Can zero cost start a business? 5 zero cost startup side projects! Each one is formal and permanent


Can zero cost start a business?

Some say yes, some say no, I say, depending on how you define the word “entrepreneurship”.

The pattern of the big point to open the company, raise a group of employees called entrepreneurship; Small pattern of selling products in the circle of friends, roadside stalls called entrepreneurship, obviously the former can not be ingritty, light field

Land and wages are a formidable obstacle, but not necessarily the latter.

Here are a few examples of zero-cost “startup” projects that I/my friends have done with a proven track record

01, Quora good things

Does it cost nothing to write content on Quora?

When you write something that gets enough traffic, it naturally flows

Quantity is money! After the notification is opened, the responder can insert the links of Amazon products and products into the answers and articles on Quora. If someone enters the landing page through the links and buys the products, the responder can get the corresponding commission income.

You can search “What’s good?” on Quora

Snacks?” To feel the good things in Quora ~

Quora good things opening conditions:

1. Creator level ≥ 4

2. Account registration period ≥ 90 days

3. No violation of Quora Community Management Regulations in the past 90 days

4. Only apply for personal account, not organization number

Does Quora make money from good things


To make money, many friends around me are doing this, and the profit is good. Quora Haowu recommendation can be interpreted as “we media shopping customers”.

Internet money is nothing more than selling advertising, selling services, selling products.

Quora Haowu sells products by writing content, and the most common way to sell advertisements is the advertising alliance of the platform, according to the point

Hit charges, such as headlines, selling services is more common, most of the income on Quora are selling services, to attract you to pay to buy XXXX courses, into the XXX community.

How to play Quora good things?

1. Understand the rules of the platform, search for more information in this respect, extract effective information and practice more

2. Write your content.

Quora is a content platform, and good content is king. Some people write four or five pieces of content with more than 300,000 fans, while some people write four or five hundred pieces of content with only 3,000 fans. Quality content is king, and user experience is particularly important for the platform! What is user experience? Good content is user experience!

02. Wechat business/Tao Customer

Do Wechat business, Amoy customers do not cost?

Quora Good Matter recommendation mentioned above is a kind of online shopping. There are various types of online shopping, such as “we media” online shopping, “robot” online shopping and “app” online shopping.

Many people don’t know what Amoy is, let me explain briefly:

Simply put, the existence of Amoy customer is to help business

In return for selling goods, merchants will set a certain percentage of commission to Amazon customers, such as the official price of a product 100


Then the user goes to the official platform to buy 100


; However, in order to attract customers to help them sell this product, the merchant will set a 30% commission for the customers, that is to say, when Amazon

Customers put this product through various channels (website, group, Quora Good things…) After the sale, the Amoeger will get 30



①, we media shopping: Quora Good Matter recommendation is we media shopping, but we media shopping scope is larger, including many other platforms, simple understanding is to sell goods by writing content

Are called “we media amoeger”.

②, robot Tao customer: this kind of is actually hit more seriously, through batch building group, pull the user into a group, and then set the group within the order robot, constantly push rebate products

③, app Tao customer: This is the rise of the model in 17 years, integration of distribution characteristics, generally

Secondary distribution, agents through the app Taoke platform shopping as promoters can get a certain percentage of revenue, a few cents, add up to a lot is also very considerable!

app Amoy customer can still do?

There is a flow can play, a lot of people think the dividend in the past, we all know this kind of platform, is not new.

Many people like to judge something with subjective ideas. Indeed, app Amoy customers are not new to us, but new people are batch after batch! New people have not been exposed to this kind of platform every year there are a large number! Like the profits I made above, which I didn’t care about after 19 years, but still make money today…

There are some

Many people think Wechat business is out of date, a few days ago and a Quora big V drink, monthly income of 350,000, how much do you think? His wife does wechat business into tens of millions of years, is a Rolls-Royce, Rolls-Royce is not a 4s shop shot, because it is a friend of the line.

03. Short video

Does it cost nothing to make short videos?


Quick hand

, bilibili….

Short video is the tuyere, can play a lot, such as the book list number, do flow to sell books, you insist on, you insist on research, exploration.


In addition to hanging goods for sale, can also hang small programs, some test small programs, users pay to test, can get a certain percentage of commission, the same

Sample is also set up for distribution, in addition to can hang test small program cash,


You can make money by linking to games.


How do you play it?

①, make flow

②, hang goods to make money, hang test small program to make money, hang game link to make money

③, suction drainage selling advertising, selling services, selling products to make money

Engage in traffic: understand the platform rules + strong

Perseverance + research

Cash: Hang goods, hang links, hang games, a large amount of miracles, how to play specific? Pay attention to 50 quality peers, see every day and think every day, you will understand how to play!

04. Live Streaming

There’s no cost for live streaming, right?

Although live broadcast does not need much cost, but the threshold is still relatively high, the former offline door

There are many stores, and now the live broadcast is more like moving one offline store to the platform. What makeup artist, manicurist, hairdresser….

The flow of offline stores depends largely on the location of the store and the quality of the product. There are no geographical requirements for live streaming platforms, as long as you know the platform

Rules, as long as you have good content!

What is good content?

People themselves are good content, high appearance level, features, sound are content

Is the content in the studio attractive? Is the product attractive? That’s all content

See below: Don’t look at her products are all 1


I checked it through a third-party app

Under her nearly 30 days a sales of nearly 90 million! In accordance with the


If the commission ratio is 30%~70%, her live-streaming income is about 27 million ~63 million…

Many people will have a mistake, do a short video to accumulate fans and then broadcast.

What you have to understand here is,


It’s decentralized

Platform, the number of fans is not absolute, more or content recommendation platform, there is good content naturally can get more traffic.

To take a recent case, a beauty streamer with 40,000 followers, in ’79, attended makeup school for 3 months and then in October last year


It’s live. It’s very simple

Single, is the makeup school learned makeup content again, but the design is very good, exquisite life, living alone women, 40-year-old temperament….

A monthly income of 50 ~ 80 thousand! She was an individual anchor until May this year, and then cooperated with mcn Agency. With better packaging, did she spend any money

? I’m telling you, I spent $100 on dou+…

05. Store group

Does the store group cost nothing?

What is a store group?

①, open a Amazon store, Jingdong store, Pinduoduo store, look for Amazon, Jingdong, Pinduoduo products with “Tao customer” commission, and move the products to their own stores.

②, pass

My own store optimization method + batch copy the number of stores, obtain the natural flow from the platform, and drive the sales of the store

③, their own shop sold things, to carry the shop to order, from which to earn the price difference and commission

We call it the unstocked store group project.

Store groups generally have thresholds, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands

, but I say, any training is not as good as their own start to practice, encounter problems to solve the problem, can not solve the money, first play a shop, see a shop need to earn to spend time and energy, cost, income how much? If the model runs through, and then to batch copy shop.

It’s very simple

The monthly revenue of a store is 2000


If you open 10 stores, your monthly income is 20,000…

These are my five zero-cost startups.

These five projects are regular and long-term, worth long-term holding, long-term accumulation is beneficial to long-term development…

Can zero cost start a business? 5 zero cost startup side projects! Each one is formal and permanent

Can zero cost start a business? 5 zero cost startup side projects! Each one is formal and permanent


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