Half an hour 150 , fast hand pull new project detailed copy, easy operation can make money


There are many ways to make money on the Internet, whether it’s through delivery or training.

There are also those who are engaged in the business of pulling the wool, and of course there are many groups of information, of pulling the wool, and so on, which are very numerous.

The project we are going to talk about today is not exactly a new project. this

The project lasted for a long time, and there were always big players in operation, and the profits were also very high.

Today I will take you to recover a wave of fast hand pull new this project.

Now every APP is trying to grab new users, such as Amazon Zoom Edition, Jingdong Zoom Edition and so on. It’s all about trying to take over

Leading the market. For example, these e-commerce platforms can also use 0.01


Sell things to attract customers.

What about the short video platforms like Kuaishou? In the absence of commodities, they are very straightforward to give money.

As soon as new people download Speedhand via your link, they get instant revenue,

It’s pretty intuitive. Here’s what you got in half an hour:

This gift certificate is direct.

Let’s take a look at one of his rules of motion, and I’ll tell you about some of the joints.

Number one:

First of all it has two methods of invitation, one is to scan your QR code under

The other is to fill in the invitation code. You can get rewards in both ways, but it should be noted that only those who scan the code are invited face to face, and you can get an extra three dollars.

If not, then your revenue will be less than three dollars, so we try to use the two-dimensional code when promoting.

Second point:

Only new people will have 12 dollars, including the face to face scan code 3 dollars, total is 15 dollars bubble net earn. If you download too fast before, then only 6 dollars 3=9 dollars, so try to pull some new people, of course, not to say that the old is useless, also useful, is a little less money.

Third point:

The above rule shows that the next day you can still get 2 dollars for watching the video through your QR code registration, but the following 26 dollars


I don’t know how long I’m going to watch it. It could be a dollar a day, it could be less.

Number four:

If he’s an Apple user, on the basis that he’s new, yes

It’s $5 more, which means that if you hire someone new at Apple that day, you’ll get 17 3=20



Of course, at Apple’s high price, you won’t be able to make any money from watching a video the next day or so — that’s a one-shot deal — but the benefit is yours

You get the revenue then, and it doesn’t matter if they delete it later.

After saying the rules, let’s talk about how to carry out this project.

This project wants to do in fact, if only the people around, then the money can be said to be not much, can make hundreds of thousands of it is great.

So we have to

The most direct and effective way to look at a stranger is to push. This is also the most effective way for some of the big team.

Set up a stall in a place with a lot of traffic, and then in 1688 or pinduoduo bulk in some dolls, or toilet paper and other things, general

The cost is about four or five dollars, or even cheaper.

As long as you scan, you can send it for free. Of course, there are some details that need to be paid attention to, that is, the place where the flow of people is not necessarily all, such as the wet market, because there are more older people, and they are more wary of the Internet

, or mobile phone use is more trouble, will rarely go to download.

The best ones are university towns, or squares, where there are a lot of young people and a lot of acceptance of things like the Internet.

Those who want to participate in this activity can directly scan my QR code below to enter the activity

The entrance. You can ask me if you don’t understand the details.

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Half an hour 150 , fast hand pull new project detailed copy, easy operation can make money


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