Monthly revenue of 100,000 small business – old photo restoration, low threshold is simple and rough! (Attached is the project operation idea)


Recently, I have been very busy, so that I have watched a lot of movies, which was ridiculed as lagging behind.

In particular, Hello Li Huanying was highly recommended by many people.

As of yesterday, the box office has reached $5.2 billion, making it not only the second largest domestic box office, but also the top 100 worldwide.

Can’t help but wonder why the movie is so popular.


Several answered:

Because the family, let a person moved, cherish the moment.


The project must come from the needs of the crowd.

Life is full of regrets.

There is a natural gap in the timeline between us and our elders.

As we grow older, we reach a certain age ourselves and begin to appreciate life’s No

Easy, the hardships of parenthood, with the ability to empathize, began to wonder what their parents looked like.

During the Spring Festival, I chatted with my mother about my grandfather and showed me a picture of them when they were young.

It’s just that over the years, the photos have grown so long that even the faces are a little blurry.

The mother sighed:

“If there were photo restorations now

Technology is fine.”

The speaker is unintentional, the hearer is intentional.

This kind of technology bubble net profit I was heard of, also in


I’ve seen a lot.

Only in the offline photo studio, rarely see this kind of business.

But the almighty Amazon may have the answer.

At first glance, sure enough.

Unexpectedly, in such a small field, the demand is still high.


Relatively good stores, the price is around 20-50, the monthly sales are tens of thousands of orders.

Of course, these are reference prices, specific pricing according to the degree of difficulty to calculate.

The monthly profit of the project should be at least 100,000 USD.

【 Two 】

Making money is the inequality of poor information.

Look at the shop introduction, they charge divided into three top


Prices vary for different levels of repair.

Is this technique difficult?

Not necessarily.

I contacted my friend who is an artist and got the exact answer.

“The whole process is not difficult, as long as you understand PS, you can basically operate.”

To make it easier to understand, he sent a simple procedure.

Of course, all the premise is to understand Photoshop


For the uninitiated, these steps are still difficult.

Even if they find a way, more people find it troublesome to pay.

Where there is demand, there will be business opportunities.

Then came the business of providing photo restoration services.

【 Three 】

Avenue, of course, the project starts to the same destination.

As ordinary people, how to enter

A piece of the industry’s pie?

The answer is always:

Learn from people who get results.


One search, hundreds of related accounts, they are the best examples.

How to play the project, a brief idea:

1. Basic tools

Prepare 1


It takes five to seven days to raise it,

1 better equipped phone (iPhone 8 ),

1 idle wechat, preferably more than 1 years of the old number.

2. Content production

The shooting method uses excellent works of peers for reference.

Works controlled within 12s, can improve the broadcast rate.

Background music choose nostalgic classic songs, your audience is older people.

3. Attract customers


There are usually 3 kinds of drainage:

Background Signature

Implant contact Information
The comment section directs users to respond privately
Open the broadcast room to hang out the contact information

4. Consult and answer questions

Some questions are often asked:

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Looking at the photos, they usually range from dozens to hundreds.

Q: Can photos be restored? How to Fix it


A: It is all right. The repair degree is different. It is usually made by PS hand painting AI.

Q: How long will it take to fix?

A: Depending on the condition of the photo, it can be done within 24 hours if you can.


5. Transform orders

All the traffic, all are imported to wechat.

Wechat circle of friends play in advance

Create a good circle of friends marketing:

User consultation feedback,
Comparison of user work delivery,
The user receives satisfactory feedback on the finished product,
Chicken soup with resonant emotions

The above contents are circulated every day.

Early collection of peers, late single

Use your own.

This is the key factor that determines the user’s transaction.

6. What about the price?

There are two ways to play, see your own workload.

You know how to Photoshop, that’s best. The price is based on the market rate, starting at 50.

You don’t, find a peer, add 30 to 50 percent to the original price.

In general, this kind of old photo is very important to the user

Are of special significance.

Some are souvenir photos,
Some of them are comrades in arms,
Some are portraits of the dead,

A product with emotional color, then is priceless.

Dozens or hundreds are willing to pay as long as they can achieve results.

Let’s talk about revenue

Amplified kill moves:

“Packaging project to engage in training, recruitment agents to engage in commission. ”

This kind of gameplay, needless to say, can be found in any project.

Everything is based on you to make the first number.

Otherwise, it’s all talk.


“Projects are often, not new or old, not fast or slow, but in

Whether to do, whether to adhere to long-term, can solve the problem.”

And that’s it for today

Monthly revenue of 100,000 small business – old photo restoration, low threshold is simple and rough! (Attached is the project operation idea)


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