Project reveal: Real estate public number how to earn 10W a month?


Today we are talking about: real estate public number monthly income 100,000 how to play

In fact, the real estate public number can update some surrounding housing information/land auction price/property market forecast every day, and these articles do not need to be original, can be carried, where to do?

1. Settle down

2. Local dirt nets

3. Room day

Let down the nets

4. Plan the local network

All you need to do is integrate information resources.

That do real estate public number violence where?

One: Developers’ advertorial advertising fees: the starting price of such advertorial ads is around USD 1W, because they have corresponding we-media advertising expenses every quarter, so many real estate owners

Tube will go to the public number to promote, so only by advertising fees can be a month to 1-2, is 20,000

Two: commission: In addition to the above developer advertorial advertising fees, can also be realized through fans. About this kind of vertical fans, are generally the recent demand for house users, some specific promotion

Real estate will set up sales commission, if the fans through your channel to buy, will give the public number author a certain commission payment.

Three: paid community consultation: no matter what kind of public number, will open the paying community, group fees from dozens to hundreds, the significance of the paying community is to share the relevant home buying skills

And avoiding potholes, which is also a big payday.

Four: advertising display bar: at the end of each of our public number articles, we can set up advertising space to rent, which people will be interested in advertising space? Nothing more than a real estate consultant or real estate agent. They set sales targets every month. Adult pressure

Big, so they will go to multiple channels to promote themselves, leave their contact information, this kind of advertising display bar is generally 5000-8000 a month.

How to make the real estate public number quickly increase powder?

One: can scan the code into the owner group: do any public number at the beginning, if their silly hair, not to promote the article

“Is not going to accumulate followers. Generally, you can make your public number into a small card and send it in the community, or go to the supermarket near the community and cooperate with the supermarket.

Two: Rub hot spot: for example, the price of Nanjing more than 40 thousand, but there is a real estate to sell 60 thousand. After the owner lived in the feeling of building quality is poor or did not start

Commitment to the kind of environment, that pay attention to this kind of thing bubble net earn a lot of people for a long time, we do this kind of public number can take the opportunity to catch hot, because now people will search through wechat search, remember to do a point to keyword long tail words, so that your public number appears in the public view probability will be much higher.

Three: Cooperate with real estate agents

After the fans and reading base, let the intermediary forward the article to you, send him an advertising position, this way 100 try to work.

It is worth mentioning that either way, do not distort the facts or violate the law, otherwise the gains outweigh the losses, go in tea is not finished calves

Project reveal: Real estate public number how to earn 10W  a month?


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