Alternative violence project. asmr to help you sleep


There is not much popular science about what asmr is. If you are interested in this project after reading this article, you can search Google by yourself.

Simply put, asmr refers to the sensory stimulation such as sight, hearing, touch and smell. It is also known as the unique pleasant stimulation in the brain, scalp, back or other parts of the body

Ear sound, intracranial orgasm, etc.

asmr sleep aid is an extremely minority project, which was once very popular in all major live streaming platforms. However, some anchors made asmr soft sq for the sake of popularity, which finally led to the whole asmr was cut by the regulatory department.

And here’s what we need to do

Gather these asmr resources and use them to monetize.

In terms of resources, it is relatively easy to collect. For example, the largest asmr resource is bilibili, or foreign oil pipelines.

Some scarce resources can be found in various asmr communication groups. (loose

What’s missing is the soft sq.)

Once you find these resources, there are many ways to monetize them,

You can directly upload the collected resources to the second clip



After the drainage to the public number, fans more directly sell products to receive advertising can be profitable.

You can also do an asmr website and build a website at the early stage

Money can be made, because asmr audience stickability is very good, if you have high-quality resources, promotion is also very fast, basically, the daily ip can reach 100, you can make enough money to do early advertising cash.

In the early stage of the website in each asmr group to promote, to 3-4 months of time

Can slowly eat the natural traffic from the search engine, every day steady update some asmr video is good.

In short, there are two cash channels,


or website, is to rely on the handling, because we can not produce their own asmr video and audio, handling is also simple, a day to spend dozens of minutes

You just need to do it.

The early handling can be chosen in bilibili, because your volume is small in the early stage, the video author found it is also a large probability will not respond to you, (because your handling is also brought popularity to them), even if some bloggers do not allow you to carry, directly delete the video is good


Alternative violence project. asmr to help you sleep


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