Zero cost zero threshold to make money project, unpopular mission navigation station to make money, later purely passive income!


Let’s start with how we know about this item.

Because I am still in the business of making money as a service platform, I often go to research a lot of competitors. In the situation of researching each competitor, I found some advertising stickers on their official website Google Tieba, which is scraping traffic.

The content of the advertising slogan, Kee

This is a mobile phone screenshot, the content of mobile phone screenshot is a similar website address navigation Daqo web page page page.

The web page contains the popular money-making service platform in marketing and sales, the most important one being the URL of the black magnet coil on the picture.

I don’t need to tell you. I should know

Chu this kind of people to earn any money, in fact, is the application of this kind of money making service platform system.

To earn a cut of invitations to the integrated services platform.

And do so a website address navigation of the professional direct cost is very low, there are also a lot of earn in Amazon open source.

The cheaper one must only be nine



, Ali Cloud server altogether hundreds


Buy a Hong Kong server and domain name, more than ten minutes all the website address set up.

Need not more, can promote the marketing of a few hundred or so customers a day to earn several hundred


There is no doubt that everything is normal.

Let me show you a list of how I’ve been making money from people. It’s the total

Data from 17 friends, each credit limit is not too high but good to keep.

The website navigation marketing of the money-making service platform is also very simple, that is, rely on a mobile phone screenshot of the home page of the navigation station in each money-making service platform’s home page Posting, top paste, intercept the fine daily task of finding money in the post bar Google

Would-be fans.

Dry post bar Google traffic are mastered, post bar Google immediately send two-dimensional code, chain is very easy to be harmonious system.

In recent years, the traffic of Google has been decreasing, and very few people want to do Google tiebar, but the navigation station of this money-making service platform does not have such difficulties.

To solve problems and difficulties

Based on a mobile phone screenshot, to actively treat customers in the browser to search the web domain name into, so that neither need to send the two-dimensional code, nor need to send outside the chain, the success rate of Posting can be much higher.

Everyone choose to post the post bar Google is also mainly a money-making service platform of the official website post bar hundred

Degree, this kind of post bar Google in the vast majority of no one to manage the program.

But as long as it is some well-known money-making service platforms are all post bar Google, like people to help make money to make money, losing money, application testers, cattle help this.

All we have to do is post and intercept.

Therefore, the choice of domain name is more and more very heavy

Yes, it must be easy to remember and recognize.

That is, abundant, simple and easy to remember, can show the composition of English numbers, can also be pure pinyin composition, but the file suffix is com or cn as far as possible.

After the website is built, be sure to apply for registration of each account of a money-making service platform

Once again, the APP will be converted into its own invitation connection and published to its own website navigation.

As I have written in previous articles, the daily tasks of a money-making service platform are divided into “reward task, game trial, pull application registration daily task, and score wall daily task”.

These kinds of different daily tasks are also

There are often different well-known integrated service platforms, we must only choose a few of them, there is no need to bubble network to earn some integrated service platforms are installed one by one.

Every effective money-making service platform, the value of goods caused by customers is also very high, or the diagram of making money for everyone

We can clearly see the immediate profit from a valid customer.

Monetize service platform URL navigation This kind of marketing monetize game play, can be called very rare and small.

But I think the threshold is very low, the people who are doing this project, in fact, grasp the customer and comprehensive service platform information

Less transparent opportunities.

To successfully grab the traffic belonging to the integrated service platform, separate a small part of the integrated service platform


The cake.

Zero cost zero threshold to make money project, unpopular mission navigation station to make money, later purely passive income!


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