A single net profit of 1000 dollars, on behalf of the registered profiteering project


If we had started to do e-commerce earlier, we would have known that this platform is very promising. Those who could make money ten years ago are still doing it now, which can only mean one thing: making money.

Well, everyone knows that every platform has a variety of dividend periods at the beginning, like one

Some new platform pull new, and the new platform on the general flow is very large, can enter basically can make money, because it is standing in the wind.

Like the most recent


Small shops, these


The store is very suitable for us to do an e-commerce platform, if you are interested, you can specifically to understand a

Today, the project I’m going to talk to you about is also closely related to e-commerce.

For example, when we open a treasure, there are still such projects, such as helping others to register a Amazon store, or helping to remove the treasure, such simple things are still sold by people. It can be seen

Although it is already 2021, there are still a large number of people who are completely clueless about e-commerce and just want to do it.

Early in the morning, if we want to build a shop, just ask someone to open the shop, and then ask shua to brush some praise single-handedly, can make a lot of money in a month

It was the real dividend period, and as long as there were shops, they sold anything.

So far, not only e-commerce has grown, but video e-commerce, live streaming e-commerce and overseas e-commerce platforms have all grown. Then some partners here want to do cross-border e-commerce projects, and the biggest threshold for cross-border e-commerce is

Register your shop.

In the past two years, if you have access to Amazon or shrimp, you should know how much profit it is to sell our domestic products on Amazon. For example, the chamber pot of our country was sold at a high price overseas or even snapped up.

In this case, quite a few

People are willing to sell our country’s products overseas. Since ancient times, there was the Silk Road, tea and porcelain were exported overseas, and it is the same now. The biggest profit of product export lies in the information inequality and the commodity disunity.

So in this way, help these people who want to do cross-border e-commerce business overseas to register

Like a shop, is a good project, and the market is large.

If we want to do such a project, first of all, we need to do a survey of the overall market environment. First of all, as we all know, over the years, Amazon’s registration has not changed at all, and it used to have a business license

Register more than a dozen accounts, now only one person three marketing license registration three shops, its roughly the same, is the number of reduced.

So for such shop registration, the selling price of a shop is basically more than one thousand to two thousand. How much is the cost? The cost is just a few business licenses we registered.

The reason why the price of Amazon’s shop agent registration is so high is that it is still difficult to register on Amazon. At present, there is a shortage in the market, because it is difficult to register on Amazon.

Generally, we don’t go directly to collect the shop now. We collect on behalf of others, and take back a shop registered before

In that case, it’s easy and solves an identity problem.

For example, I would like to list several steps of Amazon collection with you. We not only need to take photos, but also need to have certain language ability. For example, when we told the client that he needed to buy the store registered by Bubble net to earn money, I was at that time

We must inform in advance that the ownership of the store is ours, otherwise this is a fraud in foreign law.

Then we need a business license to take over such a shop, just like we usually buy a public account, which can not be used directly, we need

First prepare a business license certification of the public number to do fans migration, and then to notarize, so as to be successful purchase.

In this process, there is a complicated registration step. For overseas Amazon stores, we usually register one store before registering the next store, which is a personal identity letter

It takes about 3 days to register.

So buying and selling overseas shops and domestic shops play is the same, the same if an office worker, you spend one or two thousand to buy a shop he registered, the other party may not be willing to sell, or have other plans, or is not bad at this point, but such as

If you ask students to register and collect from students, it will be very convenient, and most students are willing to do such a thing to earn some pocket money.

In fact, do this kind of generation registration or shop sales, in a long time ago there is the existence of this business, the development of the Internet itself to now, all kinds of virtual resources also have a

Clear price, shop as one of them, is also a very important invisible assets, that is the asset is sold, can also be sold.

However, we just take advantage of the information gap to charge a price point of the normal shop intermediary, and we will also charge a high guarantee when we buy and sell shops through the platform

Dot, this is all normal.

A single net profit of 1000 dollars, on behalf of the registered profiteering project


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