What is the microblog red envelope automatic hang up project? And the correct posture of the red envelope


Let’s talk about how microblog red packets come about. Do you know the network water army? Many celebrities, big V, all kinds of beauty, food and travel bloggers post some articles, videos and pictures on their micro blogs to promote themselves or their products. In order for their micro blogs to be seen by more people and top the search list, they need to have the Internet

They like, comment, and retweet for them. We often see a lot of comments on a star’s micro blog, or even two waves of people arguing under the micro blog, which is actually the result of Shui Jun.

There are a lot of red envelopes on Weibo to help groups, groups are some of the single, first throw a red envelope out, note

Clarify the task requirements, the following is a Weibo content, as shown in the figure below:

Click on it to get 0.15-0.25 of the red envelope amount, then click on the following micro blog, like, or comment. If you write the whole thing, like, comment, retweet, do it all. I’ve tried, and I can do the whole thing in ten seconds, tops.

Many people don’t think it’s too much trouble to get it manually, so there are scripts and software on the market that automatically grab red packets and do tasks. As long as the computer hangs the script, a day can run a number of ten or twenty dollars, if you have ten accounts, a day can easily earn one or two hundred dollars. This project is referred to as Weibo red envelope help hang up project.

It is not

Is it so easy? Simple you are often easy to be blinded by these empty heads. If it were that simple, the earth would explode and sows would climb trees!

Before you want to know or operate this project, you must first ask Google or Quora. As long as you

If you search Weibo for Hongbao help, you will find that the answers are all about boasting scripts and software. The people who write the answers are either selling software scripts, projects or Weibo accounts. Or I can do it all for you.

How did they advertise the project? Tuition from 2000

Step, earn 300 a day, package installation script, can open five Windows (cost hundred


Within), and give you several groups to do the task, give you five numbers (usually the new number is not high weight), the cost of 50.

Some places will not even give you a number, but give you a channel to buy a number, let you go to buy yourself. Tens of dollars each. Sure,

I’m sure the seller will give them a cut. Some places don’t give you the software. Instead, they make you pay for the software separately, depending on how many Windows you want to buy, whether it’s five or ten or twenty. They end up charging you more than 2,000 for something that costs $200.

And you are happy to follow

People said: later on, please master, I want to follow the master to learn from the West, follow the master to eat spicy drink.

And one of the key things about this project is that there are a lot of groups, and they give you a limited amount, so if you want to take on more tasks, you need to find the groups yourself. And the real quality group, a lot of tasks, but people charge

It’s 200 to 300 groups. That’s right, which means if you want to get into one of these premium red envelopes, you have to pay for it yourself.

Not to mention the high cost of the problem, if you really enter the high-quality red envelope group, you use the software to grab the red envelope, do the task, a little mistake, the bubble in the group to earn the robot detected

You are the software to do the single, the group master will still send you a plane ticket.

Even in some places, the group you pay to enter is actually built by the people who sell the project. The 1000 numbers inside are their own, and a dozen of them are real student numbers. They charge you thousands of dollars, take out 100 dollars, go to the group and get one of their own numbers

Half a run, and you think you’re getting away with it.

You are also grateful, give yourself a small calculation, thinking: a window a day can earn 10 dollars, a computer six Windows, then I can earn at least 60 a day, good hi! It’s fucking easy. No, I’m building a studio. I’m gonna buy a lot of electricity

Brain, I want to scale up operation, I want to make a lot of money…….

At a certain time, the task in the group is less and less, ah, why no red envelope? Ask the house, the house tells you, the quality of the group is not good, the task does not love to come, to change the new group, the new group will spend money into, good guy!

And your number, don’t hang the machine

On the frequent order, not the F number? Wouldn’t you have to buy an account and join the group again?

One by one, the tuition fees have not even earned back, you have been tossed to cry, the heart is cold.

We’ll just hang up, okay? Do you have a plan? Do you want to continue working on this project? And fantasize about

The software and script can help you grab the red envelope automatically?

It’s obviously not worth the trouble.

But the network water army industry chain is real, micro blog red envelope help group is also real, and has existed for many years. So, it’s true to grab red envelopes, and it’s also true to make money. I just don’t approve of this kind of speculation

In a clever way.

Tuition is expensive, software is expensive, Haozi is expensive, this is an indisputable fact, the red envelope profit is low, if the cost of this divide, you also earn a wool. Therefore, if you want to operate this project is not impossible, you can directly grab it manually. What did I say before? Really good group, the task is very

Many, and you manually do the task, a task at most a few seconds, it does not take time. It’s easy to do hundreds of tasks a day.

In order to analyze this project, I spent money to join some really good micro blog red envelope support groups, and then I also contacted a head of the water army who has been working on this project for a long time, and he told me

: They recruited a lot of treasure moms to help them with the task. And the real microblogging red envelope industry chain is actually like this.

First, they own a large number of Weibo yellow V, and then spend money to buy a lot of high-quality Weibo red envelope support groups. Each number has dozens or hundreds of groups. They’re doing it all over the Internet. It’s free

Hire part-time staff, mostly for college students or treasure mother, anyway as long as you have the time, you can become a member of their network water army, and is free, do not charge any tuition, membership dues, threshold fees.

And then they’ll give you the Weibo yellow V number, yeah, you heard that right, they give you the account, you don’t need it

Buy your own number (Yellow V is currently sold on the market for 200-300, very expensive). There are already many good micro blog red envelope groups on your account. Then they will send you instructional videos, teaching you how to do the task and how to get the red envelope. Once you’ve learned it, you can jump right into the task.

You might ask me,

Don’t they make money? Aren’t they afraid you’re gonna steal it?

That’s the genius of them. Because the account is really precious, they will charge you a deposit of 200 dollars. You should arrange the task time by yourself every day. The more you do, the more you will earn

Offer. Starting on the third day, you have to give them 12 bucks. If you steal 50 dollars that day, you have to give them 12 dollars


Your net profit is 38


. When you don’t want to do the job, you give the account back, and they give you the full deposit back.

In other words, they have more men than men

Not enough, but I dare not hang up the software to grab the red envelope automatically, for fear of F number, so I have to use manual help. But they are afraid that you will not return the number, so use the deposit mode to control. But you can’t take it for free, so there is a minimum charge. To put it bluntly, rent out your own yellow V. Even if you keep the number

I made money. Win-win!

According to him, on average, every part-time employee under him spends 2 hours each day grabbing red envelopes to do tasks and can make about 40 dollars. After the donation, they earn 28 dollars. Generally, they operate two yellow V, which is 56 dollars in 2 hours


That’s 1500+ a month.

And this 150

Zero plus, that’s really pure benefit, no cost, no risk.

In order to verify what he said, I also found him for a number, using their leisure time to do play. Because as I said, for any project now, I don’t believe what others say. I only believe myself. Seeing is believing. Before I dissected the project,

I test it for myself. I make money or I don’t make money. I make money or I lose money. Then let the fans judge for themselves.

Anyway, this is what I got when I tested it, and it looks like I’m making money, but it’s not a lot. It’s a little bit of money. Or maybe I just have a big appetite. Ha ha!

Perhaps this is the legend of pulling up the bricks and pulling up the sheep

What the hell. I have never tried this way of making money, this is also a fresh bold attempt. But let’s be honest, it’s not draining, just poking and prodding the screen with your finger like a fool, but it’s tiring. Used to making thousands of dollars a day, this way of making money is a little bit unpracticed

Accustomed to!

Weibo red envelope help project with everyone to analyze here, if you are very bored, do not want to put in any cost, as any risk, it may as well try this way of making money. A thousand dollars a month is not bad! Be happy with what you have! It’s better than spending thousands of dollars and not having a bubble


What is the microblog red envelope automatic hang up project? And the correct posture of the red envelope

What is the microblog red envelope automatic hang up project? And the correct posture of the red envelope


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