Earn 1000+ daily long-term side project, community 0 masturbation money, learn in 3 days


Now, when you buy things online, there’s a rule.

There must be a “cash back on good reviews” note in the box.

This is a good marketing model, can not only through the praise for the store to enhance the weight, but also can guide customers to add wechat to get the second chance to catch up.

I also came across an interesting game: Community 0 masturbation for money.

A brief study

Next, I think it’s really profitable, and I want to share it with you today.


Where there is traffic, there is money to be made

No one can resist the temptation of being cheap.

By adding after-sales service, I was invited to join a wechat group.

The group is very active, usually silence is forbidden, after the order will only reply to the shot, very sticky.

If the community stays at zero, masturbation

If so, that group of masters is really doing charity.

I spent a few days lurking in the crowd, slowly discovering his profit model.

0 masturbation is a diversion, interspersed with low – priced goods to earn commission.

At the beginning of the sharing of things are 0, such as paper towels, eyebrow scrapers, eyebrow pencils and so on.

The people who joined the group got a taste of it and kept inviting more friends in.


As you get more, start sharing low-priced or limited-edition products.

For example 9.9


A load of paper, 19.9 A box of fruit, 29.9


A hair dryer.

The number of free tickets is limited, sometimes not to get, but the price is very low, many people spend a little money to buy.

To sum up

The model of the project, very simple.

1) Use free bait to attract a lot of traffic.

2) There is traffic, then select products, every day from a variety of commission platforms to select a few high commission products, to the group.

3) Cultivate the ordering habit of such shopping fans, and recruit agents when appropriate.

The more traffic, the later the project changes

The more patterns there are.

Where there is traffic, there must be money to make.


Go where they like

Do Amoy customer, the biggest problem is the flow.

For people who know marketing, this kind of traffic is really not difficult.

But for those who don’t understand, the more ads you post, the more frustrating it gets.

At its core, it is a question of thinking.

How to get traffic?

Go where there’s a lot of traffic, naturally.

Where is the heavy traffic?






We will make videos of our achievements and upload them to various platforms.

If you want to break the game, the biggest trick is

It’s using humanity.

Other people get a free ride. You get a free ride.

Visual impact has, contrast has, flow will have.

2) wechat stream blocking

Go straight to “free”, “0”, “discount”.

There will be a lot of peers doing marketing.

About this group of marketing, basically depends on your keyword stack


Get a public account, change the name with the above keywords,

Post 8 articles a day, all articles are implanted with free single group keywords.

Search traffic, 100% accurate.

3) Google

Let’s just search for keywords.

Look at the results. The screen is full of user requests.

Which platforms do it, which platforms do it well.

Where is the user

When I ask you, you answer it wherever you want.

Post bar, Quora, Toutiao, micro blog can try.

4) Fission

The above three methods, skilled operation, the initial flow is not a problem.

What is the fastest way to increase traffic?

Let customers take the initiative to help you promote.

The basic steps for newcomers to join the group are:

Send out tutorials and group rules

Send a warning or place an order directly
Ask the person who has taken the shot to reply the statistics
If you invite 4 people to join a group, you will be kicked out.

After a few operations, the flow can be split.


Mind breaking, the dark side of the sun

No single group how

Did you cash it in?

1) Promote rebate platform.

Group operation after a period of time, send 0 tutorials.

Guide a group of people to download and register with an invitation code to earn promotional fees.

2) Earn product commission

As mentioned before, 0 masturbation is just a diversion, the number of times a day will not be much.

More often, it is driven by products with high commission prices

Group members place orders.

You pay the bill, you get the commission.

3) Merchant cooperation

Talk about cooperation with merchants, push 1 single earn how much commission.

Businesses to shop sales, guests to low – price good goods, free single group operation to make money.

Tripartite cooperation, each obtains what he needs.

How do I get a free order?

1) Find the business

Do Amazon, most need

Replenishment resources.

Because stores want to keep getting customers, they need to keep doing sales and reviews.

First use the above drainage method to fix the basic traffic, and then find businesses for project cooperation.

2) Find peers

Free products, there is little profit.

So you can just paste and copy your peers’ free orders.

3) Earn the difference

To do this

A want to make money, the biggest profit must be true and false interspersed.

Through the combination of gift money + commission to earn more profits.

Tao gift money is a shopping red envelope that Tao customers spend money to send to customers.

For example, if you send 10 orders to your group every day, you can get 6 free orders and 4 meat orders.

By free order, activate the user’s consumption impulse, buy the low price

The meat list.

Let’s say they sell it for 20


For the sake of volume, set it to 16


Coupon, 50% commission from scrounger.

It is equivalent to 4 after the user coupon


, Amazon promoters get 10


A commission.

In order to further encourage customers to place orders, as promoters, we can recharge 2 for this product at this time


Search for gift money

The actual payment of guests: 20-16 (coupon) -2 (gift money) =2



We can still make 10 (commission) -2 (gift money) =8 per order



As community members get used to it,

The proportion and profit of subsequent meat orders can be adjusted.

A population of 500 produces 100 a day



Ten clusters, a hundred clusters, a thousand clusters?

It’s all about people.

A lot of people see projects and don’t know how to start?

The opportunity is missed.

My rule of thumb is anticipate, execute.

Sort out the whole flow of the project first and see what the problems are.

What can be fixed immediately?

If you can solve it, solve it immediately

Break it off.

What do you not understand?

For those of you who don’t, think about alternatives.

What do you need to accumulate?

Gather materials, find channels, and stick to them.

If you want to lie down and make money,

You have to lay down the capital first.

It’s either pipeline revenue or return on investment.

You can’t rely on a joint

A beautiful body, huh?

I guess a lot of people don’t have it either.

So much for that. I hope it was helpful.

Earn 1000+ daily long-term side project, community 0 masturbation money, learn in 3 days

Earn 1000+ daily long-term side project, community 0 masturbation money, learn in 3 days


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