Real share single group profit 850+ social networking site female fans project nanny level practical operation strategy, can be copied and amplified


Drainage is like a layer of window paper, it will not feel difficult, it will not feel difficult, it is very simple to understand the drainage routine, on the contrary, it is extremely difficult to drainage.

What the Internet does is traffic business, who grasps the traffic who grasps the ability to obtain revenue.

It can be said that the Internet is now overwhelmingly majority

All of the projects are traffic-driven, and the people who work on them are moving to places with more traffic and lower costs.

Will do the flow, even if you cash to do again spicy chicken, also can make money, large amount will have a miracle.

Today’s article is worth at least a thousand or two thousand dollars, and it’s completely separate and packaged as a lesson.


The gameplay has not changed much, the change is just the platform rules, these drainage gameplay is also my own this year one by one test out.

Of course, the most expensive thing for free traffic is time.

I recommend reading @Page’s article on traffic methodology, “Textbook 10 Points,” before I go into all of this

Traffic Methodology, which allows you to study these diversion plays from a higher perspective.

Today, talk about it

Social networking Sites

Drainage and realization of female powder.

Social networking Sites

Female powder play real operation disassemble!

Social networking Sites

The drainage gameplay and the previous Second hand goods trading platform have some similarities, is in

Social networking Sites


Notes of high value and low price goods or


In the comment area to guide users to take the initiative to send private messages, or directly guide the way to view the personal home page collection, the traffic flow to the personal or public number.

Let me first talk about what is high value low price, such as Amazon Tmall original price of hundreds of projectors, you in

Social networking Sites

Send a note saying you got it on September 9,

I’m gonna get a bunch of people asking for the link and asking where you got it.

I sent this note a while back.

In March and April of this year, the effect of this drainage method is exploding well, a day can be passive scan code to fill a 200 people scan code limit group, so

Social networking Sites

Group market price around 850+, finished cracking

To 300 people (awesome to 500+, but never seen 500+),

Single powder output is 0.2

I heard that the high one can do about 0.35.


Social networking Sites

The female fan method is very simple.

First of all, about the account, I agree with you except the content itself

For the more important, because the number is not directly no traffic, or traffic rarely on the hot.

(1) Actual measurement

Social networking Sites

The new number is also a flow, register the second day of direct Posting, but the probability of hot is relatively low, obviously not as long as the old number registered, if it is to do their own Posting or have to keep the number

Yeah, the frequency of Posting

A number cannot exceed 2 in a day

, the longest release interval.


Social networking Sites

The raise number is

Simulate normal user behavior

, home page browsing content, as well as comments, likes and concerns, improve the avatar, nickname, signature and personal information and other normal user behavior operations, time needs at least

It takes about three days to a week.

(3) My own

Social networking Sites

Number is mainly my usual some mobile phone number registration, also made a few American registration

Social networking Sites

Yes, but the results were poor and there wasn’t much flow.

But there will be this situation, you keep number for many days, seven or eight posts is no flow ah

My experience with this is to just give up,

If you deregister the number and re-register it a day or two later, it will be a new number

This method solves the problem of account consumption very well.

(4) Mobile devices, I am both

One machine, one card

The network must be

Independent IP address

You can’t connect to the same wifi, that’s one thing

Be careful, I made the mistake of accidentally connecting my phone to all wifi by default, but

Social networking Sites

The account is still logged into the background of the phone, causing

Social networking Sites

Account collective death, painful lesson.


Social networking Sites

Account packaging, nothing more than

Nicknames, avatars, BIOS, profiles

, we mainly

Drainage is female powder, female powder there are quite a number of people are a group of treasure mother, so our account registration is to do one

It’s for a girl

That’s it.


Social networking Sites

Notes. This is very important.

Social networking Sites

It’s basically a platform for the level of appearance, yours

If the pictures look good, they will

There is flow

But to do

Social networking Sites

Female powder is actually a lot of people, sometimes you will find a picture a lot of people in use, because everyone’s picture is found from Amazon buyers show, so sometimes the picture crash is an inevitable thing, once the crash on this note is not hot may be a probability event.

Have nothing to do

A good solution, before the first

Social networking Sites

Check if there are too many of the same style, yes, pass, no, send; Of course, it is also a good idea to make a video out of a cut template, but it may take two or three times as long to make a note.

Social networking Sites

Notes are usually at least

Publish 2-3 images


Yes, here we should pay attention to the size of the picture as much as possible, not some long and some short, the most reasonable

The picture scale is 4:3

Because of the

Social networking Sites

Home page is a picture based information flow recommendation, picture size is too small will reduce the exposure area.

The graph is very important, you could say the most important thing,

Meitu Xiu Xiu or

Butter camera

Either way. I usually just add one

Filters, stickers, art words

I am a fixed set of retouching, but because there is a difference in aesthetic between people and bubble net earning people, sometimes you think you do the picture is fried, but in fact the ugly one, before doing the picture

Social networking Sites

Take a look at some pictures of popular notes and see if they are

Don’t be limited by your own style and style.

Of the present

Social networking Sites

My personal guess is that there may be a crackdown on this obvious diversion pattern of high value and low price, so the way we choose products before sending notes should be adjusted.

From the past high value low price to high cost performance products

In fact, don’t

There is too much difference between the price and the real price. On the other hand, the price of the product you choose must have a mass base, rather than be something with uncertain pricing and no concept in your mind.

The best way to pick something is

Peer to peer

, available at

Social networking Sites

Search price related keywords such as “19.9r 29.9r” on time

Between the release of the order of ordering, you can find some similar account pairs, in addition to the high cost performance, the product must have distinct characteristics, or

New and strange

Either that or

Good things in life


In addition to the picture, the most important thing is the title, I write

Social networking Sites

The format of the title of the note is usually

Price +

Feature + product name + recommendation

“, interspersed with a few emojis in the title.

The writing format of the notes, I divided it into

Three stage form

The first paragraph is about how to get this baby. The key point is to highlight the mystery of the price and purchase channel to keep people. For example, through the method of bestie, the cost is 19.9r

get the xxxx that you really want to get

The second paragraph

“, mainly write the features of the product and personal feelings, so that people feel that this thing is really worth buying, don’t write too rigid here, OK

Refer to some content of Amazon’s evaluation area

Make simple changes, but do not copy directly


The third paragraph

In fact, it is a bury a hook, but in fact can not write, the first two paragraphs written without the third paragraph of traffic is just as good,

The third paragraph is mainly about Amway

“, for example, “Come to little sweet potato and sister Amway as soon as the goods are used up today, you can wash ~”


Social networking Sites

The mode of diversion


Is I also want to focus on one thing, in this link I still step on the pit.

At present

Social networking Sites

The diversion mode of female powder is mainly through

Comment section guide private comments, comment section @small to let users view small home page, and add tags in the picture @small three ways.

After the post goes out, we have to stand up

Comment below the notes, and after the notes are posted we can

Open wechat to see if the comments are hidden

Comments that directly copy the notes of peers

To his own notes, but also

There are

The probability that it must be hidden

May be the same copy with too many people!

When users comment on 666 and send us a private message, we can usually direct them to our home page favorites, copy”

Set sister, look at my home page collection get “, the same copy do not repeat and continuous use

Or you can send one directly

To the girl who sent us a message.

To guide users to view our home page collection, in fact, we prepare a separate trumpet, the name is changed to”

get all the good stuff with one click

“, just post a note and a picture, the picture is my screenshot of this, and then use

Trumpet bookmarks this post

That’s fine, even after you send your notes

In the comments section alone @this trumpet.


Social networking Sites

How to enlarge the volume of female powder flow, I have calculated a sum of money, that is, we register our own account, buy second-hand Android phones, recruit staff to make pictures and send notes the cost is not really very low,

A more efficient way would be to get some students who want to make money to do it for us.

Again, you can go


Something relevant

Money making Group

Go post and get some people to do it.


Social networking Sites

For the realization of the female fan group, I have sorted out a set of procedures and copywriting myself, and replied keywords in the public number”

Social networking Sites

“Can be, free to share with you, the relevant tools can be achieved with the lighthouse.


She can still do it this year, but she can’t do a dozen or more 200 people a day like last year.

But a day to do 200+ group of stable cash dozens of pieces, stable accumulation of income I think is still good, is a relatively low threshold of play.

When I get a chance, I’ll

Write about Second hand goods trading platform treasure mother powder, douban fried powder how to do.

Real share single group profit 850+ social networking site female fans project nanny level practical operation strategy, can be copied and amplified

Real share single group profit 850+ social networking site female fans project nanny level practical operation strategy, can be copied and amplified


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