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I’m bored sometimes. What do I do when I’m bored? Subconsciously check your circle of friends to see what people are working on. A friend named Arlo seems to be updating his moments a bit frequently lately. Text description is not much, most of the revenue to the account screenshot. As follows:

Talk about getting paid. That’s all

He makes it by talking to people every day. Although I know that this way of making money is not very reliable, I am still curious to see what they do and how to play. So I posed as a client and talked to Arlo. I ended up spending a hundred bucks on this money-making project — chatting for money.

After you pay 100 bucks, take

At Arlo’s request, he downloaded an app, signed up, sent a few pictures of beautiful women, edited a story, and tossed a message in a bottle. My darling, instantly dozens of men to greet, chat with me, that is called a heat in full swing, wish how long a few hands. For a second I wondered if the other guy was

A robot.

After verification, it can be concluded that they are all real people, and a group of lonely real people. As for the content of the chat, you should understand, are rather dirty, of course, there are very few serious people.

There were so many of them that I responded politely to each of their greetings for half an hour

It’s over. Then I went to see my energy value, more than 30,000, and tried to withdraw 9.6


In seconds. Basically, there are thousands of male fans gathered on the platform. When they need to chat with female, they have to recharge their money, which is converted into energy. Every time they chat with female, they will cost him

Our energy value, converted into money, is about 0.1 text message


One, the woman can get 5 cents, voice message is the same reason. The platform will take half. The way to make more money is to chat constantly. The more messages they send, the more money you make. one


Pick up, seconds to Alipay.

This project, to put it bluntly, is physical work, but there is no need to find people, nor need to send friends, no need to promote drainage. If the male compatriots want to earn this money, then they can register their own female account, upload pictures of beautiful women, disguised as female account.

This is a screenshot of Arlo’s own real-time cash withdrawal screen.

This is me

The withdrawal record of the half-hour chat just now:

Arlo gave me a total of four platforms, saying that I could operate on multiple platforms, which would lead to higher returns. In addition, if you meet and chat with someone, they will give you generous gifts, but the platform will take 60% of the money. For those beautiful women with high EQ, it is easy to earn 10,000 dollars a month. I

In the name of chatting to make money, to put it bluntly, this project is to tease the little brother to make money, the packaging is tall. Raise your hand if you agree.

Then, I searched the whole web to see if there was a more profitable and formal platform. I found it, too. Claimed to be a green formal platform, not allowed to talk about dirt, no

Will seal the number, text 0.1


One voice at 0.75 per minute


Video chat peaked at 2.75 per minute


, 50% of the gift is taken. The yield is much higher, also regular, but there is a drawback is that must be 100 to withdraw. Unlimited proxy mode is also supported.

And you might wonder, why

Why are these guys willing to pay to talk? What do they want?

Simply put, you do not understand the rich world, some men play a game will charge thousands to buy a skin, buy a equipment, watch the hostess broadcast will also send thousands of gifts to reward, so it is not difficult to understand why they are willing to spend money chatting. Besides,

Chat is not expensive for them, two pieces of silver, but also can chat with beautiful women, make a friend to kill the time, than the hostess brush gifts, in exchange for a “thank you big brother” is much.

If you are not a beauty how to do, beauty, really can’t, online beauty set map directly moved. Think about the

, I casually put a few photos in the album is not my own photos, casually write a few words, threw a bottle out, there are dozens of passionate men take the initiative to find me close, this kind of fans although a little se, but on second thought, the phone that they are not also a social person?

Look at night

A little SAO, not to eat during the day, to buy things, to work, to earn money. Nothing more than a uniform more sedentary, more boring, a bit of social phobia, a bit of a stuffy coquettish, no girlfriend, not very happy marriage, but just a few categories. We don’t know each other. We can say whatever we want, just blow off steam. everyone

Don’t think these people too scary, they don’t have three heads and six arms, let alone any demons. Since it is so easy to powder, why not try to lead to their own wechat, later through products or services to cash in.

As for what products to sell, novels, men’s products, etc. Even pay-for-knowledge programs can work

Because I said that these people are social beings after all, they need to feed themselves and their families, they need to make money, anyone who wants to make money, is our potential customers.

How to lead to wechat, I found that these people all have a common point of interest, is to want to see your photos, said that the album is too little, no

Enough to see, then you tell him that there are a lot of wechat circle of friends, to see their own, with a clever way to leave their own micro signal can be. (A blatant retention platform certainly won’t allow it). Invisible, and give everyone a diversion support, I am too damn smart.

Will this project ever make money? As you can see,

I tested it myself, and it paid off. How much do you make? For beginners, it’s easy to talk for hours a day and earn dozens of dollars. It’s a test of patience and emotional intelligence. To put it bluntly, it’s a physical job. A lot of people make a lot of money.

If you want to earn more, on the one hand, you can consider hiring an agent, on the other hand, you can like

Arlo, while chatting to make money, at the same time send a friend circle, packaged as a project to make money, charge hundreds of your own. Like this:

For those who do not promote drainage and have a lot of time on their hands, such a project to sell is still very attractive. Just be careful where you choose your platform

Point, try to pick one


Pick up the second to the account platform. The platform I mentioned in the article, which is called green and formal and has high returns, has been in operation for more than a year. You can download it for free from any APP store. But it’s 100


Lift, there is a certain threshold. Anyway, it’s up to you which platform you choose

I told you the pros and cons ahead of time. As for the ones that charge, don’t bother. They’re basically free to download and use. Why people can charge one hundred, two hundred or even several hundred, nothing more than the use of a poor information.

How many of your friends don’t know about such a platform? Then you

I can get these people’s money. (I feel like I’m bringing everyone down again, hey, hey)!

This is I spent a hundred oceans for you to set the 0 threshold chat money project, is not gray to experience, earn how much I can not guarantee, here also only do routine secrets, and did not encourage you to mean. Everyone is successful

Young people, to learn to make their own decisions, learn to distinguish between good and bad true and false, more use your brain.

Those who are really bored, lonely and want to talk to someone, and short of money, can try it.

A $100 money-making project. – Talking money

A $100 money-making project. – Talking money


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