Social networking sites to make money projects, novice operation overview


In recent years, network we media has been very popular, making money from we media has become a popular trend, such as headlines and so on, all have good traffic and revenue, in addition, there is a platform for

A novice

It’s very friendly. It’s just

Social networking Sites


Never played

Social networking Sites

Friends should not know much about the present in the we media

In the whole environment,

Social networking Sites

It is still relatively easy to do, in addition to the platform’s own traffic, the platform’s recommendation mechanism is also not to say.

Now that this platform is familiar to everyone, let’s talk about how to make money.

Early account preparation and maintenance number

An account in the early days of registration and

Other numbers do not have any difference, that in our later operation, why many numbers will be sealed is characterized by the system as the difference between ordinary numbers and marketing numbers.

So the early raise number is very important, so that the account through the review of the platform, imitate normal users to use this good rise, browsing interested pen

Remember, then randomly like, follow interested bloggers, and then search for content you like.

As for us to output some quality content, as far as possible to their own original, almost all platforms will not like handling, unless it is in the early, now

Social networking Sites

The development is very mature, the platform is no longer needed

To rely on the transport to get the early content.

A regular half an hour every day to raise the number can be, if the batch of multiple numbers, try not to all in the same mobile phone.

Here about the account preparation part I briefly and you talk about, such as profile picture and name and so on, these see what type of fans you want to do, the corresponding blogger should be what

What kind of people set, such as you want to do cosmetics, then your account is the best is a woman, this can refer to peers.

Content output

Want to do

Social networking Sites

Note, first determine their own field, the early point of attention will not be much, otherwise we would have done this, in the early attention is less, still

Stick to the output, that’s the right solution.

Some knowledge is accumulated, in an industry precipitation for a period of time will have a different thinking, read more peers’ copy, see how they are combined, see more learning so that we continue to output knowledge.

The other thing we’re going to learn is demolition

Disassemble and disassemble the copywriting of high-quality bloggers, such as some high-quality beginning, why should excellent copywriting add these beginning, we should also summarize some of the structure of the blogger’s article, summarize many high-quality beginning and end, including how to present the product in the middle, is it a story or its own experiment, which is used

Hyperbole, what hooks are reserved in the entire note, how to drain, etc.

These are the things that we’re deconstructing a good piece of

Social networking Sites

No one wants to look at the notes without an attractive title or first picture. It is recommended that the notes be illustrated with at least four pictures.

Everybody knows that

Pictures are more attractive than words, only to see the power of the picture, the user can have the interest to see the text, so I have been emphasizing the bubble net earn, operation

Social networking Sites

Writing is not the most important, aesthetic and vision are more important.

Realization of account

Early after a series of operations, we came

Social networking Sites

The realization of the link, mu


Social networking Sites

On the channel of cash or more, such as drainage to sell goods, is a very good way to cash.

Direct your followers to a treasure or personal wechat account to make money by bringing goods because

Social networking Sites

It is possible to hang a treasure link, this is also a common way to cash out, of course, if there is

Your own shop, you can advertise in your notes.

There is also a brand cooperation, become

Social networking Sites

Brand partners can also make money, but there are certain restrictions, such as the number of fans must be more than 5,000, and then produce at least 10 original content, and each article must be read more than 2

000, a bit like the public number of the traffic main opening restrictions.

In fact, in

Social networking Sites

Selling service is also a good choice to offer

Social networking Sites

Operation of related services, this pertinence is relatively high, because itself is in

Social networking Sites

On the platform, just like you in the king game all over the world shout belt fight, fans targeted

It’s relatively strong.


Social networking Sites

The first category is beauty makeup and skin care, because the platform has the largest number of female users. The effect of game sharing on a platform with a large proportion of women is certainly not as good as beauty makeup. Other categories dominated by female consumption, such as travel, parent-child products and so on, can be used.

The little red

Books are a colorful world, we can always find what we need in a lot of sharing, so it has been so popular, of course, we can not follow their own preferences when operating.

What you think will catch fire is not necessarily, because not all fish live in the same ocean, some people

We are struggling with the color of the interior of our luxury car and the fact that some people are happy to ride their bikes every day, so we try to find the needs of the general public rather than catering to some specific sharing.

Social networking sites to make money projects, novice operation overview


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