Share a money-making project related to pulling the wool and robbing Maotai — robbing Maotai on behalf of the sheep


I have shared many part-time and side businesses related to collecting sheep’s wool before, such as collecting sheep’s wool to rob Maotai, scalpers, card merchants, etc. Today, I would like to talk with you about a business related to collecting sheep’s wool to rob Maotai — robbing Maotai on behalf of collecting sheep’s wool, which can be seen as a link with the business of robbing Maotai before. This part of the business will also follow

With the rules of Maotai, software attack and defense and change, so more is to give you a project idea reference!

I. Underlying logic of the project:

1. Requirements:

Since December 2010, e-commerce platforms have launched various campaigns to grab users from Moutai, which was originally priced at 1,499

Taiwan, the market price has been stir-fried to about 2500, that is, there is a profit of about 1000, as long as grab the Moutai, that is to earn. As a result, a lot of people went to join the queue to grab Maotai.

But because too many people rob Moutai, because of the network speed, account weight and other reasons, even if the same time click

Rob Maotai people, there will be some people can grab, some people did not grab. This is the same as the bubbling complete domain name I shared with you before. When CAI Wensheng grabbed the domain name, he used a variety of plug-ins, servers and so on to grab a domain name. The same is true of Maotai, how to get from tens of thousands of people or even hundreds of thousands of people

It is very important to grab a limited moutai. Therefore, the software of Maotai came into being.

Why don’t people who rob Moutai’s software make money by themselves? Because a lot of accounts are needed, and these accounts have weight requirements, temporary registration of the new number, such as, is very difficult to grab. So in the best case,

Is to find the old number of people, help them snatch Maotai, earn the service fee or the price difference.

Due to the existence of poor information, there are naturally a lot of people need to grab Maotai, but they can’t. Then you need someone who can grab Moutai to help grab Moutai. Those who steal Moutai’s software will naturally be more likely to steal Moutai.

2. Solution


Look for one or several more reliable Moutai software. Then find a group of people who want to rob Moutai, and offer to rob Moutai on behalf of the service.

3. Revenue Composition:

Charge the service fee of robbing Moutai on behalf of Maotai.

Ii. Specific implementation

1. Looking for reliable Moutai software:

Because rob Moutai software is to and platform

Anti-cheating system to fight, so every software is not 100% safe and reliable, when the vulnerability is blocked by the platform, it may fail. Therefore, we need to find several software that can be used normally at present, and it is better to have technical maintenance. This is the basis of our business.

To avoid saying

Marketing problems, it is not recommended to use some software, you can search through the web and public number search, find the relevant software, their own test, and finally find a few more reliable software out!

2. Personnel Design:

Why to create a person: because we are to do generation rob, need users to mention

A deposit will be paid in advance, as well as a service fee. Then naturally you need to create good people, let people think you are reliable, trustworthy, then naturally will cooperate with you.

How to create a personal system: Prepare a wechat account and publish 1-2 moments every day, the content is mainly about the successful booking of Moutai on the same day

Single screenshots, as well as user chat screenshots, arrival screenshots, deposit refund screenshots, etc. The bottom line is that you’re credible, professional, not a liar. This can refer to wechat business, this they have done very good!

Patience and speech skills: You need to prepare some speech skills in advance (when you can communicate in the side

Wait, edge perfect), when the time will directly copy and paste in the past, so that not only can appear professional, but also can quickly answer user questions.

3. Drainage:

Drainage Channel 1

: Major wool Party communities (QQ group, wechat group), in these communities can refer to the way of community drainage, pull in a lot of small, to a micro

Signal advertising drainage. How to enter these communities, in fact, is very simple, QQ group can be searched by various communities of the wool party, card business groups, etc., they and Maotai users are highly overlapping. The wechat group can be entered by changing groups, going to the post bar to find groups, and finding someone to recommend entering groups.

Drainage Channel 2:

Major We-media content platforms (


, Kuaishou, Quora, YouTube,

Social networking Sites

These platforms are free to publish content, you can prepare some chat content, just like the bubble Money I shared about the funny GIF project, through these platforms to conduct drainage, on the homepage, comments

Users can be diverted from the public domain traffic pool to the private domain traffic pool by leaving a micro signal in the area.

Drainage Channel 3

I have shared many projects related to the sheep’s wool before and those projects with high overlap with the users of the sheep’s wool. You can find the executor of these projects and communicate with them

Through, how many costs in their comparison of the main exposure channels to send an advertisement, or provide a wechat group, through his advertisement into the community number, how much money so settlement. It can also be discussed, as long as the cost is OK, it is operable.

Drainage channel 4:

Referral when there are some users already and

I’m sure I’ll trust myself when I have a deal. Then you can send a red envelope to them, ask them to send a friend circle, or recommend yourself to the friends around you. The recommendation of a friend, then naturally has solved the problem of trust, the deal will be easier. You can also have activities, recommendations and awards

But it’s better not to be too complicated. The simpler the more effective.

Drainage channel 5

Recruitment agent, when some people see that we rob Maotai, is really effective, naturally some people want to consult can bring him to make money together. At this time, you can let some more active people, part is to collect some agency fees, a

Point is to let them organize the list, let them go to find someone, we become the source supplier to grab Maotai can, the commission can be a part of it.

Drainage copy: drainage copy to do a few lines, comparative test, find out more effective drainage copy. For example, snatch Moutai to find XXX, professional snatch Moutai, shoot

Pay again, need wechat contact] and attached to a batch of Maotai successful screenshots.

4. Execution:

When the user consults, someone must have doubts, afraid is a liar. At this point, you need to create some anxiety for him, such as telling him that there are only two positions left today, if you don’t participate, there will be no seats.

Then after grabbing, I will post all kinds of successful screenshots and chat screenshots to the group, moments and people who did not participate. Keep verifying to those who are wavering to see that I am a reliable professional, to grab Maotai quickly, grab is to earn. If you communicate for 3 consecutive days and still do not participate, then give up temporarily

Just stop reaching out and spend time with new people.

When hiring an agent, you need to do a little training to show them how to do it more effectively. In addition, please do not let the agent and the user know what software is used to steal Moutai, just tell him that it is developed by ourselves. Because of this project

Value is poor information, between the user and the software.

Iii. Project Evaluation

1. Suitable for people:

This project is suitable for small partners who want to engage in wool collecting, scalpers dumping goods and card merchants.

2. Cost:

This project does not need much cost, generally users provide their own accounts, provide part

Funds, and then grab their own, settlement of the balance and commission can be. So it doesn’t take much to get started, just a few thousand.

3. Risk and Control:

The biggest risk of this project should be that the software will not work, resulting in the failure to continue. So you need to find more than one software, so that multiple software will be more controllable.

4. Revenue:

The profits from this project are OK. Grab a Moutai, the user’s revenue can be 500 or 600, or even seven or eight hundred or more, then give a service fee of one or two hundred, it is quite no problem. There’s a service charge of 100 or 200 per order, and if you get 10 orders and 20 orders a day, in a month,

Making tens of thousands of dollars is not a big problem.

5. Project Extension:

To receive Maotai:

If you rob people of Moutai, you can naturally receive Moutai from these users. If you rob Moutai, you can earn one hundred or two hundred dollars, and if you receive Moutai, you can also earn one hundred or two hundred dollars, so that the profit is quite considerable.

Grab a mobile phone:

There’s an app for stealing Moutai,

Naturally, there are also mobile phone software, the same can be operated in this way.

Receiving Mobile phone:

If you can snatch the mobile phone, you can also accept the mobile phone. This is the business of scalpers. I have already explained in detail the business of in the offline mobile phone shop and the project of pulling the wool.


In conclusion:

It’s a small, unimpressive project, but it’s actually a money-making project. Low threshold, just need to have the execution on the line, is a good sideline, do well, monthly tens of thousands of really is not a problem!

The above items are shared for reference only, the project is changing, the idea remains the same

Share a money-making project related to pulling the wool and robbing Maotai — robbing Maotai on behalf of the sheep

Share a money-making project related to pulling the wool and robbing Maotai — robbing Maotai on behalf of the sheep


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