What kind of experience is it to make an easy monthly income of 3000 for an intermediary project? This article will teach you how to get started quickly


The concepts of earning money online, side hustles, and Internet projects have become increasingly popular since the start of the pandemic era. More and more projects are making money, while more and more people are cutting leeks, and the level of projects on the Internet is uneven. But there are two projects that have been very popular in 2021, the takeaway CPS project and the other

One is the tip program.

In fact, these two projects have been popular since a few years ago. Why have they been so enduring? Because of human nature! In the national awareness of fraud rise in this trend, want to cut leek is bound to become more and more difficult, want to do the competition bubbling net to earn more and more pressure. But while

Wool is a platform where you can get profits without paying any property, or you can buy a lot of products at a low price.

Pinduoduo is a prime example


Every now and then I, myself included, pull a little wool off the dorado! I collected the following pictures from Pinduoduo last week

500 record!

The tip project we are going to share today is the same as the takeaway CPS project and the Taoke project, which also takes advantage of the mentality that most people like to save money, make money and collect the wool.

First, what is the tip item

The essence of informant project is some activities on various platforms (such as apps and websites) on the network

Information sharing, which contains various preferential information, such as 0


To buy, to buy at a low price, to give away for free, etc., is commonly known as pulling the wool.

At present, most of the activity information is concentrated in the website, public accounts, and QQ groups.

Two, how to obtain information

1. Search engines: such as Google, 360, Sogou, U

C Browser, Google and other platforms. Use different search engines to search for the keywords “tip” “wool”

2, QQ group: directly search keywords, add more QQ group, add more hands to get more resources.

3, wechat public number: all “wool”, “tip” keywords, more to find some of this kind

Public number, more attention and analysis of these information.

4, primary channels: the above three channels are second-hand channels,

3. Turn tips into revenue

Once you have these tips in hand, the easiest way to turn them into revenue is to build a group of tips. Attract a new set of users with offers, then

Then let the old users to pull the new.

Writing wire information and articles has no requirements for the writing itself, only the content, keywords, activity time, activity requirements, operation process, activity benefits can be written clearly.

When the news group or the news public number of fans flow to a certain basis, you can start to pick up

Advertising, many businesses will take the initiative to find you, advertising charges can also become a way to cash.

Do any project, the key is persistence

What kind of experience is it to make an easy monthly income of 3000 for an intermediary project? This article will teach you how to get started quickly


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