Zero threshold passive drainage month to earn tens of thousands, PUA money making project actual operation


By finding a need, we can expand the market for a profitable project. All zero-threshold projects are derived from the need. As long as we can solve the need correctly, it is easy to make money, like the niche industry we introduced today, PUA.

At present, there are several cases in society against P

UA has a bad influence on the event, leading to people’s misunderstanding of PUA. In fact, the real PUA means “pick-up art”, that is to say, a person through self-improvement language art, self-improvement of emotional intelligence behavior is called PUA.

The word itself is not malicious, but when used by illegal people, it can be bad

If we look at this PUA properly, it can actually be extended into a branch called love speech.

I think many of you have been exposed to this kind of thing, which is some so-called relationship guru teaches you some chat techniques or pick-up techniques and so on, but that’s not what we’re going to focus on today, because

There’s a lot of real stuff for sale in this country.

Then since we know that there is love learning this thing, it should also know that these masters are not very practical things, we are difficult to apply these to actual combat, but if there is a practical tool, it is more popular.

Let’s say we’re going fast

Hand above input teach chat such words, I will find that a lot of accounts are teaching chat, this is a kind of account name using keywords ranking, so we open the first few fans a little more, look at the content.

Most of these contents are a chat, and then copy each other’s chat content can be in the software

Match to the appropriate answer, then paste this paragraph to the chat interface to send each other, the general effect is good.

Careful friends to here will find that this is a matrix style of play, basically similar chat copy into the form of video sent to the various accounts, to bully the screen of this keyword search.

In the main

The purpose is to highlight the chat app that can automatically match the corresponding words in the video. The biggest advantage of this software is to search the words of the other party and then copy and paste the words to the other party by PUA.

Maybe you think this project is boring, indeed, bubble net earn myself

In this sense, chat is naturally better, if there are equations to fix, the relationship will not have that wonderful feeling.

But we can’t deny this market, many people are not good at chatting due to language difficulties, introversion and so on, this software can indeed help them a lot of busy, that market

Just how big the field is, we can see from the search index.

The search index of chatting and flirting is still very high. We can see that the search index of how to chat alone is almost 1 million per day. If these groups see such a software that can change their situation of how to chat, do they buy it directly

I bought it.

A very simple short video drainage, wechat marketing case, we are so simple in the actual operation, do a few chat video every day, write a chat case, and then is to show our APP functions, of course, imperceptible are telling users that our APP is to receive

It costs money.

In this way, our drainage to wechat fans is relatively accurate, and they add only two purposes, the first to buy software, the second to consult the purchase of software related matters.

I casually added a number, the pre-sale words are the same, we can also take to modify, in addition to

In addition to these, you can also give some other such as the love Bible, or 50 classic flirt cases disassemble and so on.

The so-called whole network marketing, wechat transaction, that we should also be appropriate for the circle of friends to carry out certain packaging, such as updating some classic chat girl, or beauty video, as long as it is and bubble

Girls, chat related words are OK, even some software to buy the feedback of success with girls and so on.

This project is relatively simple without any difficulties. As long as we master the method of the whole process, it can be used in many scenes and matrix operation can also be carried out.

Personality signature can be different, but the user name is as far as possible a name teach you to chat, such a combination, let the user at a glance, know what we are doing.

Or add different keywords, to intercept the users of the search engine, this is also a more important point, in addition to show you

This software, the interface of this software is not anything special, is a lot of people summed up together.

This APP looks very simple, but there are some successful cases of chat software dating, of course, these cases are hard to say whether it is true or false, push out is for app

The students on the study use.

As mentioned above, any project is reasonable if it exists. The potential users of Bubble Net are these young 90 or 00 users, who are currently most active in short video, so we give priority to promotion in the field of short video.

In fact, this kind of conversation

Days of video production is also very simple, in addition to the two micro signals to chat, but also with the use of software, such as the following software, can be recorded chat, in addition to mobile phone recording, their mobile phone recording screen, after the end of the speed of the video can be accelerated.

There is another way to do this

Order interception, in doing a search of wechat SEO, in the small program name to do a certain keyword optimization, so that you can also interception to a large number of wechat terminal users.

Zero threshold passive drainage month to earn tens of thousands, PUA money making project actual operation


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