Six hundred thousand a year into the university cash project, a single enrollment to understand the next!


These days, I intend to optimize and perfect the college community again, subdivide the 30 provincial administrative regions of the college community, each region 300 groups, and then lift the quality to a new stage.

In the process of subdivision, I slowly found a number of extension projects, in a nutshell, to dig deeper into the tools needed for the project.


If we need a large number of groups, in addition to our own groups, but also a large number of other people’s groups, pulling groups becomes a need.

In addition, in the layout of their own group needs zombie powder, qq number and so on.

Take zombie fans as an example. A friend of mine who specializes in this project is in short supply every day and needs to make an appointment in advance.

Is Jane

His daily income for this project is between 1500 and 2000.

Of course these extended projects bubble net earning I did not operate, limited energy.

It is recommended to a good friend around to operate, whether it is a group, or zombie fans are also a point spread out project.

All right, in

Today’s topic, a $600,000 project, capitalizes on college traffic.

Single action

What does a single move mean?

Single enrollment is a separate examination for higher vocational colleges, which is a separate enrollment form for fresh graduates of secondary vocational schools and ordinary high school candidates by the Ministry of Education.

A school owner who participates in admissions

If some independent set up full-time general higher vocational colleges and individual recruit junior college undergraduate colleges.

To make it clear, the dog eggs in a vocational school in Guilin, through the form of a single admission to Guilin University of Electronic Technology.

That makes it simple and clear.

Take a bubble net to earn my friends around me (two dogs) for example, two dogs do a single move

A few years.

At the beginning of the cash just for the school to do a single move.

The market price is between 2,500-10,000 dollars per person, but the price is relatively low if the university recruits the school, and relatively high if the university negotiates with the off-campus institutions. The normal price is between 5,000-10,000 per person, and Lao Qin recruits 50-100 per year


Slowly two dogs found that many people can not pass the exam, or no professional teacher to train.

Two dogs began to open a single recruitment training class, because the students are belonging to the low-end market, started from 10


/ person step increased to 199


/ person, the number of applicants in 2 months is about 200, and the profit is 3-

Between 40,000.

Students register for the exam in March and April, which is the peak time for registration. It’s pretty much over after mid-April.

There was a four-month gap between the beginning of the school year in September.

Two dogs just started to take them to do the appropriate network project, slowly he found that they do summer work is recommended


Normal summer vacation 4 months a person price in 2000-3000 is not a problem. Recommend more than 200 people no problem charge 400,000-600000.

How does this project work?

Common formula for projects:

1. Determine selling points of the project

2. Find drainage channels

3. Create a circle of friends system

4. Find it

TOP Level peer

5, set the price and after-sales

What is the selling point of the project?

1. Single recruitment training

2. Single move

3. Summer jobs

How to find drainage channels?

First, Google screen, locking regional single move, such as Guangxi single move.

Second, QQ group ranking matrix, lock keyword batch operation.

Third, lock in all your peers,

Sort it out. Where they are, where the traffic is, just copy it.

How to build a circle of friends system?

Single recruitment training and single recruitment summer jobs are under the same program. Therefore, you can operate different projects according to different time, and then create a circle of friends.

Then use the trumpet and a few hundred peers, find something that moves you

Just copy and paste it.

What is the price? How to after sale?

The only single recruitment training program can be priced. Considering that these people are students with a low unit price, the suggested price is between 100-1000.

About the after-sales two dog is specialized in qq group, arrange several administrators responsible for the daily operation, including

Some People’s Daily questions answered.

From the beginning of the single recruitment, to in-depth training, and then to the delivery factory, from a single project, in-depth excavation to three, are emanated from a point.

Two dogs have done the single recruitment market for many years, at the beginning do not understand how to expand the income, with the contact of more and more people, contact the project since

But more and more.

Slowly accumulate learning, the perfect combination of various needs into the single recruitment project, naturally earn more and more money.

To make money, it is to see more money making cases, the different cases of demand, traffic, marketing, cash methods, ideas all write down, when you use, you can take over.

A person diligent enough, that his money Arsenal will be more and more rich.

Then it can be “pieced together”


The more vegetables you have, the more ideas you have to make money.

Six hundred thousand a year into the university cash project, a single enrollment to understand the next!


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