Simple basic project: PPT extension project, how can you achieve lying earn?


Many friends believe that interest is the foundation of success,

As long as you’re doing something you’re passionate about,

Then it’s going to work.

Or is it?

There’s no denying that doing something you’re passionate about can actually increase your productivity,

But success is not guaranteed,

What’s more, the reality is cruel, and a few people can really from

Do something you’re passionate about?

To survive, to go with the flow?

Only in the persistence to see the benefits, in the persistence of recognition,

With a sense of accomplishment, we can love something and stick with it,

Whether we like this project or not, as long as we’re making money,

I’m sure I’ll love it!

So don’t

And then I wonder if I like it,

Poor people are not entitled to affectation! Making money is the truth!

Today, I’m going to introduce you to a simple brick moving project that makes money,

PPT template marketing,

There are many ways to realize the cash. How to operate? Let’s take a look.

In fact, most money-making projects are inseparable from three words, poor information, as long as you

If you understand the word and use it wisely, then making money is not a problem.


Search: XXX theme PPT template, select the template, the comment area of the video is very lively, are seeking PPT template, enter


Homepage, look at the signature found there is a very obvious reminder: refuse white piao party, paid to share……

Why is that?

How about doing it? One of the biggest advantages of doing this is to filter garbage traffic. After filtering, the traffic is added to wechat, which is basically accurate traffic that can be realized.

And if the back end is optimized, it can be multi-monetized.

Specific operation mode

Preparing an Account

Prepare the drainage account in advance. Three platforms are recommended:

The little red

The book,


Fast hand.


The fast hand is not as signal friendly, and

Social networking Sites

Basically is the female high quality flow, the general new number just simple normal use for three days, you can release the video, there is no tedious number raising process.

We only need to import the traffic from these three platforms into wechat or the public from the public domain

Number of these private domain traffic, you can realize the later realization.

Find Material



This type of video goes directly to

Social networking Sites

Release, use the clip APP to clip before release.

The point of this project is

The first way to get a good PPT template is because the information on this project is poor.

Who has an A

Quality PPT template channel, who can make this money, no run.

And PPT template this thing there are a lot of bubble net earning website can download for free, of course free is certainly not worth, but you can look for some paid websites, although there are charges, but very cheap. For example: Panda Office pay website.

These paid sites are very friendly to the friends who are doing this project:

1, the website has a variety of industries and themes of high quality PPT templates, and update very diligently.

2. After the website is opened, each PPT template has a video display, that is to say, the video released by the peer is actually carried after the website

“Can be released with a few edits.

Mode of realization

1. Make money by selling powerpoint templates

Collect PPT templates in bulk, categorize them, and then sell them to people who need them.

Collection method: can be to buy or find information online, it is best to build a website in the form of selling VIP cash, so as to ensure the flow

You can make money without losing money.

2. Make money by customizing PPT

There are many companies that have a need for customized PPT, and they will directly pay someone to customize their own PPT.

3. Make money by selling powerpoint video tutorials

Making PPT is one of the basic skills that office workers must master. There will be many people looking for PP

T Learn by video tutorial.

So you can collect a lot of powerpoint tutorials and sell them to people who need them.

Or upload the tutorials to platforms such as Litchi Micro class, and users can purchase them and learn them online.

Drainage mode

1. Short video drainage

Directly in


If you search powerpoint, you’ll find that many people pass

PPT to make money, the flow to wechat, and then direct wechat transactions.

2. Micro-blog diversion

Micro-blog is not to be underestimated, the number of fans determines your account, as long as your fan base is large enough, combined with short video drainage operation, the effect is very significant.

3. Other drainage methods

Through Google know, paste

Bar, PPT forum and so on can be diverted, we should pay attention to the guidance of traffic, wechat, Weibo as a gathering platform.


Don’t look down on any small project, as long as you can dig deep and fine, so monthly income of hundreds of thousands. There must be projects under the requirements, as long as more observation, more analysis, more attempts, can be accurate

Cash out, and the money will come naturally.

That’s all for this article

Simple basic project: PPT extension project, how can you achieve lying earn?


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