Record low quality video upload major paid course platform to earn income, low threshold everyone can operate


Before, I have shared the project of recording original courses or transporting non-copyright courses, uploading NetEase Cloud Class and other major paid course platforms to earn sales share, which is actually very formal and does not require their own initiative to divert the long-term project, but many friends always give their own limits, feel that they are not professional lecturers.

Afraid of their non-standard Mandarin recorded courses will not be bought, even how to record the course will not; Do handling and afraid of infringement risk, afraid of this afraid of that, even without watermarking course channels can not be found.

Well, today I’m going to show you again with my practical case, actually subdivided into a specific niche field

If I use this method, basically everyone can operate, and directly subdivide to record low-end and low-quality courses. It may require threshold to record the courses to be high, but I think everyone can do it to record low-end and low-quality videos.

As shown in the figure above, these are some low-end and low-quality courses I uploaded to NetEase Cloud Class

In fact, I have sent a total of 30 sets of courses. Most of them are of low quality. You can tell from the rating of “C” and “D” that they are the lowest level.

My strategy is to do low-end volume, the first price set 9.9 is equivalent to directly tell everyone, this is definitely not

What high-end courses, after all, you get what you pay for. Since buyers choose to buy these courses, they will not have great expectations for me. Because of this price, I can take it for granted that I don’t have to record the courses well, which can save me a lot of time cost, basically a set of such courses can be produced in one day


In terms of course content, for example, which one requires too much specialized knowledge? Basically, all the major search engines can search the contents of the graphic version. What we need to do is simply organize the search text and text into PPT courseware, and then explain to the PPT while recording, memory

Better ones don’t even need to make PPT. They can record video courses directly in front of the computer desktop with their own mind. Because the price is not high, it is almost enough to record five to ten courses for a set of courses.

There may be

My friends think, will anyone buy our low-quality courses? I can tell you clearly, as long as you dare to record, someone will dare to buy, it is similar to doing “we media”, as long as you dare to write, someone dare to read.

As you can see in the picture above, this one sold over 300 copies, and I made over 3,000 for this one set of courses

It only takes one day from the so-called courseware arrangement to the completion of recording, which is already a very high time ratio. The average time of each video course on the right is less than 5 minutes. This is to record the course for the purpose of recording the course and to complete the task.


To do this project, don’t be afraid of no one to buy, the user group is not the same, similar to the e-commerce platform of a lot and a lot of east, we also do the downstream market, why can rise so quickly, because there are too many people in the downstream market, so do the project is to first locate your target group is which aspect


Of course, the low end and low quality will inevitably attract a bad review, this does not matter, we have a clear goal, we are here to do the project, do not pay too much attention to the bad review, is originally to do the sinking market, we mainly do quantity, after all, it only costs less than ten


Learn the course, the vast majority of people think the course is not good at best

It’s just a bad review, because the price is here and the requirements are not too high, but it doesn’t affect our profit.

In addition, it can also be amplified, similar to the multi-platform release of a video by we media. This can also be released on multiple platforms. Here, I summarize several platforms for you

Easy cloud class, Tencent class, Amazon education, paid column headlines, thousands of chat, litchi micro class and so on, some of which need skills certificate or need threshold what, their own heart can be solved, if the first even the lecturer registration of this level can not pass, for us to play the network that is embarrassing.


Although I have the ability to do high-end, a set of high-quality courses to sell hundreds of thousands of that is better, but at the same time, the time and professional degree will certainly be higher, my method is only suitable for not too much professional skills and want to find a long-term stable regular project friends to play.

Record low quality video upload major paid course platform to earn income, low threshold everyone can operate


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