A day of stable profit of 200 dollars, basics to make money dream gold project resume


Although I have been updating articles less frequently, I have been testing the gameplay of various projects in private. For example, I heard about the project of gold farming. When I was drinking and bragging two months ago, I heard from my friends about how the gold farming studio made money, but the hearsay was not necessarily reliable

Have spent some time and money researching the game gold project.

Speaking of fantasy westward journey, it is a game I was very keen on when I was in junior high school. I shamelessly told him that my first bucket of gold in life was made by selling dream accounts in junior high school. I collected dozens of dollars from my classmates’ dream accounts and sold them to junior high schools at a high price

Friends earned his two thousand dollars lucky money.

In my article “Talking about a few network projects”, I also made clear my view on fantasy gold farming, that is, a dry gold farming is not as good as going to the factory to hit the screw project, which consumes a lot of time and energy but has little benefit.

But why am I writing a separate piece on fantasy gold today?

Because fantasy gold farming is a bad business, but it’s a good side project.

In this society, there are a lot of people are just after work in the rental house or home to play video games, or watch TV series to do other things, the same time the same thing is really better to do some sideline to make money, no matter how to say the dream gold to earn money and

There is also a shortage of Second hand goods trading platform.

Because there is a certain amount of game experience, so the test dream gold to get started on the bubble net is not difficult for me, two days of their own exploration, and then a few in the community do dream gold studio boss simple exchange even if almost run through the whole gold business process.

Let me first

Let’s talk about the process.

I spent 150 dollars to buy a 59-level MW number in Dongyue Taishan in the first district of Shandong Province. I invested more than 200 dollars in total, including the charging card and charging fantasy coins. At this time, I have a total of 450W fantasy coins in my account.

A total of tests running darts, playing the map, catching ghosts, running business, digging map several gameplay.

Method of gold farming

(1) Treasure-digging map

On the first day, it took me 2-3 hours to earn more than 2 million dreamcoins because I was not very skilled. According to the selling ratio of treasure cabinet in this area (0.079 per thousand), I earned a gross profit of about 17 dollars.

It takes about 2-3 hours, and it’s mostly spent on

After buying a map (a map 27000-28500 game of cash), mining the map, and processing the items from mining the map, I clicked the card about 0.6 points per hour (60 cents).

Excluding the other costs of the point card and flag, I earned 15 dollars for two or three hours for a grade 59 trumpet, because I was the first

I can’t find many places in the day, so it takes a long time.

There are certain uncertainties in digging and moving bricks, which mainly depend on luck to dig out valuable things. I have dug more than 300 pictures in total so far, and the digging pictures mainly depend on quantity. If the digging is less, there is also the possibility of loss!

Chart mining income is relatively low, there is a

Uncertainty, belongs to the recreational nature of moving bricks, an hour of income may be in eight or nine dollars, some times the figure is easy to be out of stock is not good to buy, the income is not stable.

(2) Hit the treasure map

Task requirements: The role > level 30 to get the task from the shop assistant in Chang ‘an Hotel, there is a certain chance to get the treasure map, the first 3 every day

The reward probability of 50 times (including the number of cancellations) is normal, the probability of 350-500 times is halved, and the graph probability is level /350*100%.

At present, the retail price of a picture is 27,000-28500. The picture is sold quickly, and the picture is sold out for a while. The income of fantasy coins playing pictures to buy pictures is biased compared with that of digging pictures

It’s lower, but it’s more time efficient.

The general map is to use the level of 129-155 Datang government House, the sale price of treasure pavilion in 500-1500


, calculated according to the 129 level account (the output rate is 36.85%), a number of 350 housewifep task can get 129 pictures

It takes 1-2 minutes to finish a task on average (lead the task > fly to the destination > find and kill the monster/find the boss). Basically, a task can be finished in 6 hours. If the efficiency of drawing is calculated according to 5 numbers, a total of 645 pictures can be obtained.

That’s $1,800 in total. Press

Current fire zone price (0.09/W) calculation, 6 hours output 162



The point card costs five numbers and six hours for a total of 18


And subtract the cost of flying flags (5 aircraft *350 missions *2 round-trips =3500, 140 flying flags cost 6W, about 25 flying flags cost,

A total of 150W), medicine and other costs, basically strange fantasy coins can cover this part of the cost.

Pomap quest earning costs three worlds of merit (a measure of the official Dreamscape restrictions on studios) and requires skill activities to earn it, with a cost of 30 per Pomap quest after 350 cycles

More than 0 points.

After deducting the credit card, we have about 144 dollars left. Not including the cost of the three circles merit, if the three circles merit is below 200 points, it is impossible to get the treasure map task. At present, the fastest way for me to explore is to find the disciple dollars Tiangang and spend money to buy the three circles merit.

A set of

Five open 129 number of capital investment in 5000-8000 or so, too garbage number no baby and equipment, strange are played, basically a single number of about 1000 dollars with a common equipment can only play chart, calculate down such a group of numbers every day only play chart, 2500-3000 a month

Income, can hang up their own dry!

(3) runner gold

I used the MW number of level 65 to run, but the system gave me less than 2W of fantasy coins. It took me about half an hour to run one round (an expert can basically run for 10-15 minutes), and it took me only 8W of fantasy coins to press 4 rounds in an hour.

I’m in a gang with an extra bonus of 5W (maybe higher), so an hour is producing 20W gang bonus +8W system bonus. It’s not very cost-effective, but some big gangs will reward some valuable game items, which needs to be studied.

(4) Run darts to strike gold

Currently running darts above level 110 can form a team

The required deposit is $5W, 18,750 in cash and 7,500 in reserve for each number, and 93,750 in cash for each group of numbers




One round takes about 3-5 minutes, and you can run 50 rounds per day, which works out to 468W of game cash revenue per day

It is expected to take 5 minutes *50 rings = about 4 hours




, consumption point card 0.6/ hour *4 hours *5 numbers =12


Point card money, deduct the point card net profit 25.45


Generally dream studio a person to operate at least 3 groups of numbers, that

A dart is 3*25.45=76.35


That’s one day of fixed income.

(5) Copy: The trumpet is too difficult to form a team.

(6) Ghost hunting with a trumpet:

A level 69 with a trumpet to catch ghosts for an hour 25W-30W, a team can bring 4 numbers, an hour profit of 1

00W-120W, not counting the cost of the point card, flag, medicine fragrance in 9-10


Income per hour, but the account equipment and pets are very high requirements, about a 69 level account cost around 2000.

Mode of payment

Dream out of gold should be the simplest of all the games, the official trading platform hidden

Baoge can be sold openly, but the selling of dreamcoins by Baoge will consume certain achievements of the three worlds, and the platform will receive an extra 5% commission fee, for example, 100 dollars will actually receive 95 dollars.

Let me tell you more about my experience.

Choose game service area, try to choose some fire area, ghost area is not only fantasy coin price

Low, and no one to sell also difficult to sell, the current fire area has Lanting, 2008, birthday several districts.

The choice of game account school, the first number I bought was Demon King, a legal school, actually I bought the wrong one.

Should choose Datang, Tiangong these physics department school, high speed damage

The law school is too fond of equipment,

The other one you have to wait for the monster to hit you before you can hit him. It’s a waste of time to go one round without dying.

General treasure cabinet 1000 dollars or so high-grade account to buy the basic what equipment is not, number bought to spend dozens of dollars to buy some rings and garbage baby with enough to cope with the daily tasks, but if the copy and

Do activities, although the proceeds are higher, but the account requirements are also higher, it will take ten days and a half a month to start the number, point skills point training brush equipment.

From my perspective, the dream gold farming program is similar to the scarcity of Second hand goods trading platform,

It is more profitable to teach others how to work gold than to do it yourself

I work my ass off for thousands of dollars a month

Others dry sell training courses, a person three or four thousand dollars, 10 people on the top of the normal dream of moving bricks a year’s money.

So how to divert the selling class.

Every day


Shoot video, live today dream gold income on the line!

A day of stable profit of 200 dollars, basics to make money dream gold project resume

A day of stable profit of 200 dollars, basics to make money dream gold project resume


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