Zero threshold, very profiteer, operation can be monetized TikTok online earning project!


Today I would like to share with you one that is suitable for beginners


Small projects.

Do not need to be original, do not need to show your face, just need to carry funny videos, appropriate clips can be realized.

We say that any information output on the Internet should follow one principle:


A lot of friends


Short-sighted frequent out, one

No valuable, two is not good looking, why should others give you praise, why should they pay attention to you?

So we have to follow the principle of altruism to create videos.

For example, funny videos are as follows:

A lot of people watch short videos for fun and relaxation, and if your video makes people laugh, then you’re sure to get that too

You have to pay attention.

This type of video clip is simple and can be realized by hanging the test class applet.

In fact, the test class of small program was very popular last year, when the user click on the small program to test, will see the advertisement, the user click on the advertisement to watch, the author can have advertising revenue.

The project was last year, but today

The year is still operational.

As soon as you send the video,


It will still send you traffic, and as long as your video has a funny point, it will continue to send you traffic, because this is


The recommendation mechanism is determined, so we operate


Short videos, fair enough for anyone, as long as you put your mind to it

Check the quality of your work.

How do you do that?

1. Collect funny video materials from the whole network

Video production can refer to the following three types:

The first way is

Friend circle comment type

, moments of the copy and comments are very funny, and then with music copy can be;

The second way is

Wechat conversation type

The dialogue is interesting

Humor, this way you need to have two micro signals, or use a third party dialogue software, after sending the content, then screenshots can be;

The third way is in

Search the whole web and your account location related to the funny video clips published.

After having the video material, open the clip for editing, this type of video clip super

Grade A simple, basic clip method, you can read this article:

He sold


Material video, 1 year earned 1.5 million , net profit!

After the method is edited, a video is produced.

2. Make a video of test products and place it at the top

Test class applet how to get?


Leijiacha etc

There are many order platforms, such as: jiggle cat

Doutiao (Doutiao) is a third-party open platform, as well as a cps distribution platform for short video mini programs, mainly focusing on the research and development of short video mini programs.

How do you bind operations?

Search the public account Doututmall on wechat, follow it, and click to enter the platform.

Given by platform

Prompt authorization


Number, and then find the small program you want to promote on the home page, in use


Scan this applet in


When you publish your work, you can bring a link to a small program (there are many kinds of small programs, after joining the platform there is a full operation of the video tutorial).

When someone brushes your


When, you will see small

Program entry, users click the small program link to enter, after watching the advertisement evaluation, you can get 80% of the revenue of the commission, commission = 80% of the advertising;

If this video generates 10,000


And you get $8,000


Of the commission; That’s the simplest and most intuitive

Bubble net to make use of small program cash, small program is a virtual product, do not need to stockpile goods delivery, the conversion rate is very high. And the proceeds can be received the next day, very convenient and fast.

3. Direct users to the top video of our homepage in the video comments section

4. Keep updating humorous videos every day.

So let’s do this

The most important thing in the project is to ensure the quality of the work under the premise, must adhere to, do not send a few videos after no effect to give up, in the operation of the time to see the work of others, more adhere to, you will be able to see the results!

Zero threshold, very profiteer, operation can be monetized TikTok online earning project!


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