Find channels through demand. Even small projects can make you more than $10,000 a month. Do it now!


Whether we do the Internet or not,

We all use tools or software on some platform online,

But most of these are to open membership,

So there’s a smart friend who sees a business opportunity,

Not only do they save money, but more importantly, they make money. They’re in great demand,

What is the business opportunity?

All right, no more nonsense

Go straight to the valuable…

Here I lead everyone to focus on finding channels through demand, small projects that can make you more than ten thousand dollars a month


! All right, cut the crap. If you want to make money, read on.

For example, when we watch movies online, we often buy a movie for a month or so just to watch it

Half a year of membership, and then to use the time will find that the member has expired, in fact, have this kind of needs of friends can go to Amazon or Second hand goods trading platform to buy a short-term member, so that a year down can also save a lot of money.

Another example: as a friend of “we media”, sometimes we need to make some pictures and use “one”

Some software, basically most of these software is the need to open a member to use, every year alone to buy members at least cost is more than thousands


, but after the software opened membership, in fact, the number of use is not much, sometimes even only one or two use.

And what we’ll see in these two examples is that these problems

In fact, they are all needs. Behind each need is a business or project that makes money. Then how to operate this project?

How to Find a need

There are various needs in our life:

Like to watch TV series online, open membership is a demand,

Like video clips, software purchase is a requirement,


Hot spot tracking, data query software is also a requirement,

Like playing games, game equipment guide is also a demand…

In short, demand everywhere, just see you can find that most of these demands on the Internet are paid, there is a price difference, as long as you can find the source of the price difference channel, and then through Amazon, leisure

Fish, more or personal wechat can go to earn the difference.

How do you turn a need into a money maker

Take online TV watching as an example. At present, most major video apps need to open membership to watch many popular TV dramas. For example, the official membership of iQiyi is 20 per month


But if you search Amazon, the price

Lattice may be very cheap, in Amazon a month member price between 13~15, and the lowest price on the Second hand goods trading platform 5


A month. The difference is profit.

If we calculate the price by 14.5 Pinduoduo, if we get the price is 7.5


And 7.5 x 57000 = 427500

Don’t count don’t know, once calculated startled, this is also too terrible, such as

If you get a lower price, you make more money.

How to monetize quickly

Thus, the focus of this project is to find the source of low price channels, so that we can earn more price difference, then how to find the source of channels, in fact, there is a very simple

Very quick method, that is directly to Xianyu, Pin-duo each find 10 sellers, ask these sellers recruit agent or product channel source sell? Find a few more sellers for comparison, not only can find low price channels, but also can ask them for operational experience, killing two birds with one stone. When you get the low price channels, then

Through Amazon Second hand goods trading platform to fight more to operate it is good, a lot of unsourced items are actually this kind of operation.


As long as you can master this mindset, there will be no shortage of online earning projects. Hurry up to find a suitable for their own products to operate, adhere to three months will certainly have the results, perhaps not up to the monthly amount

Ten thousand, but it must be better than working, see see quickly action!

That’s all for this article. My recommendation is to let everyone improve their understanding of the Internet industry, and to dissect some valuable information for Internet entrepreneurs

Find channels through demand. Even small projects can make you more than $10,000 a month. Do it now!


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