Monthly entry of 20000 matrix play method project, novice novice can easily get started


I haven’t written a project dismantling article for a long time. Recently, I have been busy testing projects and running projects, and I have been wandering between failure and occasional success, so that I am not in the mood to write. Most of the time, just after I pick up the keyboard and code the beginning of a paragraph, my friends in the studio come to me and ask me to check the project progress

It’s a tough one.

I would like to give you a piece of advice, it is better not to engage in multiple projects at the same time. The seven members of our studio are all in a hurry occasionally. Recently, we have been on the right track, but we also have time off.

So today, let’s say I make 200 a month

The matrix of 00 wallpaper number, this is also a friend of mine in the operation of the project, every month produced two can not reach the benefit, very considerable, take over a we disassemble.

Project prospect analysis

Do we need to analyze a lot of numbers to judge the prospect of a project and whether it can make money continuously

Only with the support of data can we estimate whether the project is worth our operation.

Google Index

Every day, about 20,000 people search related keywords through Google, which is a huge crowd.

Wechat Index

Wechat daily search related keywords data is more terrible, such a huge crowd,

I don’t think I need to say more.

Although I have operated other pictures of the public number matrix, but did not do the wallpaper number, so I specifically asked my friend, he now has five numbers, done for nearly 3 months, more than 50,000 fans, more than 20,000 large fans, reading every day between 1000~2000, in addition to the flow

As for the income of the master, he received 4/5 ads every month, which is not a high frequency, only one AD a month, and the fixed advertising income is around 10000.

Compared with other types of public accounts, this kind of account is much better to do, do not need you to write an article, as long as you go to the peer’s picture can be, it is also easy to get

Get user attention. Basically a novice

A novice

It’s easy to get started. Every day only need to find wallpaper resources, in the typesetting good can, and typesetting tools and templates, do a template directly apply, almost fool type repeat operation.

Where are the resources?

It is impossible to do the wallpaper number by ourselves. We go to various channels

Steak is fine. Several channels are recommended:

The first choice must be a colleague.

Usually, I pay more attention to the public accounts of some colleagues. There are some selected pickles from the previous articles. Don’t pull the sheep as hard as you can, it will be balding.


Again, look at some wallpaper numbers

, Meitu account, little sister account, every day to browse, see the appropriate picture copy down can, some wallpaper pictures need to indicate the source, when publishing negotiate @XXX or indicate the source can be.

Web site

Go online and search for free wallpaper sites. Here are some of the sites.

Can be

To the public account background reply: wallpaper, free access.

Wallpaper Number Diversion

If you want to run the wallpaper number for a long time, you must learn to divert traffic from the external pool to the public account.

Quora Drainage

I am very good at this one, and I even made a course based on it, “Realized 270,000 dollars in 28 Days” shocked the online earning world

It is equivalent to taking off the underpants of all the online earning projects. The range of applications is beyond imagination.

Besides, we can see a lot of questions and articles about wallpaper in Quora, and the operation is very simple.

Find popular, highly praised peer copywriting or related, copy down the copywriting, fake original change

My own, and then change the picture, done, every day to answer three. Very simple, of course, the picture can also be used by others, we have no copyright, combined with no problem.

Who can resist the exhilaration of turning on their phone every day, sharing pictures and blowing up how awesome the wallpaper looks?

Social networking Sites

The drainage

Social networking Sites

It’s basically the fastest way to get the powder,

Social networking Sites

The tone is women grass platform, mobile phone can not change every day, change wallpaper can always.

Social networking Sites

Users of the wallpaper or have a certain aesthetic, the best template and picture to do a good job.

Before doing Xiao Hong is, you must remember to raise the number

I did it before

Social networking Sites

Planted, that is, every day to see, browse, pay attention to some similar accounts, there is a five or six days can be appropriate to send notes, don’t start with a strong enough, a large number of hair, it is easy to be judged as a sales number, and so on after a thousand powder can be put on the drainage information.

Short video Diversion


Short video flow is so large, we must do something about it. Now there are not many wallpaper accounts for YouTube, and the opportunity is still great. After the video is finished, it can be distributed on multiple platforms.


, Kuaishou, Quora,

Social networking Sites

B station, watermelon, a video of the whole platform to catch a is a.

The video is easy to make, just

Is a few pictures wallpaper wheel cast, soundtrack, card point. Complete simpleton assembly line operation, a video is only five minutes, skilled time is even shorter.

Above is the whole process of the wallpaper number, this project is just a simple public number traffic and advertising cash, the follow-up can also access the small program cash.

Actually, the liquidation side

Law is not only advertising, there are a lot of people in the market to do this kind of training, teaching people to do wallpaper number and drainage, this is the big money.

If we want to operate for a long time, we still need to look far away, study, study, study!

Finally, the same sentence:

Why do you have to worry about making money, it’s over


Monthly entry of 20000  matrix play method project, novice novice can easily get started


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