Foreign net earn: copy and paste can make money, novice practical operation daily guarantee 80


Recently have friends in operation before I wrote the win10 etheric currency project, come to join project feedback field can’t find mine pool, here I am the mine directly to the pool to paste the link address,, lest you’ve picked.

On the other

Hanging out of the ether friends, I personally suggest that you can hold, recently observed the trend of the mine pool, the later the more slowly digging, if you want to sell then pack it, after all, the trend has been very stable for a while.

Ok, let’s move on to today’s program, and I was going to talk to you about sho

In terms of overseas environment, shopify is a very profitable project that can be fully automated to make money in the next few years or even ten years. At present, the known shopify teams in China are outdated in terms of methods, and we are also stepping up our efforts to expand our overseas customers

Channels, only to build the shopify system can be profitable, and then is the bulk amplification.

But at the moment, it is too early to share this with you, because it has a certain threshold. Later I will make shopify the business of the studio, the customer acquisition solution we dug up by ourselves and implement it

Membership classes are for everyone to learn.

This time, I will share with you a simple and easy project, just like the question, as long as you copy and paste, you can earn income. Originally, this kind of project has a kind of separation with us. I still suggest that you must choose to build a stable section if you want to operate a similar project stably for a long time

Point the environment and withdrawal channels.

Well, today I’m going to talk to you about how to make money by simply copying. We’ll start with Ezine Articles. We’re not primarily generating revenue on the site, we’re generating revenue for the material.

If you want to make good copies and make money, you have to find them

Copy and paste the object, so we’re going to copy the text article.

On this site we can find hundreds of articles, covering various categories, and this site is not copyrighted, which means we can use it directly, just to be on the safe side, we will do a review of the articles here

Set to wash the manuscript.

Take a look at the website first, there are a lot of categories, such as business, games, law, real estate and so on, then we are looking for any kind of article can be found in this website.

If we click on a column here, there are a lot of similar articles, about 900 pages of non-articles

A lot. That’s more than enough for us to copy.

Then our next step is to wash the manuscript. First open an article randomly, copy all the articles, and make a modification to it. You don’t need to worry about the quality of the article, just choose the latest article.

Then we came to the site Spinbot, which is a wash

We paste the copy of the article into the website, click the man-machine verification button, then click GO, it will automatically wash the manuscript, about a few seconds, we can get a completely new article.

We can directly use the article after washing, here it has a unique.

Okay, so we’re going to

One of the most profitable sites is konker, and I’ll show you one of the more profitable sites in a minute, so let’s look at this first.

Ok, let’s click “Make Money” here and register first. Here we need to fill in the user name, email, password, man-machine verification and so on. First register an account


After we’ve registered, we’re going to search for writing in the search bar. It’s the word writing.

After searching, you can see that there are a lot of articles to make money, we can set the price lower, the general market price is 10 to 15 US dollars


In between, I

We’ll make it five


Right and left.

The price is $5


The higher the price, the more employers care about the quality of the article, because our article is purely web pages, so the price is relatively low, that is to say willing to spend 5 US


Buy an article, he doesn’t care about the quality of the article. Don’t worry

The heart can not sell out, everyone look at this person sold 12 United States


“Also has more than 100 likes, which means at least 100 orders were sold.

We can also create an interface here, and then someone buys it and clicks on it and says, “What kind of article do you want?” and we go back to the first site and we find something like that,

And then I’ll give it to him. 500 words, 5 dollars


Or 6 US dollars


No one will care about the quality of your article, they just want to be able to read it, because really need a good article, not five dollars


Here we go.

So I’m going to show you how to open a shop, to show our writing business, the home page

Go to the green button in the top right corner to START SELLING,

Then we enter our PayPal email address, fill in the following information, and then wash the information of others, you can open your own shop.

So we come to the second site called seo c

lerks, this site is similar to the one above, only with more revenue.

Then registration is also very simple. Click the blue JOIN in the upper right corner to register, which is still the user name, email address and password.

This website is the same as the one we talked about above, and when I log in, I

We clicked on Categories, then clicked on Marketplace and found article writing so we could see the stores on the site.

Then we’ll open a store on each of these two sites, and we’ll click on the one that gets the order

Photography with the same method to operate the manuscript can be washed.

Because the second website is an old website, so the number of likes, transaction number including unit price are higher than the website just introduced, here is not to say that everyone will buy a like, but a little like must mean that there are sales.

We just started with low

Price to quickly seize the market, open a shop and then hang a good web page, there is a single to do, early can brush more praise, the back two websites a day after a dozen single completely without pressure, is also a good way to make money.

Foreign net earn: copy and paste can make money, novice practical operation daily guarantee 80


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