Play games to earn money: Dream mobile game training, a single 7,200 dollars


As my elder brother who is familiar with me knows, my first sideline is game training. I have one person and one mobile phone. I have made an annual income of more than 300,000 dollars without hoarding goods or pressing capital


Security deposit.

And then the store got shut down, so it stopped.

I saw someone say a month ago that everyone can drive second now

A Amazon shop, went to try, really successful.

It has been done for almost a month now, with more than 200 visitors, 8 orders and an average price of 280.

Additional joy added wechat more than 60 people, two transactions a large single, 7200



In fact, I did not expect to be able to do mobile games again

Walking so fast.

After uploading the baby, it soon ranked the top three. Some specific keywords can be ranked the first. Maybe it’s really me too powerful, haha.

The newly opened shop did not inherit the credit of the old shop, otherwise it is now fast crown, but inherited the time of the old shop, Amazon now shows that it is 6 years old, ranking should be

It has to do with this.

7200 is the pet that made the top ranking in the whole region.


What business do I do in Fantasy Journey West?

It’s really not that difficult.

The simplest is task training, 10 a day


$280 per month.

Every day, I help you get on a team, hang up and do your daily tasks, no technical stuff, just

It takes time. Two or three hours a day.

I don’t use scripts, it’s all manual, and I watch movies while doing the game tasks.

Mainly the boss’s number is to recharge tens of thousands of dollars, in case because the script is closed, can not give a person to explain.

Therefore, this low price single, suitable for more than a dozen at the same time, the computer more open, income

It’s still okay.

There are many such scripts sold on Amazon, dozens of dollars a month.

In fact, it is also quite profitable to sell this, find a programmer, a few days can write one, is a bit of a closed shop risk.

Another relatively profitable is to do games pets and equipment.

No matter what order, the maximum one hour to complete, the lowest return




This kind of comparison is a test of technology. You have to be familiar with in-game prices before you can quote a customer.

And then it’s on.

When I first started, I did not teach others. I always practiced the trumpet by myself. I used the gold coin of the trumpet against hundreds of trumpets, and then the game technology came out forcefully

The order begins.

This mobile game entry is very fast, oneself play a trumpet, rose to 69 level, what game content all understand, and then optimize their own words, shop completely no problem.

Actually, I can handle three times as many orders a month, but I’m a wimp.

Any client, as long as the tone of voice is not good, bad reviews or votes

If possible, just say that this number is not easy to get, can not accept the order, do not want to have unpleasant with the customer,

Good communication is the foundation of business


Slowly develop, seriously make credibility, do some big customers can be re-purchased, plus wechat, long-term to give them a single is enough.

Two big orders of 5000 a month, easy to save

Yeah, it doesn’t smell good for 10 grand.

I’ve been talking about opening a new store for a long time, but I didn’t take it seriously.


People can’t be too lazy.

So long no more text, busy shop is on the one hand, on the other hand I am too lazy.

In fact, I can write quite a lot of articles, ideas are also quite many.

This also

It’s nonsense. So much has happened in the entertainment industry and the Internet industry this month. Everyone has something to say.

Before some people rely on Wu sign drainage, drainage by some videos, which can be written as a tutorial.

However, when I think of writing, I have a headache, I feel sleepy, my legs are weak, and if I didn’t look in the mirror and see that I am not very handsome, I would go to eat soft dinner.

Do the item

Aim and do we media is similar.

Whether you can succeed or not is later, if you have to try.

I used to want to seriously bubble net earn a good project, make a lot of money, and then look and look, think this to drainage, too difficult, that cost money, may be a liar, to the end of nothing.

Now? Don’t talk. It’s just


No, I guess I never would have thought of that 7200.

I started with 10 projects, and they didn’t work, which means I eliminated 10 bad projects.

But good deeds, don’t ask future.

Start a project first, and even if it doesn’t work out, you’ll learn how to clear mines.

Play games to earn money: Dream mobile game training, a single 7,200 dollars


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