with it, the price on the line,

Can find a few more, these bosses will not do the killing of the goose that lays the golden egg, so do not worry about the flow of they do not give you money. Or later familiar with the direct sale of traffic to them, or sell advertising space to them is OK.

Three, cash

There is another way to compare the cash, you know to find the separation of the mistress is than

Rich woman, rich woman’s contact information, wechat, know how to cash it. (And in the midst of emotional pain). Hahaha

Find some men who don’t want to work hard, and then charge them a membership fee, a thousand pieces, still a lot of people are willing to, human high-end rich woman communication bridge, you deserve to have.

Ha ha ha (method a little loss, and line and cherish, that day was kansi don’t look for me, I am not responsible) but really make money.

The separation of profiteering money project small three, a single at least earn tens of thousands


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