Execution can earn 100 a day, trading platform no brain handling projects


Today I would like to share with you a Second hand goods trading platform project that only needs a mobile phone to operate.

It’s not a problem to watch it and make a hundred or two a day.


Market demand analysis of “Idle Fish Movie and TV Drama” project

As mentioned above, popular TV variety shows have their own unique attractions.

For most viewers, the bubble net is fed daily before dinner

Earning your own way to find the latest episode of the next meal is part of the daily routine.

However, most of the popular variety shows or online TV series on the air require VIP to watch the latest episodes, and non-member users not only have to wait, but also have increasingly lengthy advertisements.

Then there is the service of providing these users with synchronized updates of VIP episodes

Here it is.

Let’s take a screenshot and see what’s going on

The price of a show is about 3 dollars, and 500 orders have been sold. This link has only been on the shelves for two days, which is not particularly lucrative, but it is more automatic.

One link can do over a thousand passive income, but what if you put ten shows on it?

Of course, this is the e-commerce platform data, want a mobile phone

You can do it. It depends on the fish.

So we took a random graph from the Second hand goods trading platform

This is the picture taken before noon on the day I sent the document. The price is 2 dollars, showing that 39 orders have been sold.

Quadrupling sales by the end of the day shouldn’t be a problem,

That’s around 160-200 a day.

This is just weekday data. It will be available at the weekend

Room to rise.


How to operate the “Idle Fish Movie and TV Drama” project

The demand of “film and TV drama resources” is not new, or even a traditional project with poor information.

But this is really a long-term project.

The reason is very simple, is Second hand goods trading platform on the virtual class purposes of the audit is more strict.

In other words, platforms can vary

It helps you clear out a bunch of your peers, who can appear in the front row of the search bar on their own merits.

Only by mastering the art of shelving can you keep your baby around longer and gain sustained exposure.

The following film and television resources in Xianyu how to release.

1. Title

Let’s look at this picture

A search for the title won’t turn up anything. This

Note The platform has blocked the search for the title of the play.

So don’t include the title in the title editing process.

Instead, try to use relevant keywords, like the TV series/Zhang Yi/Sun Honglei, etc

2. Label/Content

Keep your copy as short as possible, don’t mention the title of the play, and use a picture if you have something you must tell

Formula is sent out.

Second, there is no need for tags, which will not increase exposure and will only allow the robot to audit you.

3. I want it

Here’s the point.

I want to add a more important dimension factor to the weight of baby.

Within 2 hours of releasing the baby, you can find 5-7 real account points under different networks

I’d like to have a private chat to speed up the inclusion.

What should be noted here is that I do not want more than the better, the number of times within 48 hours should not exceed 100, abnormal demand will trigger audit risk.

You don’t need to brush up if you get a private chat as soon as you launch your product. If you don’t have a consultation after an hour, you can

To enlist the help of a friend.

Of course, you can also find a number of brushes, but remember to have real chat records

Resources what not to say more, there are a lot of free web sites, considering the efficiency of the problem, you can directly buy peer transfer to their own network disk.

Finally, don’t forget to put a drainage copy in the web disk


For binge-watching fans, after watching this one, they will naturally look for the next one.


Generally speaking, Second hand goods trading platform as a personal idle goods trading platform, is really more suitable for the inexperienced

A novice


Although with the influx of a large number of businesses, the audit of Xianyu has become more and more strict.

But the overall problem is not big

The former is still a relatively newbie friendly platform mechanism.

I plan to update a series from time to time, but I don’t know how many people want to see it.

Execution can earn 100  a day, trading platform no brain handling projects


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