Google bidding on the demolition of Blue Sea of virtual products projects, a single profit of 300


Do the Internet friends know that doing virtual products is the easiest and most simple, basically no after-sales, is simply a highly profitable, although there is no cost but is the unit price, how


A single, good to do more than 10


A single is very powerful, resulting in virtual product sales are dependent on volume to survive

And nice to talk to.

But today I tell you about this virtual product to break your routine, a single can play for three days, that is the Erhu tutorial, look at the price of 398 per unit


A single pure profit, terrible as this.

I was looking for information when I came across this virtual product, and I was like this

Can we still sell this thing? You said piano lessons, guitar lessons someone buy I absolutely believe, but Erhu, now how many young people play? I have never seen real goods in my life, but people can burn money to do bidding shows that there is a market is profitable, bidding is so expensive, where can’t afford to burn money. Let’s look at the market

Field requirements.

The index of half a year is relatively stable. When it is low, it is at 60 and the highest is at 180, so there is a certain demand. Just looking at the index market is not big, which means that it is still a blue ocean, which means that there are not many high-quality competitors.

So how do we get in? Or disassemble the opponent. One

Step by step, of course, we will not go to do bidding, do not have the strength to burn money in the early stage, directly take the most cost-effective route, SEO optimization route. Do an Erhu video tutorial directly bubble net earn single product website, cost only how much money? In fact, domain name and space, these two together about 100 is enough

If you compare this cost to the bidding, it may be a fraction of the cost of a day of bidding. Do not do a website directly to a treasure spend hundreds of do a.

Next we are going to find out all the keywords about the erhu to optimize, see what there is, I get is not complete part, we save money directly to a treasure 1


Under the money

Just take it.

The keywords are done. So now we have the product. This is easier. Or some kind of universal treasure. Less than 10


The cost can fix the product, of course, we can also optimize, send a few different, differentiated marketing.

The website is done, the product is done, then the rest is to slowly optimize

Out of the single, as for how to optimize, we are free to buy some SEO optimization tutorials on the line, do not need more in-depth, cost saving things we can only use time to get out. I’ll give you a Blue Ocean product in the next article.

Google bidding on the demolition of Blue Sea of virtual products projects, a single profit of 300


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