Friends fans group control money project, suitable for studio batch amplification


As we all know, the short video industry is very popular at present, and there are a lot of games extended by the video platform, such as game small program, novel distribution, window shopping and so on are all good choices. More and more people are using short video to make money.

So how can we monetize short videos, which are very selective

Sex, for example, we can do such an account to obtain the flow of the platform, and then to promote their own a window goods, or the use of batch script drainage for deeper gameplay.

For example, in


In batch drainage, that is, matrix operation


These traffic accounts, the best way is

Group control, unified account management, it is necessary to use some automatic group control script and acquisition software.

Many novices are not too familiar with this, that is, we often see a bunch of mobile phones running automatically on a row of shelves, this is the automatic scripting software, also known as cloud control software, after having these matrix

Make an account.

So what I’m going to do down here is show you how to do matrix group control, right


The account number, of course, is the matrix


Account cash is a lot of way, in addition to the batch drainage powder, we can also sell goods in bulk, batch promotion, in short, it has a very big role.

Here’s a look at the project

The specific operation method, that starts with the configuration of the machine, as long as you do


Account, as we all know, basically requires a number one machine. When we prepare the machine in bubble net, especially for some second phones, it is very normal that the hardware of the phone was monitored by the platform because of the previous batch operation

Just like Quora, when a mobile phone logs in to Quora, its hardware platform will be recorded, and frequent login to other accounts will be regulated by the platform.

Therefore, when we select some teamwork control machines in the early stage, we must pay attention not to use the hot mobile phone, or use the mobile phone transferred from other studios

Be sure to distinguish items.

So this is about teamwork systems, where because the platform is not dead,


There will always be iteration and update of the version, so when we select the teamwork control system, we must support the adaptation of the latest version, which requires our cloud control system to have the update and iteration.

If you choose a hammer

In the case of sub-purchase teamwork control, when the platform version cannot be updated later, various problems will occur. Basically, teamwork control that does not support iteration will not run for long. Therefore, we suggest that you directly choose teamwork control that supports version iteration for the sake of account security.

Now we’re going to use the acquisition software, which is the foot acquisition

Ben needed material, which you can find a lot of on the Internet


Data acquisition software, but these software have a common problem, update can not keep up, which is also a common problem of many scripts.

And you should know that when we collect content, if we collect content accurately,

Then our user conversion will be higher, which is directly proportional to the conversion rate, so choose what kind of collection software, this or to shop around.

After the equipment is done well, the following is the problem of the accelerator, the accelerator is our group control network, we go to Google to search a named love

Here, we can recharge by month and select multiple links at the same time. In this way, multiple devices can share an account. Its purpose is to open more accounts, and it will not cause problems with our account due to IP problems.

And here we can

If the accelerator is disconnected, the platform will automatically cut off one of our local connections. Just like the air switch, it will trip when it encounters a short circuit, so that our account will not be blocked due to confused IP.


At this point, our preparation work is basically done, and the only thing left is to register a batch


And then bulk collection for script use, that’s about bulk


Account number. If we have enough mobile phone number, we can register by ourselves. If not, we need to change the machine to do it.


In the change machine is also divided into hard change and soft change, soft change is to modify the framework to pretend to be a new machine, hard change is the mobile phone hardware, motherboard, Bluetooth, network and so on are new, have their own independent information.

So if we lose a few on one machine


After that, then a device like that

Need to change the machine, in order to ensure that the back of the account can live.

After the preparation work is done, the remaining thing is the operation. We can manage the account by ourselves, or we can recruit someone to do the management for us, and let the customer service to manage the group control


Account number. There are two things that we repeat every day


The first is to use the script to run to focus on the task, pay attention to some areas of the account every day, and then will get a back off, the second is that we pay attention to the future, continue to use the script to send a good word, the word to achieve a purpose of our drainage.

In this case, we can operate one

A powder project, directly sell powder to users with this part of the demand, this year selling powder is a good trend, then we can in the wechat terminal docking such a demand user, to complete the whole transformation link.

Some of the problems mentioned above, such as group control software, computer change, IP and so on, the purpose is to

In order to run through the normal access to fan traffic, directly output such traffic for others can be, is also the back-end of the whole fan project.

Friends fans group control money project, suitable for studio batch amplification


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