The use of hundreds of simple graphic content to do Jingdong alliance to earn 300


Many people must know that Quora brings goods,


Take these goods, but you know Google hundreds of numbers can also take goods, and the income is not low, than know Hu also simple. Graphic and video tape is a very important cash channel for Baijia. The high commodity commission makes many creators rush to enter, and they can really get profits from the goods

Again, very few.

A lot of people don’t know how to put the alliance link, I will teach you.

1. Log in to the APP account of Baijiahao on your mobile phone, click “Release dynamic” to enter the dynamic editing page, and you can add and manage products/columns after opening the function of dynamic bringing goods/columns.

2. Commodity addition

You can choose from my store, Amazon, Jingdong and Duhaohuo products. The premise is that hundreds of accounts need to be bound to the corresponding platform account, we directly add the account of JD alliance;

3. Column Adding allows you to select my column and columns in column distribution.

4. Merchandise/column changes. Delete an item that has been attached

After the/column, you can select the item/column to be connected again.

5. Revenue view, you can view the revenue of connected goods in (yesterday’s revenue – additional revenue – Channel – content e-commerce).

However, after adding, the next most important step is how to do the content to bring goods, I give you a few points to pay attention to briefly.

Hope to help you improve the conversion rate of goods.

1. Titles matter

In a we-media article, the importance of the title is self-evident. Relative to the general nature of the text, the title of the text with goods more need to be carefully crafted by hundreds of creators. In order to get more recommendations from the platform, improve the transformation of the article

Rate, when giving the goods text and text, we should control the insertion of key words, borrow the system algorithm, and recommend the goods text and text accurately to the users in need.

Generally speaking, there are two main kinds of titles with text and text:

1) Keywords celebrity endorsement user experience

In order to achieve the precise recommendation effect, the title needs to use the key

Words to satisfy the requirements of the recommendation mechanism. For example, write an article about “makeup remover” with goods, then the title must appear in the “makeup remover” this keyword.

With keywords, the recommendation mechanism has a precise recommendation object.

At the same time, in order to enhance readers’ reading experience, it is best to list several celebrity endorsements in the title

Or the long tail of user experience, etc.

2) Suspense question sentence pattern

Relative to the above very directly reflects the characteristics of the product, the suspense question title to readers is the curiosity of the content of the article, and then click to read the final realization of the conversion of goods text.

2, the content should be smooth

A good piece

With goods graphic content connection must be very smooth, do not blunt direct insert commodity card.

When you write an article with goods, do not insert the commodity card at the beginning, should give the commodity to do a certain background, such as telling a small case, a small story.

When the setting is complete, follow

Next, we should grasp the pain points of the readers’ needs, tell the possible problems of the readers, realize the purpose of bringing the readers into the situation and make the readers feel anxious to solve the problems.

After finding the pain points of the readers, do not rush to insert the commodity card, should further put forward the corresponding solution to the existing problems of the readers

Then insert a card highlighting one or two selling points of the product.

Smooth content connection can effectively reduce the reader’s sense of resistance to goods, improve the proportion of purchase.

The correlation of commodity text is stronger, can not hang sheep’s head to sell dog meat bubble net earn. Insert into a woman’s skirt when the article tells about women’s matching techniques

Pants are reasonable, and inserting non-female clothing such as car maintenance equipment is not reasonable.

The graphics with goods should also conform to the field positioning of the account. For example, hundreds of creators in the field of food can do snacks, baking machines, etc., and automobile field can do car maintenance equipment and tools, etc. If you blindly publish across disciplines, you will

The verticality of the account has a certain negative impact.

3, graphic collocation is very important

The real product picture and the experience picture after use is an important tool to improve the persuasiveness of the goods. As the saying goes, seeing a picture is better than hearing a hundred things. When the real picture is put in front of the readers, I believe it will have a huge appeal to the readers.

If an article with goods

The whole article tells the advantages of the product, but there is no real objective picture, readers will have a strong psychological resistance, and will not buy at all.

Therefore, the real and objective product map is the basis of a successful article with goods. I hope I can help you.

The use of hundreds of simple graphic content to do Jingdong alliance to earn 300


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