Flow cash to make money project, zero threshold easy daily entry 300


Doing projects online, as long as the product can connect to the back end, generally more money, earn more money is nothing more than the size of the traffic, front-end traffic in the progress of the whole project is huge.

For example, if we want to do any project, when determining the early selection, we should mainly focus on zero cost and simple, the lower the cost is relative to profit

The higher it will be, and the easier it will be for beginners to start.

What we’re talking about today is virtual goods, hacking software, which are just products that are needed in an industry that people are interested in buying.

Let me give you an example of this. For example, some design software from Adobe, such as P

S, AI and so on, let’s go to a treasure and look at its sales volume. Basically, the sales volume last month was very high, and they were all in the range of several thousand.

This set of software can bring them revenue all the time. This is a typical zero-cost project, and we can make tens of thousands of dollars a month by this alone. Here we

Also look at the search engine index to see if there is a large demand for the product.

At this point, a lot of friends may ask, are you asking us to open a store on a treasure to sell these products?

First of all, we open a shop to sell this kind of products is absolutely OK, because e-commerce after more than a dozen

Years, but has not been lonely, but more and more money, and how many people in the middle of this industry.

Burn through trains for a while.

Then I most recommend you to do the platform now, is the public number, I now show you the case of two public number, are selling crack software, but the two platforms are not the same way to make money.

The first public number, there will be a lot of software introduction in the article, first put a

A large picture of the software, and then want what kind of software can be directly clicked, which has the corresponding details of the software and download method.

The download link is not encrypted, you can click to download directly, but after downloading the decompression is expensive, a software is only a few dollars, and according to the prompts

Pictures, directly add wechat friends, through wechat conversion, and then send him the corresponding decompression password.

Basically, these software are related to the office, and some other messy software is not available. Another public account also has a lot of software, and the scope of coverage is relatively wide, only this one

It’s sold by membership.

That is to say, the price of a single software is very high, will anyone buy it? Of course, there are, but very few, he is mainly selling the members of the public number, as long as the members, you can try these software for free.

Just like a store selling PPT on a treasure, when I went to buy, a single set

The PPT cost almost 5 dollars, but his whole store membership only 9.9, so it was relatively cost-effective, so I bought the membership.

This is not finished. The boss told me that when I want any resources in the future, I should look for them in the store and place an order when I find them. Then he would buy them every night

Around 10 o ‘clock unified rebate to us, and indirectly everyone helped him brush the order.

One of the biggest reasons why I recommend you to use the public account to sell is that the operation is simple, because many friends may not be able to operate a store.

So how should we novices operate this project? I’m down here

I’m going to walk you through this project in a few steps.

Organize data

Want to sell, first of all, their own information this piece of access, you can go to the website, shop or public number platform to buy, this kind of resources are more, but I suggest that we try to buy the version of high, that is

The new edition.

After we get their information, we also need to re-extract encryption, and then re-upload to their own web disk, because these encrypted files will have a contact information, we can decompress out, into their own contact information.

Diversion of Customers

1. Video end, this current

Is a more popular way, the various crack software installation tutorial recorded into video, and then uploaded to the various video platforms, through these video platforms can bring us a certain amount of traffic, such as Toutiao number, hundred number, Ali’s Amazon and B station and so on.

Here you see one of the sellers at Station B

Software. This is a software that adds subtitles to videos. He records a video of installation and simple operation for this software, and then users who need it can ask him to place an order to purchase.

2, QQ group, QQ used to do all kinds of projects must do a platform, its own flow is very large, plus QQ group can be

To accommodate thousands of people a private domain traffic, we do any project if the QQ group can be used well, the effect is very strong.

We can build some PS free download group, Adobe family bucket free download, such a group name, users can search for free to add, and then we directly dump a

Zhang software download list, which user needs, we directly throw the link to him to download.

Once he’s done downloading, it’s on to the process we just had, 30


Package installation, no charge if not successful, or 19.9 can have all the software resources and so on, this kind of secondary transformation marketing.

3. Ti

e bar, Douban, we can send some drainage information or copy in this kind of platform, we directly do a big picture, let people download it for free, the first people drainage to their own wechat, if you say, these are the need to spend money, most people will not respond to you.

Wait until we’re channelled into our own private domain

In the traffic, by doing further services to cash in, such as online remote installation, software teaching video, software seven-day class, a month class and so on.

Flow cash to make money project, zero threshold easy daily entry 300


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