Novice information poor money projects, a single profit 30


The more the Internet develops, the more unknown information is poor, many people use such information difference into tens of thousands of a month, if you use their own cognition to measure others, will only be more and more painful, rely on poor information to make money is very easy.

Compared to the Internet to do some head projects or moving bricks of coolie, rather

It is very easy to take advantage of this information asymmetry to make money, such as today I am going to tell you about this profiteering project.

Today, I would like to share with you a project to make money by using the game platform. This project can be properly promoted in the early stage, and basically in the later stage

I earned it by lying down.

Like games going to sea, we used to play a lot of games, are in the domestic agent after a certain number of games, such as chicken game, is a domestic agent was introduced to the introduction, there are foreign imports, there must be domestic export games.

For example, King of Glory, this mobile game is true

It is very attractive. It is not only a household name in China, but also a lot of foreigners like to play such games, so that there are many overseas games related to King of Glory.

We all know that the official also sell peripheral, but relatively expensive, like what mascot or throw pillow doll price are not

Fi, selling game accessories is one such way.

For example, we can know which hero will appear recently. If the product or surrounding of such a hero is sold, it will sell well. This product is the same as the popular product in our short video at present.

Sometimes a product in a store would have been

The sales volume was average, but suddenly it sold out for a period of time. Even the owner of the store knew later that it was because some jokes made the product hot.

For example, friends who do e-commerce, basically understand these very well, such as those who focus on Southeast Asian shrimp e-commerce friends, and for example, a week in King of Glory

Edge wallet, this is a very niche product, maybe some elementary school students will like it.

Recently, I saw on the Internet that a friend in Southeast Asia was selling the wallet of King of Glory. After conversion, it should be about 75 dollars on our side, because what he sold was commodity 50RM postage.

Then we come to Pexi

Evening above, you can see that the same type of goods are very much, basically a wallet with a price of about ten dollars, that such a profit difference comes out, a wallet profit is about thirty or forty dollars.

E-commerce like this is a bit similar to the current cross-border e-commerce, you don’t need to stockpile goods, just focus on flat

Taiwan, some people order from the platform, we ship to them from the domestic, so it is easy to make some money.

The same product can have a good profit on different platforms. Depending on such a poor information, although it is a small commodity, the unit price can also have a high profit.

There might be someone here

Q: Why are these products popular in foreign countries? You should know that there are a lot of Chinese people in Southeast Asian countries, and their interests and hobbies are similar. Such products are more conducive to our transformation.

Commodity attributes have always been in demand to have a market, then in such a case, how do we put this

What kind of products to dig up, or to find such a need?

Like eating chicken game, we all know about eating chicken this game around very much, short video imitation dancing cosplay, the toy market has eating chicken with the same 98K, similar to this product everywhere in China, and sell fire


If we are operating in foreign markets and want to make full use of this information gap, first of all, we need to know what products we have out of the sea, or what games are worthy of foreigners’ love, then we can narrow the selection range by making such a perimeter.

The overseas market, in fact, we can do the bubble net

There are still a lot of things to earn, such as what foreigners like, what things foreigners do not have, what things in the overseas market price is relatively high, but our price is low, only the correct formation of this kind of poor information can make money.

Don’t think such products are too simple, simple products are also profitable, our main goal

Sell these products to people who don’t know. The simpler the product, the more people pay.

In a word, if you want to make money, you must make full use of bad information. With the development of the Internet, there will be a lot of bad information products. As long as you catch one, you can make a wave of money in a short time

The project must learn to draw parallels, so as to find better information poor products.

Novice information poor money projects, a single profit 30


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