Charge $30 per order, daily revenue 1000 dynamic old photo repair money making gameplay dismantling


Old photo repair gameplay is very common, I have previously shared an article “old photo repair money, a single 300


From, the operation process detailed “valuable” article to dismantle the old photo repair money play, the old photo repair this project do not understand can go to review.

These days dynamic old photos are restored in


Rush up the heat sheet, flow explosion. What is the flow dividend, this is the flow dividend, as long as you do the flow of the project, no matter you are Zhang SAN Li four, dry there is flow.

Originally, old photo restoration was a highly competitive project, which relied on making short videos of old photo restoration to sell feelings and single photo repair

Charging dozens of dollars to make money, the gameplay is not complicated.

Dynamic old photo restoration, in fact, is the use of a foreign software production, I see a lot of old photo restoration tutorial people are in the dark, this software is called MyHeritage, Google just a search of the official website, use a ladder to visit

Faster, the software is available for a fee, but new users get 14 days of free experience. There are many similar tools, but MyHeritage is the most used.

Advantages and disadvantages of the current software:

Pros: Mature AI technology, dynamic and natural.

Disadvantages: need scientific Internet, to watermark need to spend 600

dollars, can not achieve the dynamic effect of multiple people in a photo, can only be made one by one dynamic generation and then use the clip to do processing together. is dedicated to restoring old photos (not dynamic old photos), and the cost is about 0.6


One, also available on the platform

The API development interface can be used directly.

This hot spot is the same as the red envelope on the micro envelope of a few years ago. The gameplay is also very simple, which is to make as many decoys as possible (dynamic old photos and videos) and distribute them to various platforms.


, fast hand,

Social networking Sites

, Weibo, YouTube, watermelon, volcano, etc.) to reach as many uses as possible

Households, and then the private letter one by one guide to wechat transaction.

The gameplay process can be broken down as follows:

Go online and look for pictures of old people and children.
Make motion photo video with MyHeritage.
Google find a tool to remove the watermark.

The whole network distributed each platform, with a net cloud suppression copy, this is what my grandpa/grandma looked like when he was young. The comment area guided the private message, and someone added the private message to wechat.
Wechat automatic reply “dynamic old photo repair 30


/ photo, repair effect see friend

Friends circle, interested in direct wechat red envelope 30


Photos to fix”

Some simple, directly Second hand goods trading platform, Amazon to sell dynamic old photo restoration services, there are a small number of players in Amazon directly open through train to do this project, the market is still a certain opportunity.

But old photo restoration has a question

Question, it is best to high-definition photos, if it is too old photos, the repair effect will be relatively poor.

If someone wants to learn, we can also charge 499


Tuition, after all, it is much easier to make money by selling shovels than by digging mine. It can also be made into an agent model

Fee of 199


The agent takes the goods at 10


Teach them to drain in their own way, be rough and let them go to some hot ones


Dynamic old photo repair comment area next to a private message interception, do an hour down will always add some people a few transactions.

Traffic hotspots like dynamic old photo restoration

There will be so many every year, but it is essentially a kind of information asymmetry, because you see the software itself is open bubble net income, but only few people know, so it will extend such charging behavior.

Even if you don’t make money, you can still make a lot of traffic, like using the task treasure to do fission directly, pull X

X friends get a free old photo repair opportunity and so on.

It’s pink, but it’s a miracle of power, and you can turn it into anything you want.

Hot spots like this train us to be sensitive and active to changes in the industry.

Whether it is wechat red envelope cover, or Quora video income, or dynamic old photos

Patch fixes, they all have very short dividend Windows, but if you are involved in everything, you will find that the nature of the project never changes.

What does it say?”

Take half a second to see through the nature of things, and spend a lifetime can not see the nature of things, are doomed to be completely different fate.

– The Godfather

At present, the project of restoring old photos can be done completely. Generally, we can earn some money if we do it. There are also many teams that make thousands of dollars a day if we do it well.

Daily revenue 1000


= 30


x33 people

Transaction 33 people = drainage 165 people x20% conversion rate

Drainage 165 people =16500 exposures x1% intention

In fact, once we encounter such a hot project, we should know that the opportunity has come.

If you can come across a project or two where you can trade execution for skill to make your first buck, take it. Most people lack it or can’t see it

Understanding perfection avoids such opportunities.

Use the execution for technology, earn the first bucket of gold;

Use technology for resources, earn a second bucket of gold;

Trade resources for money, make a third bucket of gold.

Charge $30 per order, daily revenue 1000 dynamic old photo repair money making gameplay dismantling


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