TikTokSEO is a blue ocean project related to SEO


Those who often pay attention to bubble net earning should know that many of the projects I have shared before have more or less SEO in them. SEO is free search ranking optimization, whether it is the traditional PC search era of SEO, SEM (paid search ranking optimization), or mobile era of wechat

SEO, Toutiao SEO, App Store ASO, etc., are all based on the use of search engine rules to obtain long-term high-quality traffic as a means of purpose, SEo-based Amazon Blue Sea, public account Blue Sea and other projects.

Today, I will share with you one more related to SEO

The Blue Ocean Project —



I. Underlying logic of the project:

1. Requirements:

As the


It’s a super APP, it’s a traffic black hole where millions of people are spending their time. This means that


Having unlimited traffic possibilities represents


It also starts to change user habits, such as search habits

Accustomed to them. Usually go to Google search some things, such as search PS self-study tutorial, there will be someone in now


Search for Photoshop self-study tutorials.
Don’t think this is just a common thing, this represents a change in traffic intake. As a lot of businesses that live on traffic, where’s the traffic, he

Where they will go. When relying on Google SEO business, many may begin to try in


Conduct business. It also means they have a strong need to bring in good traffic through SEO. And they, too, need to


SEO people, to help them get it


Flow, or teach them to get




2. Solution:


SEO: and Google SEO is actually similar, but the article into a short video, in the video, the emergence of relevant keywords, in the title with relevant keywords and topics, and then pass


The number is released. As long as the video correlation is high, the traffic is large, will have

It has some weight. When users have the demand of this keyword, they will search this keyword to find the corresponding video to solve their needs.
For example, search side business, at this time pop up bubble net related side business part-time money video, users see this video, think I

Share things are very material, very reliable, have a sense of trust and want to further learn to understand the interest, will open the home page of bubble net earn, see my wechat or QQ number, or in the comment area, video to see my wechat. At this time, interested people, will go to wechat search bubble net earn, add my wechat

Number, to learn about the part-time sideline to make money project, or what is the right project, want to find bubble net to earn cooperation and so on, so the extension of countless possibilities.


The advantage of SEO is that the user is precise, the traffic through the keyword search, and the traffic of the application market that year

It’s very accurate. It’s very valuable. And this keyword as long as there is traffic, will continue to have traffic, whether it is 1 year or 3 years. And this traffic, can be free, endless. So this is also the benefit and value of SEO, the compound interest is very high.

People who were playing Google SEO back then, and those who are playing wechat SEO more recently, may start to try it


SEO. So immediately, you’re going to have a sum


SEO projects,


SEO agent operation,


SEO training,


Drainage to sell powder,


Sell goods, etc.

3. Revenue Composition:


It depends on the specifics


Based on SEO, what kind of business to do. So this time to share


SEO projects, in fact, is not about how to make money, just share


SEO How to operate. As for doing the derivative project of that plate, see your partner’s choice.

Ii. Specific implementation

1, layout keywords


Similar to public SEO, we can screen some keywords and long tail words, and then select a part of keywords and long tail words to layout. There are many index tools to refer to, such as Google index, wechat index, 5188, etc., can be used for auxiliary reference.

The more accurate the layout of keywords, the higher the flow. The more keywords, the more traffic. So this thing and Google SEO, is to more. But also very careful about the quality of content, only high quality content, the conversion rate is high.
But you don’t have to say it, you have to do it


How to

Make money this kind of big word, this kind of word do a lot of people, the competition is naturally very big. You can consider doing projects shared before the bubble network, such as: how to do Quora Good things, how to snatch Maotai, how to play Hong Kong stocks, how to do dating projects and other relatively segmsegmed fields.
If you do this

Ground project, is also quite OK. For example, if you are doing second-hand car trading in NewYork, you can do the most reliable second-hand car in NewYork, recommended second-hand car in NewYork and so on. It can also be extended to the local food, drink, play, live and travel, such as NewYork haircut, NewYork time-honored brand, NewYork wholesale market and so on.

2. Production



The rules dictate that the video must be good, but a good short video does not mean it is really good video, just that the video conforms to the rules


The rule is good video. It’s important to understand the mistake here, you see it all the time


Some are weird and even rough

Rough video has tens of millions of playback, but you worked hard for a few days of video, only hundreds of playback. So, the concept of what is a good video, has to be reversed. Ideal determines life and death, hard work may not really bring wealth, choose the right, in the right way to do the right thing, to get rich.


SEO, in fact, and Google, the public SEO principle is the same, title, profile picture, account name, etc., all occupy a considerable part of the weight, but in the video search plate, the proportion of keywords in the title, as well as the proportion of keywords in the video content, are very in Ah yo. So you have to

Put the keywords in the video (one saying is,


Will be part of the video content of the picture and audio frame identification, this and yellow is the same, will be labeled on the video, such as the system to the video bubble earn, part-time, sideline label, and then according to the keywords

Relevance, user comments, forwarding, bounce rate, completion rate and other dimensions are scored (to determine the weight). Finally, when the user searches for the keyword, it shows the position of the video.
In addition to adding some keywords (industry words and domain segmentation words) in the video, also

Add the corresponding topic to the title of the video, such as # bubble earning # part-time job # side job etc.

3. Transformation:

The comments section:

A lot of people put a link to the conversion in the comments section. For example, some bloggers will put a link to the game in their star chart when they give a guide to the mobile game. Follow-up advertisers through this link

The incoming users, his downloading, recharge and other behaviors, judge the quality of this blog.

Below the video hang small program:

Take small game for example, in the lower left of small game video, there will be a small game entry, click can jump immediately. Advertisers will be based on the entry of the entrance into the household, judge into

How many users come in, how much advertising revenue those users contribute, etc. Similarly, a lot of people do it by hanging a small program entry under the video


A mainstream conversion is inevitable, such as a Photoshop self-study video, a course sign-up list, or a shopping cart for the course.

Home page Contact Information


In the home page can leave the contact information, this is usually used for drainage, tell advertisers or users, want to find me, you can contact me through this contact information.
Home shopping cart: home page can also leave shopping cart, generally do eat broadcast blogger, or do sell the blog

The main video guides the user through the video shopping cart to buy the item. But this requires users to jump more than two times, so the conversion rate will be relatively low.

Live stream:

When you have the weight of this number, your video burst there is traffic, then you can hang the broadcast room, so you can in the broadcast room, guide the user to buy

Or guide users to download mobile games in the small windmill. This piece of bubble online money I have previously downloaded mobile game CPA project, in detail. This is really a good project with a high ceiling that can make money. Interested partners can pay attention to the mobile game CPA project released by Bubble net.


Brush volume:

No matter what platform, as long as it is judged by quantity, there will be true quantity, and false quantity. Just like the ASO project I shared some time ago, there will be a large number of operations, and the amount of incentive from the score wall will be played. And the principle is the same,


You can actually look at it.

What we can see on the market, because the market competition is getting more and more fierce, so those large that you see, more and more are pushed up by matrix derivative form, excitation brush volume and so on. Although I share this SEO, is through the free way to get traffic. But no

Recognize, there will be people through the brush comments, brush like, brush forward, brush ten thousand broadcast rate and other ways, let


The machine thinks that this video is a quality video, very popular with users, so under this keyword, it will be ranked in the top, get greater exposure, get more natural user attention. This play, and A

SO is a routine. If you are interested in it, you can find the ASO project of App Store published before Bubble Online.

5. No. :


Do number, in fact, the routine is still very much. Some say to raise the number, some say not to raise. In any case, we’re all just working around,

How to increase the weight of this thing (account, video). now


There will still be new ones, but the probability is getting lower and lower. They have better video shooting ability, have more professional planning team, have better


Optimization techniques, etc., why would that make you nothing

A novice who gets it and becomes an overnight sensation?
Novice to do number, you can refer to the way of washing number, such as do 10 numbers at the same time, wash out 3 numbers from the 10, and then slowly enlarge to do. Or you could just copy it


The viral video, the copy is changed a little, and then you do it yourself

Or you can edit it yourself, and you can make it out of someone else’s viral video. (There are many people through mirror and other ways, direct handling, but this routine is too rough, not suitable for long-term development. You may not have a great idea, but you just need to fast track, copy in bulk, and turn

Other people have a red video to wash, still have the probability to run out of the flow. Batch copy, low – cost operation, fast – follow up, is now a more appropriate routine.

Iii. Project Evaluation

1. Suitable for people:

This project is actually quite extensive, and it doesn’t have to be said that you will do this project, but you can understand, get it

Some can be applied to work and life in the future.

2. Cost

In fact, the cost of this project mainly depends on how you do it. There may be some registration costs, labor costs, etc., but these costs are relatively low and controllable.

3. Risk and Control:

This project, in fact, does not cost much, so the risk is not big.


And revenue

The benefits of this project essentially depend on what kind of extension you do. Let’s say you do


Mobile game blogger, you give mobile game diversion, then the monthly income of hundreds of thousands is possible. If you work for educational and training institutions, you may also earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.


SEO is just a way, a way

The foundation of the project, how much money you can make, depends not on the technology, but on the ability to monetize the project and the length of the path.

5. Project extension


To direct the flow of mobile games, to direct the flow of education and training institutions, are very high output value.

Payment Items:

You can funnel users in, you can train them,

Doing paid communities, etc., is pretty OK. For example, the credit card we-media shared by Bubble Net Income is actually an extension of the training and payment community. Based on the extension of credit card users, it is also quite high value.

Hang small program:

The highest transformation, is in the lower left of the video hanging small program, can be used to guide

Households directly jump, the conversion path is the shortest. For example, you are doing PS self-study tutorial, then in PS teaching video below, hang a sign up link, or hang a tutorial to buy small procedures, etc., are quite easy to do the transformation.

Iv. Conclusion:


SEO, this project is still a pretty good blue ocean right now

Very few people have entered. Wherever there is traffic, there will be people who want it, and as long as you have the ability to get traffic, that traffic can be converted into money. For example, in those days, App Store ASO and Google SEO website groups were used by many leaders to realize wealth freedom.

This is an era of money on the ground, the key is that you have to see the money, and have the ability to pick it up. As long as you’re in the right place and doing the right thing, making money is easy. But when you think you’re having a hard time making money, you’re doing it the wrong way or in the wrong direction.

The above items are shared for reference only

Road, the project is changing, the idea is the same

TikTokSEO is a blue ocean project related to SEO

TikTokSEO is a blue ocean project related to SEO


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