Small business to make money: selling medicine wine to earn 500 a day


We all know that there are three famous recipes to replenish Qi and blood, namely, the four-Wu soup, the Four-gentleman soup and the eight-Zhen soup.

These three prescriptions, which are well-known in their own right, get a lot of searches.

Open up Alibaba, search for Eight Jen Soup, find the corresponding manufacturer.

Each bag is only 0.2


If the quantity is large enough, only 0.14 per bag


The cost of


Bag for a pair, Amazon average price at 30


Above, according to the hidden rules of the industry, Google is usually more precious than Tao, bubble net earn us even in accordance with the cheapest Amazon price, excluding other costs, each bag also has 20


The above profit.

The conversion rate is 2%, and Ali shows that the re-purchase rate is about 20%.

Just a quick estimate. Search

Words with index 5000 can bring about 1000 IP per day, 2% of the single order rate, about 20 orders per day, and 20 customer order profit


The daily profit is 400


Right and left.

Suppose our level is very poor, all data directly cut in half, the daily profit can basically maintain at 100~200



Feeling or not

Do you make money?

That is because the repurchase rate is not calculated. As long as there is a repurchase rate of 10%, the income will gradually increase over time and eventually will be very considerable.

Yesterday, a brother said that he was very sleepy every day, may be kidney deficiency, to buy some Chinese medicine conditioning, the result one by one, listen to others say that the effect of soaking medicine wine is better, thin

Silly cost more than a thousand



Brother handy search index, wine recipe related words, there are about 1000 searches a day.

Google search “medicinal wine recipe”, “wine recipe”… And found that the competition was very low, made a web site with the main word bubble, slightly optimized,

Basically can enter the top three search results.

Appropriate use of quicksort technology, must be ranked in the first search.

As long as there are 200 or 300 precise IP addresses per day and two or three orders per day, the unit price of customers can basically reach 500~1000



Sell bulk Chinese medicine and ready-made herbal liquor, all in Alibaba.

This kind of food

West, the price is low but no one believes, the price is more expensive, buy more talent.

Profit doubled, daily net profit of several hundred



This kind of small business makes hundreds of dollars a day especially, if only a few thousand a month


You don’t have to go to work.

Small business to make money: selling medicine wine to earn 500  a day


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